Trump is talking about racism and small - but in the minds of Americans, change has begun

"Papa has changed the world" - the George Floyd said six-year-old daughter, Gianna, shortly after the death of her father in a brutal police operation. A mont

Trump is talking about racism and small - but in the minds of Americans, change has begun

"Papa has changed the world" - the George Floyd said six-year-old daughter, Gianna, shortly after the death of her father in a brutal police operation. A month later, it is clear that the death of the African-American has launched in the US actually changes. Across the country people have taken part of all the skin colors of mass protests that have sparked debate about systematic racism and police violence. In sports, in politics, the economy, and in the case of the police has changed more than in many years previously. But there is also resistance.

change in the minds of a

After Floyd's death on the 25. May have demonstrated in many cities in America on many days, thousands of people - and this in spite of the Corona-restrictions. Long-term observers, including Ex-President Barack Obama, had been involved before, never so many White people at such protests. Millions of people have expressed, also, in social media and showed solidarity with the movement "Black Lives Matter". Several surveys have shown that a majority of Americans racism is a big Problem and the protests against it supports.

symbols of oppression

Suddenly, statues of personalities, where slavery or oppression of Blacks or native Americans is accused of questioning will be. In the state of Virginia a Statue of the southern States should be dismantled-General Robert E. Lee, in San Francisco and Boston, it goes to the explorers and colonialists of Christopher Columbus. In the Capitol in Washington historical portraits have been suspended, because there was no place for the "brutal fanaticism and grotesque racism of the Confederacy", it said. A day of remembrance for the end of slavery, in many States, a holiday. Film classics like "gone with The wind" will be shown with explanations of their racist prejudices.

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police reform

Minutes, a white COP squeezed the neck of his knee into Floyd's. Several States and cities - including Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York and Washington, brought in as a consequence of police reforms on the way to excessive use of force bind to use. You have prohibited police officers, for example, choke holds and neck restraints. Also at the national level, there is movement. U.S. President Donald Trump under a available wrote the first police reforms. The Democrats proposed in the Congress very far-reaching reforms, the Republicans want a less ambitious law.

companies want to donate to change

An analysis of the Online platform Axios, according to America's largest companies have promised since Floyd's death, taken together, about two billion dollars for the fight against racism and inequality. Including banks, Tech companies and retailers were. Added to this were the promise of Celebrities and athletes, including Basketball legend Michael Jordan who wants to donate 100 million dollars. Many companies agreed to promote members of minorities. The German sports goods manufacturer Adidas wants to occupy in the Adidas and Reebok brands in the USA, in the future, at least 30 percent of all new Stations with Black or Latino. "We must and we will be better," it said. There is plenty of that Although the Black 13 percent of the U.S. population, have only four of the fortune 500 companies, an African-American Chef.

changes at the Breakfast table,

Established brands, shed light on the extent to which their names and Logos to use racist stereo types. The US beverage and food multi Pepsi, for instance, its 130 years old Breakfast brand "Aunt Jemima", which consists primarily of baking mixes for pancakes and syrup, a new coat of paint. Critics interfere, especially on the Logo, which reflects in their eyes, a cliché of a black woman as a mascot in the style of a friendly servant. The US food company Mars has announced that its rice brand Uncle Ben's "develop". The product shows the head of an elderly black man with white hair. Mars wants to help to combat racial prejudice, it said.

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the impact on the presidential election

Floyd's death has changed a few months before the presidential election, the policy. Experts believe that Blacks and other minorities to be involved as a result of the mass protests strengthened the political - and then in November to actually vote. A higher turnout of these groups is likely to Biden, the nominee for democratic presidential candidates Joe in the hands of play. Barack Obama's former Vice President is popular with minorities of great popularity: In the case of Blacks and Latinos Biden is a survey from Tuesday, according to 74, or 39 percentage points, an unassailable lead before Trump. In addition, have increased since Floyd's death, the signs that Biden could select a non-white woman as a candidate for the Vice-presidency.

Trump is talking about racism, small

especially a occurs when there are changes to the brake: President Trump. He has condemned the brutal crackdown against Floyd as an individual, recognizes, however, neither police violence against Black people is still systematic racism as a large Problem. The protests he took part in the fight is true, and threatened protesters with the use of "vicious dogs" and the armed forces - to show, rather than understanding, and to the country. Intervention in the culture of memory, he refuses to tolerate what he gets applause from his conservative supporters. "Our heroes are not a source of shame," Trump said on Tuesday in Arizona. "We must cherish our past, value, we have to be good or bad value." A new survey of the "New York Times" revealed that 61 percent of Americans reject, however, Trumps dealing with the issue of racism.

Sport in a changing

The Sport has in the United States great influence, both the Stars of individual sports as well as their associations. The National Football League (NFL) took place after Floyd's death in a u turn. NFL Boss Roger Goodell admitted mistakes, has positioned itself so clearly as never before against racism and "the systematic oppression of black people". He encouraged all to protest peacefully. Goodell had been criticized in 2016, the black Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who had knelt as a Protest against police violence during the playing of the national anthem. The US football Association has tipped one of his rules, and apologised for the ban to kneel. The Motorsport series, Nascar banned the battle flag of the Confederate in their race.

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The Background: Floyd and racism

The unarmed Floyd (46) was killed during an arrest in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. A policeman knelt roughly eight minutes on his neck. Floyd had been arrested because of suspicion to have with a fake $ 20 bill paid.

With the "systematic racism" is meant the structural disadvantage faced by Black. Black people in the United States, on average, live less long, are less healthy and less educated than whites. Black will be sentenced for the same crimes, longer detention than White. The average wealth of a black family is about one-tenth of the property of a white family - a ratio that has hardly changed for decades.

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