Victims ' lawyers to explain why Germany is now about Assad's torturers

FOCUS Online attorney-at-law Mohammed: For the first Time in Germany, suspected war criminals of the Assad regime in Koblenz before the court just what you exp

Victims ' lawyers to explain why Germany is now about Assad's torturers

FOCUS Online attorney-at-law Mohammed: For the first Time in Germany, suspected war criminals of the Assad regime in Koblenz before the court just what you expect from the process?

Mohammed: , of course, the determination of the guilt of the accused. But above all, our clients expect to be able to of the suffered agony of the world's public reports. The fact that the victims can directly describe their atrocities, the perpetrators, hopefully, an impression of what they have done in the long term it happen. In addition, the message of Koblenz, Germany is no safe haven for war criminals.

FOCUS Online The Alleged talk of a monstrous crime, murder, and torture of thousands of people are in the room. How difficult is the proof from their point of view, to condemn the accused?

Mohammed: The charge is Mainly based on the numerous statements of the victims. This was supplemented, but also by expert opinion and intelligence.

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Also, the Syrian Regime sits to a certain extent on dock

FOCUS Online : How are your clients today?

Mohammed: , Each Victim is different with such an event. Some people suffer from permanent damage, such as a physical disability or life-long scars. All with whom we have spoken, had also long-term psychological damage. These include sleep disturbances, tachycardia in tight spaces or nightmares belong. The criminal case in Koblenz can certainly also help with the processing of the terrible events. Many are, but this - if not satisfaction - but at least find a bit of peace.

FOCUS Online : Why is the procedure in Germany? Finally, the deeds happened in Syria?

Mohammed: Actually, it would be desirable to create an international war crimes Tribunal, to educate people law, a crime of the Syrian civil war and to be able to keep track of. This is the Russians in the UN security Council, the main ally of the Syrian Assad regime but failed so far, among other things, on the Veto. Germany has, however, a national international criminal law, which makes it possible to track such crimes, which have occurred abroad, here. In Koblenz, not only the accused, but also indirectly help the Syrian Regime in the dock for murder and torture, sitting so to speak. Reuters/SANA/Reuters Syria's ruler Bashar al-Assad

Other former Henchmen of the Assad regime in Germany

FOCUS Online to stay As it was able to succeed the defendants, for a long time in Germany, undetected?

Mohammed: was early on the defendant. An arrest could be made, of course, only after preliminary investigations on robust evidence. This is to be done. The attorney General has not yet brought within the six-month period charges.

FOCUS Online : What is the evidence that other former henchmen of the Assad regime have been deposed in the Wake of the wave of refugees from Syria to Germany?

Mohammed : There is already evidence of more cases. We are currently preparing a criminal complaint against a living in Germany offender. With a command, the chief Federal Prosecutor and further investigation is promptly to be expected that this man must answer for his deeds also.

precedent Gaddafi

FOCUS Online attorney-at-law Schulz, what follows after the criminal trial? On damages, the Regime may be sued only in Damascus. Do they seriously believe that Assad's government will pay, should you be condemned?

Schulz There are other options than civil courts in Damascus. Compensation or damages may also be out of court and paid, in particular, if a rogue state promises of political benefits. One speaks of a so-called Ex-Gratia payment or something modern expressed of a humanitarian gesture, without recognition of a legal obligation.

FOCUS Online there Are precedents?

Schulz Some. For example, those relating to the Libyan Regime among the killed dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. For the lifting of global sanctions, the Libyan government paid for the victims of the attack on the Berlin discotheque "La Belle", the attack on the Jumbo Jet in the British Lockerbie and the attack on a French plane (UTA 772). The damages granted to the Gaddafi Regime, the return ticket in the civilized community of States.

FOCUS Online : What is the motive for a regime of injustice would be involved in such a Deal?

Schulz to easily pay: A compensation and international trade sanctions to get rid of, is usually cheaper than to have to live with it. Gaddafi has, at the time, spent almost three billion US dollars for the victims of terrorism – a relatively small sum in comparison to the 20 billion a year, the cost to circumvent the sanctions.

In view of this Relation was the Ex-Gratia payment Libya‘s quite a worthwhile investment. In addition, dictator Gaddafi received at the time of his supposed return to the civilized world as an Incentive, Hermes guarantees are also in the billions.

procedures in Koblenz could have more success

FOCUS Online help That may apply to Libya, but Syria has been ever in the past the same way?

Schulz : Yes. Since the attack on the "Maison de France" in 1983. The group of Venezuelan terrorist Carlos had blown up, with the support of the Syrian Embassy in East Berlin, beyond the wall of the French cultural centre in West Berlin in the air. The attack called for a deaths and many injured. We have taken years later, the Syrian state in the liability.

FOCUS Online : How to do such a thing?

Schulz : According to the principles of international law, the government whose nationals were harmed, members must demand, at the infringer's state of reparation. This means that you have to move the political leaders in his home to be there for its citizens accordingly. How, in the end, depends on the individual case and is, unfortunately, not in any Textbook. Generally speaking, state and non-state actors on both sides need to put common interests at the day, to compensation for victims of terrorism to bring about.

FOCUS Online : you Were in the attack on the Maison de France, ultimately, successful?

Schulz According to a criminal judgment of the district court of Berlin against the persons Responsible for this terrorist attack, the Foreign office intervened in the compensation negotiations. The final agreement was already started a done deal as the Arab spring of 2011 and immediately prior to the transfer of one of the Involved concerns received, whether or not this would be politically opportune. Since the completion of the compensation is not fixed depends on operation, but from the table. Such things need time and a occasion, and then a historical Chapter to complete. Perhaps the method could help in Koblenz here. Poland ignored the EU and undermines the Peninsula in half - a huge project that is the subject to dispute PCP Poland, EU and undermines ignored Peninsula in half - mammoth project is the topic of debate

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 12:27

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