USA: Wear of Corona-masks is a political Statement

Corona-masks. in the United States, more and more to the political icon – Pro - or Anti-Trump, depending on whether you are wearing face protection or not While

USA: Wear of Corona-masks is a political Statement

Corona-masks. in the United States, more and more to the political icon – Pro - or Anti-Trump, depending on whether you are wearing face protection or not While liberal Americans themselves in the forest of masks, keep it Trump-followers with the President, the public, even in buildings only, without – to give the left-wing media no satisfaction, as he revealed in a press conference.

America has just exceeded the number of 100,000 Corona-dead, but the culture war has escalated further and further to Make-America-Great-Again-voters, MAGA-Fans, against the politically correct, the so-called liberal Elite. The face mask has become the political Statement now is already on the open roads clear who is on which side.

sign in aunt-Emma-Laden: "masks"

In Tennessee, Johnny cash's granddaughter was allowed on Thursday as a "left-liberal coward" insults, because she was with a face mask in the supermarket. Her mother, the daughter of the late Country Stars, described the incident in horror on Twitter. Especially in Republican areas, so an in-between case is currently not uncommon. In Kentucky, masks are NOT allowed "" large at the entrance of an aunt-Emma-shop. Including it means "Take off the masks or buy somewhere else". Similar signs found at gas stations, Restaurants, and shops all over the country.

your operators see themselves as political resistance to democratic politicians. You want to create an atmosphere, as before, the Corona, the sight of masks that bothers you. Kevin Smith, pub-owners, anyone with a mask in his restaurant in Texas. Protective masks it as a sign of fear and fear is bad for the immune system, he explained in a recent Interview.

USA, rates to the Wearing of masks - Trump does not want to

With this setting, he speaks many Trump voters from the soul, so also Chad Stendam. The Farmer from Michigan refuses to wear strictly masks, even in shops that want to stick to the rules. "This is all a Hype by the liberal media. Me cannot tell the Governor what to do or not to do." The said Governor, the Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, was only protested recently in the headlines when armed protesters against their Corona-rules. Some came with machine guns and forced Whitmer to close the government temporarily.

Democrat as a target of hatred: "she is a tyrant"

Since it is regarded as the object of hatred of many Trump voters . "She's a bully," so Stendam, "but me you do not get small. My freedom no one can take me. With a mask you will see me never." Was faced Stendam therefore, as yet: "the Liberal mask carrier for me to probably see that not to be trifled with me." Stendam sees himself as the "real Americans", just like its President.

For voters like him, are not masks, just a sign of weakness, but also of the left, of socialist ideas. So the conservative Fox News commentator Brit Hume mocked Biden recently the democratic presidential candidate Joe because he wore a photo of a Corona-mask . Many MAGA-Fans shy away from any confrontations, if the business owner or other customer want to abide by the mandatory mask rules. Since they often belong to the group of people that are always armed, have customers with masks in many places, afraid of you, want to escalations to avoid and beware of leaning to Look, or even rebukes.

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Without a mask, it is the same Trump-trailer

So, like Trump-trailer life very deliberately, without a mask, in turn, more and more Democrats, only with face shield in front of the door. The protective mask has become a political Statement. Anyone who is not wearing, is easily labeled as a Trump Fan. "I want to be held a Republican. That's why I don't wear a mask on the street, even if it is absolutely necessary, " says John David. The Consultant lives in Marblehead in liberal Massachusetts.

"Without a mask, you can put a red MAGA-cap, and this is the last, what I want to be. Of course, it comes to protection against the Virus, but I want to also show very clearly that I despise Trump." As residents continue in many liberal places, as it rules provide for the Corona: you are demonstratively self-always a mask, whether you go for a walk alone in the forest, or early in the morning on an empty Jogging meadows.

Just a few miles from Marblehead, in a circle, hitting anyone in the open, wearing only a mask with you, let alone touches. Here, the voters are more conservative. In supermarkets, customers shop consciously without facial protection. On the streets, cars with "Trump 2020"-flags in the front yards of the residential houses of the Republican "Keep America Great"-choice posters are.

Only slightly more than half of the masks

use says A new study, that only about 55 percent of all Americans Corona-the use of masks. Surveys show that almost the (other) half of the country is behind Donald Trump. No one yet knows how the pandemic in the United States is lost. Will come a second wave? Is the extinction of the Virus? In both cases, but the researchers are certain that one way or the Corona is split, the divided States of America even further.

No national vote in the case of Corona rules: civil rules are a clear message to policy FOCUS Online/Wochit No countries voting in Corona citizens have a clear message to policy

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 01:26

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