Tschentscher re-elected Hamburg mayor | politics

Before three and a half months have defended the SPD and the greens in Hamburg in the area of citizenship, in their majority for the government. Long it lasted,

Tschentscher re-elected Hamburg mayor | politics

Before three and a half months have defended the SPD and the greens in Hamburg in the area of citizenship, in their majority for the government. Long it lasted, but now the new Senate is.

Hamburg (dpa) - Peter Tschentscher is to be re-elected has been Hamburg's First mayor. 87 citizenship, the deputies voted for the 54-year-old social-Democrats, 34 against it, 2 abstained.

So Tschentscher received exactly as many votes as his red-green coalition has seats in the Parliament. In the case of the confirmation of a new Senate, only 83 members of Parliament, Yes, 38 voted no, two abstained.

the SPD and the greens govern the city-state since 2015 in the red-green coalition - now the last nationwide. Already in the morning, the tips of the SPD and the Greens in the city hall had signed their coalition agreement, the party days had agreed to last weekend.

Tschentschers SPD was at the state election on may 23. February, in spite of losses, with 39.2 percent, once again become the strongest force. The Greens were able to double your income in 2015 almost, were 24.2 percent, but significantly in second place.

The mayoral election was delayed a bit to come since the beginning of the meeting, at the request of the AfD first of all, the Council of Elders had to. The background plans of the other groups, to reduce in the face of the red-and-green two-thirds majority, the minority rights of citizenship. The AfD sees itself not sufficiently involved. The meeting of the Council of Elders remained inconclusive.

Since 2011, the financial Senator, was Tschentscher come 2018 into the mayor's office, as his predecessor, Olaf Scholz as Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Finance in the Federal government moved. The medical Laboratory scientist had been 2008 in the citizenship chosen.

The changes in personnel to his previous government team are manageable: Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD) no longer belongs to the Senate as a health Senator, she passed in retirement.

your authority was split up: The health Department of the social authority, the consumer protection of the judicial authority. In the Ministry of justice Till Steffen free made his seat at the Senate table rate for the Green-country Manager, Anna Gallina. Also new to the Senate: the former group chief of the Greens, Anjes Tjarks, of the new authority for transport and Mobility.

Katharina Fegebank (Green) is still Second Mayoress and Senator for science and equality. In the office, school Senator Ties Rabe, Senator for the interior, Andy Grote, Finance Minister Andreas Dressel, city development Senator, Dorothee Stapelfeldt, a social Senator Melanie Leonhard, culture Senator Carsten Brosda (all SPD), Senator for economic Affairs, Michael West Hagemann (independent) and Senator for the Environment, Jens Kerstan (Green) will remain.

The opposition political groups congratulated Tschentscher and his Team, to choice, to reported but also criticism. The old and new mayor and his Senate started with a heavy mortgage to the office,, said the CDU parliamentary leader Dennis Thering. The abolition of the health authority and the withdrawal of the transport division of the economic owed to authority is a "party-political give-and-take". The mobility should not be used for the "green Playground," he said.

links of group leader Sabine boedding house spoke of a "false start", not "restart". It was more than embarrassing, that Tschentscher, "and his SPD to create it again, finally Parité produce." While the Greens have occupied their four Senate post, two women and two men, are among the seven SPD-senators only two women.

the FDP Deputy Anna von true rock-Frowein criticized the unequal distribution: "this weak Start of the Red-Green does not demonstrate that a compulsory rate is reasonable."

The AfD group wish Tschentscher, only to have a lucky Hand. "May he be as mayor, the point of contact for all the hamburgers," said the group's Chairman, Dirk Cam man, and Alexander Wolf.

for the First time after the state election of the new members came in full force to the town hall. For reasons of the infection protection the previous citizenship were the meetings have been held with a reduced number of deputies. In order to keep the risk of a Corona-infection as low as possible, not held the meeting as the previous ones in the plenary, but in the Great hall. Dividing walls between the Seats made for additional security. Because of the pandemic, no audience was allowed. The session was broadcast live on the Internet.

Updated Date: 13 June 2020, 14:35

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