Voters have other claims to the party: Why the AfD in polls again has

The party Chairman Jörg Meuthen has dared to come here, and against all the Central leaders of the AfD provided. It's always a matter of formal arguments, neve

Voters have other claims to the party: Why the AfD in polls again has

The party Chairman Jörg Meuthen has dared to come here, and against all the Central leaders of the AfD provided. It's always a matter of formal arguments, never about the content-related positioning of the AfD. Therefore, the protection of the Constitution has mentioned now for the first time, parts of the AfD, in his report, and the threat of an observation of the party through the protection of the Constitution is greater than ever.

within the party, there are, however, other reasons for the Outbreak of the conflict at the present time. This internal preparation of the AfD for the Bundestag election in 2017, lie in the unresolved issues of the party. Through the disputes, once more, is managed by the AfD of a weak party leadership. At the same time, the group's Chairman, Alice rye and Alexander Gauland come under pressure, because the members of your group will miss the leadership and strategy of your Duo at the top.

Under normal circumstances, this would have put the AfD in the polls, under pressure because the armed voters don't appreciate actually. However, the Alternative for Germany is not subject to the same routines as your competition. Here the clocks tick differently. The electorate has other claims to the party and also different expectations on the way the policy of the AfD. The Person

Fedor Ruhose The Progressive center" in Berlin ( is a Policy Fellow of the Think tank ". Professionally he is the managing Director of the SPD parliamentary group in the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate. His book "The AfD before the parliamentary election in 2021," will appear shortly in the Springer VS Verlag.

Why the AfD, in spite of Corona, which can stabilize the threat of observation by the constitutional protection and the internal disputes in the polls again - in the case of Insa in July, 11 percent, after having dropped in may to 9.5 percent - shows the last sitting week of the Bundestag before the summer break, as in a burning glass.

Three examples of why the AfD does not require delineation to the right

the decision was linked to the supplementary budget of the Federal government for the Corona-stimulus package could be the Alternative for Germany, will be presenting, as a fundamental Opposition in the Bundestag. While the second group, which rejected the economic program, referred the FDP in its explanatory Memorandum on alternative ways, aside acknowledged the AfD budget Committee Chairman Peter Boehringer directly the reason for the active Action: It should never have been a Lockdown because the Corona would have been infections in the spring of 2020 is already in decline and the Federal government have known this. The AfD group has found their long-sought line to the Corona-pandemic and operated aware of the Protest and resistance potential in the electorate.

Also a second decision of the Bundestag should be carefully scrutinized in order to understand the stability of the AfD in the polls. In the debate about the exit strategy from Coal, the AfD presented itself as the voice of alleged reason against the green-dominated Zeitgeist, the destroy, because of its ideology and the perspective of many people in the affected regions. Here, party chief Tino Chrupalla was allowed to stand at the pulpit of the AfD's Position clear. She turns to the side of the Affected in the Region, and supports the on-the-spot criticism, which will be presented in the parliamentary debate, so to speak, first-Hand.

The third observation is the behavior of the AfD in the Bundestag for the extension of the ban on tobacco products Advertising. Here, the Deputy Wilhelm of the mountain of God declared that his group was opposed to a further stigmatisation of smokers. The members of the AfD included at the end of the vote only because you want to respond to the accusation that she was against preventive youth protection.

the function of The AfD in the political System

What these three examples? You show why the AfD is in spite of the lack of boundaries to the right and defendant's lack of a strategic centre continues to be stable in the voters favor. In addition, it is clear that she has a good starting position for the upcoming clashes in the Bundestag election campaign. The AfD group has managed to Position itself as the voice of those who feel set back - such as those who are circumcised by the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection in their personal rights.

at the same time they represented but also those who are really under economic and social pressure. These are found naturally in the regions, the result of the Coal phase-out in an accelerated structural change. There are also those who do not want to have the social modernization by the Mainstream, and the advertising, then, for example, by tobacco but bans are stigmatized by the image of the AfD to include members of Parliament.

The AfD exercises a function in our political System and ensures that emotions and attitudes are not articulated in the political System that were previously present. Also if you do not like this, is it deal but. The former Agency head of the CDU in the Bundestag election campaign, Thomas Strerath, has summarized in its balance sheet of the election campaign in 2017, right: "The more you said in the Establishment that you want to give this anger, the bigger it was."

There are many constitutional protectors and a new debate culture

For the established policy needs to be a Mimic of the AfD positioning may not work. It's just "a" System can give to the Opposition. In addition, the AfD has a real Problem with the definition in accordance with law. This can hide to obviously, the networking in the scene, and hard to weigh the findings of the constitutional protection. Here we need in society, a new vigilance. Each and every one needs to be a constitutional protector.

at the same time, we need to learn but also to discuss together instead of in separate bubbles. To quickly Utterances in the political debate will be devalued either as a "left green," or people as "AfD-Versteher" branded. As long as we argue in such a mood, the climate, it will be the AfD in the Entire be able to channel the negative emotions for themselves. How looks such a debate culture? For this Germany needs two things: For one, it is the principle of "Agree to disagree". Bassam Tibi summed it up in an Interview in the year 2016: "We do not have to match. But if I disagree, you may not speak the same gloated over me." This ability is lost.

The company must make on the way to find a common mission statement

So we endure contentious situations without mutual devaluations, we need the other to be understanding between the different positions. In the election campaign in 2017, the CDU suggested that there is a Germany, "in which we live well and happy". But it was never discussed, as this Germany is for the most appearance. This debate is really about, and to lead with open sights, will be the next task. Naika four utan is right when she complains that "to date, not politically (was formulated), what are the ideas of a common life together in a society that has become due to Migration, much of the plural". Here, the parties in the election campaign and Parliament as a whole on course to lead these debates with the courage to endure different opinions.

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