Turkey: officials on Erdogan's list of launch

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Turkey: officials on Erdogan's list of launch
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"By decree of the state service segregated means, to be police violence delivered to police officers and taken to a place entered - just because you want his Job back," complains Nazan Bozkurt. She is one of tens of thousands of public servants were dismissed after the coup attempt in July 2016 by emergency decree. In January 2017, she lost her work at the residents ' registration office in Ankara. So how many officers were in the years after the attempted coup unemployed, she claims her innocence.

After the coup had been knocked down, started the Turkish President immediately in order to clean the state of alleged terrorists"". He imposed on 20. July of 2016, a state of exception that lasted through renewals two years, and had by emergency decree (KHK) is about 125.000 state dismissed staff. The accusation: you want Gulen in connection with the Islamist preacher Fethullah gülen, which, according to the view of the government - the mastermind of the coup attempt.

"the Whole ten years I was in the service of my authority. Not a single police officer came by at this time, to interview me, never was me. So, you see, my dismissal was decided in the midst of the heated atmosphere after the coup attempt," says Nazan Bozkurt.

Protest in front of the monument for human rights

The Ex-official wanted to put a sign against the redundancies, the perception of many of those Affected as unfair. She joined the protest action "I want my Job back". The Initiative established the academic Nuriye Gülmen and her colleagues, which were also dismissed by the decree, such as about 7000 other University employees.

Now the 33-gathers-year-old Nazan Bozkurt, for three and a half years daily with a few dozen comrades in suffering, at the human rights monument in Ankara to Demonstrate. The bronze statue shows a pensive woman, the people wraps around the right statement with your hands. The place in front of a statue of a woman has traditionally been a collection point for citizens who demonstrate for justice and freedom.

However, the protest action, which is considered Bozkurt as a last resort, is made more difficult by regular interventions of the police. Thus it occurred, that officials have temporarily closed off the Statue with bars to the protesters from the place of gathering keep. You have taken several times fixed, reported by Bozkurt. It is a so-called KHK-Person - one that was released with the help of the emergency decree.

The police regularly uses a

"A CHD to be a Person means to have to calculate each time with violence by the police. It is total cruelty." Only one thing it's true hope: The many lawsuits and fines of the police notices "for violations of the March and demonstration law" - I left the Prosecutor's office always fall.

Nevertheless, the police officers were always solid step, if you didn't fit a speech of the former officer. You will also find with respect to the Corona pandemic is irresponsible: "If ten police officers attack a protester, and you're tugging, then you are endangering the public health."

A tenth of the officials> of the job

The Turkish government was, therefore, for the many complaints in July 2017, a Commission of inquiry, the CHD should check for redundancies. Bozkurt and many other officials since the coup attempt, to be unemployed, have turned to the Commission - over 120,000 applications were submitted. Only in a few cases, the dispute led to success: 12.200 layoffs - about one-tenth were repealed by the Commission. The Question could again return to their work.

A hand-picked Commission of inquiry

The Commission of inquiry is criticised by legal experts severe. Metin Günday, a Professor of administrative law, considers the establishment of "not independent". He objected, in particular, that the President shall appoint all members of the Commission. In addition, the CHD-Affected had during the examination of an Application has no right to defend themselves. He holds the Commission for the facade: "legal proceedings for a decree dismissed officials was actually already blocked a very long time ago."

Also, Nazan Bozkurt does not belong to the successful applicants. "My application was rejected. I don't trust the Commission but in any case." She feels the Commission's explanation as absurd. "My dismissal was based on the investigations against me in the years 2018 and 2019 - but my release is already in place in the year 2017." This justification was unacceptable and, therefore, they will continue to provide resistance. "I call on all of the CHD-Affected, the action to abandon, to return to soon return to their work."

author: Hilal Köylü

*The post "Turkey: officers on Erdogan's hit list" published by Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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