USA: a Boycott against the food company Goya

The delicious Marinade for fish, chicken or meat with the extra dose of pepper, the ready mix for the most creamy Pudding or a delicious olive oil from Andalusi

USA: a Boycott against the food company Goya

The delicious Marinade for fish, chicken or meat with the extra dose of pepper, the ready mix for the most creamy Pudding or a delicious olive oil from Andalusia - in almost every Latin American immigrant family in the USA should this food ready in the kitchen, millions of Latinos are in the United States with them grown up.

On all these products, the Name GOYA is emblazoned in large letters, of course. It is not in vain in the advertising: "If it's Goya, it has to be good!" But now nothing is even good, which comes from the Spanish food giant.

Trump needs the votes of Latinos

What happened? Well, first of all, Donald Trump had discovered last week, quite surprisingly, his love for Latin America. Just under four months until the US presidential elections, and the Latino votes in competitive States such as Arizona and Florida, on 3 may. November tip the scales to be.

And so, Mexico's head of state, Andrés Manuel López Obrador visit to the White house was, "a good man and my friend," how the U.S. President umgarnte his counterpart from the South. Then Trump continued, visibly proud of his signature Initiative, which aims to provide Latinos in the United States better access to jobs and education.

But Trump's not umgarnte only Obrador, but also Robert Unanue with an invitation to the White house. Perhaps the Goya-chief thought that he could beat everything. Unanue compared Trumps create the spirit of his grandfather (the 1936 Goya with only a meager US Dollar had founded - the company-legend), asked for prayer for Trump and swirled around the U.S. President with the words: "We are all really blessed to have a leader like President Trump." Trump was not rags and retaliated with the following Tweet:

Pray for the U.S. President, who had called not too long ago, all Mexicans as Criminals and rapists, on the election campaign events of the battle cry of "Build the wall" is still a classic and was not afraid to disconnect on the illegal immigration of Latin Americans to small children for a week by their parents.

Harsh reactions and calls for Boycotts

Robert Unanue tried to get desperate with the curve, he said that we could not cancel bad a President, if made of a host, this he did also in the case of Barack Obama. But by then it was too late.

The Hashtags #boycott Goya #Goya foods and #Goyaway requested on Twitter for a Boycott of the 2500 Goya products, and went through the ceiling. Well-known democratic politicians, such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Julián Castro attacked the largest Spanish food companies in the United States in the strongest possible terms.

"CEO-chief Unanue praises a President who denigrated Latinos and malicious attacks, in order to achieve a political gain. Americans should therefore consider twice before you Goya-bought products," says Castro.

United We Dream, the largest organization of young immigrants, even went a step further and launched a Petition for the Boycott of Goya products.

Trump-bearing blows, counter-attack

of Course, the Trump-camp struck back. The President's son, Donald Jr., tweeted angrily: "The leftist Mafia wants to one of the largest Hispanic companies in America to abolish, because they recognize that the President has shown great leadership? (not very cleverly)".

Even less is sent, however, was the first reaction of Robert Unanue, who invented of a "suppression of freedom of expression". Now he is silent - says the boycott call by the head of the multibillion-dollar company from New Jersey, nothing more.

everything would be simple: To the Public Robert Unanue announced that the group had donated in March and April, already more than 270,000 food and 20,000 masks, wool continues to help the Victims of the corona of a crisis.

Should read: a Million cans of chickpeas, and a scant half a Million pounds of additional food for the Poorest of the poor. Actually, a great gesture. And the perfect PR.

author: Oliver Pieper

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Updated Date: 14 July 2020, 02:26

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