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When you upload to the gallery, Pedro Sanchez orders his taco folios in such a way that it seems that you have one. All the folios, obsessively aligned, perfect

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When you upload to the gallery, Pedro Sanchez orders his taco folios in such a way that it seems that you have one. All the folios, obsessively aligned, perfect. It is a work delicate that Sanchez, with the two hands, as if it were a potter, makes again and again: the two palms grabbing the top of the chart to adjust, the two palmas, by adjusting the width. As you can read. Lee one —form a veneer, line spacing of two points: you will Greta Thunberg of Madrid and this is jauja— and place it next to the others that you've already read, whose lot is also perfect. It takes a few seconds, sort, the text already read. There is always a sheet of paper on the bottom that pokes a millimeter of the others, and that is a misfortune; Sanchez fixes blown away. “It is not until you place the gomita of the pant does not get out,” I say to my neighbor grandstand, the journalist Ángeles Caballero. Re-read. So two hours. If the opposition wants to destroy Sanchez, the only thing you have to do is colarle a folio A5 between its A4; enloquecerá.

it Is true that, as reported diving in your library (the maneuvers that will be made to ignore itself), the right wing has always considered and by order of appearance to every president a socialist as a pest. By the way to say it seemed to imply that the left has had presidents from the right a loving crazy, but it is true that towards Sanchez hate deslegitimador is somewhat less sophisticated, less elaborate, much more primary. It is a hatred that causes two tragedies: that this hatred is the most sincere speech of the opposition and the left —those barons, rebels!— neutralize any criticism of Sanchez under the argument child of the hatred of your enemies makes good per se. When the reality is that Sanchez leaves the folios read down if there is a need to read them, but backwards, from right to left. And those yellow lines on the folio that is a guess from the press box it is not known if they are studs or underlined because, effectively, it can be two things depending on the time, place, and partners.


Debate of investiture of Pedro Sanchez, latest live news to The debate of investiture of Pedro Sanchez, in pictures

life is very complex. Pablo Iglesias, for example. Applause and cheers in the walk to Sanchez, he said “go ahead, president” and was to crash into the hand to get off of the soapbox. More than the insomnia, the main enemy of this Government is the past. You need experts in management, but also in oblivion. But what else is politics but the ability to forget, and who achieve power in their games, but the unfazed as Sanchez, those that narrow the time between one thing and the contrary as if it were seeking a record. Why Married, for example, is where it is. His speech of 30 years was threatening to leave with 30 seats and when it adopted a discourse of years 80, moderate ma non troppo, defined as extreme right-to-Vox and turned to make the statue leaving the exaggeration to Rivera, he went up to the 88; now, being tested to their electorate returned, and is dedicated to giving a speech that you do not even need to listen to him: it is enough to see to Santiago Abascal redoing yours in a hurry.

To Abascal yes there was to listen to him to understand him better. Vox is summed up in this phrase, addressed to the deputy of Teruel Exists, Thomas Guitarte: “Spain will also be there.” The extreme right Spanish is formed by that class of patriots who, in case of invasion, they climb the first of the enemy tanks and they tell the soldiers that the spaniards first if you send the spaniards, but, if need be, they are americans or chinese: “The strong, first.” Abascal, as half of the deputies of the first row, mascaba. The minister Delgado gave out gum (or caramelitos, or acids, whatever) to the rest of the ministers. The independence given to the members of United we Can, a fact that is not repaired, Ortega, Smith, plunged into the reading of a book. Ortega Smith, to the side of Ignacio Garriga, deputy black Vox, and concentrate peacefully in the reading it was as if in place of the Congress was at home waiting for an evaluator social.

The summary is that about 400 people are still celebrating a new year's Eve party in Castellón and approximately 400 are still celebrating a feast of 2018 in the centre of Madrid. Surrounded by police which, instead of dissolving it, is there to protect you. This country is so crazy that for to bear it is open 24 hours, you do not close on Sundays, choose presidents on the eve of Kings, traded on the new year's Eve; there is not a day for such a move. It has lost the account of something that was celebrated every four years and is now a non-stop, as if the party of the democracy will continue an after that not never closes; it does not close, in Spain, from two years ago, while the veterans stood the home of the carousel of sessions of inauguration in 2015, what becomes of the Congress of Deputies in a place of worship. One of those places where, to become president, the candidate has spun so fine with the rest of the groups, or the corner of a sheet of paper can get out of the taco; or the corner of a sheet of paper or the corner of a country.

Date Of Update: 05 January 2020, 14:00