Trump wants Bolton profits from tell-all book deny | policy

In the last Minute, wanted to prevent the government of US President, Trump, the publication of the book by Ex-security adviser Bolton legally. Without Success.

Trump wants Bolton profits from tell-all book deny | policy

In the last Minute, wanted to prevent the government of US President, Trump, the publication of the book by Ex-security adviser Bolton legally. Without Success. Trump wants to leave Bolton now "a very high price" to pay.

Washington (AP) - The government of US President Donald Trump wants to honor the former National security adviser John Bolton any Profit from its impending tell-all book user.

The spokeswoman of the White house, Kayleigh McEnany, announced consequences for Bolton. You'll make sure, "that he draws no profit from its shameful decision to put his desire for money and attention on its obligations for the protection of National security," she said.

According to a decision by a Federal court in Washington, Bolton can be a book with explosive allegations against Trump as planned this Tuesday post. The court rejected a request for a preliminary injunction, with the help of the Trump government wanted to prevent the publication at the last Minute. In the reasoning of judge Royce Lamberth said it was too late for a discontinuation of the Release of the book.

Lamberth pointed out that, according to the publishing 200,000 copies of the book within the USA sent had been. Thousands more had been delivered abroad. "With hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe - many of them in newsrooms - is the damage." The court will not order the book the land was widely confiscated and destroyed.

Lamberth practiced but at the same time, sharp criticism of Bolton. This have put the National security of the United States on the game, wrote the judge. Bolton exposes itself to civil and possibly criminal liability. Therefore, it was not passed on the question of the injunction but.

The judge referred to the fact that Bolton have signed at the time of its setting, a commitment that he could information without a release to publish. This release by the White house was not. In the case of a breach of the obligation of all profits from the publication may go to the U.S. government.

Trump spoke on Saturday with a view to Lamberths criticism of Bolton from a legal victory. The court did nothing more to stop the book, wrote Trump on Twitter. The former security consultant had broken the law by publishing secret information "in massive quantities". "For this he must pay a very high price." Trump added, with a view to the hard-line Bolton: "He likes to throw bombs on people and killing them. Now he will let the bombs fall!"

The almost 600 pages long book with the title "The Room Where It Happened" (for example: The room in which it happened) is this Tuesday appear. In pre-known passages in Bolton Trump describes as a politician who puts his own interests above those of the country. Among other things, the President of the U.S. therefore, the Chinese President Xi Jinping's help for his re-election in November, asked to. Trump called the book in advance, a "compilation of lies and invented stories".

Bolton writes in the book according to the New York Times, impeachment proceedings against Trump would not have been justified only because of the allegations in the Ukraine affair, but also because of other cases. Trump had repeatedly prevented a criminal investigation in favor of "dictators", such as China and Turkey. "The pattern of behavior appeared to be obstruction of justice as an everyday business and what we could not accept," wrote Bolton. Trump had abused his Power for personal interests.

Bolton said the ABC in a pre-in statements during an Interview broadcast, Trump is not suitable for the office of the President. "I don't think he has the skills to do the Job." The 71-Year-old had worked together for one and a half years with Trump. Trump had hate his National security adviser last September.

The government had demanded, among other things, Bolton had to wait prior to publication of the book is a Review of the content by the to the White house National security Council. Lamberth accused Bolton of this process after only four months of canceled and to have the manuscript to the publisher, sent. "Many Americans are not able to renew their passports within four months." Bolton is of the view that a Review should go, with hundreds of pages faster.

the Minister of justice, William Barr had criticized, Bolton have not gone through the prescribed process to content by the White house release. Trump had added Bolton do in the case of a publication punishable. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had referred to him as a "traitor".

Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 05:34

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