Trump fails in Corona-crisis, wildly - and is in a panic

in 2016, joined what had kept opinion researchers, to date, impossible: Donald Trump, known primarily for his Reality Show "The Apprentice", was 45. The Presi

Trump fails in Corona-crisis, wildly - and is in a panic

in 2016, joined what had kept opinion researchers, to date, impossible: Donald Trump, known primarily for his Reality Show "The Apprentice", was 45. The President of the United States. A key role in the surprise victory of the businessman is said to have had his campaign Manager Brad Parscale. Many consider the Social Media guy for awesome, Trumps campaign on the Internet, he lent 2016 always find the right coat of paint - in the sense of his boss.

all The more surprising that the current decision of the US President to dismiss Parscale for many. Trump announced via Twitter: "I'm pleased to announce that Bill Stepien was promoted to campaign Manager." Ex-front man Parscale puts the US head of state back in the second row. He is supposed to return the Post to its original Position as the head of the digital campaign.

It is not the first Time in recent weeks that Trump is beating wildly, in search of a solution to his Problem. Because in just four months, the Americans choose a new head of state - and, for Trump, it doesn't look good. The poll numbers of U.S. President continue to decline, meanwhile his opponent, Joe is Biden far in front of him. According to a representative survey conducted by the market research Institute Ipsos for ABC, is only appropriate in each third of Americans Trumps the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Trumps Corona-strategy: Denial and half-hearted measures

the fact is: The USA is the Coronavirus most affected country, according to John Hopkins University in the United States reported approximately 3.49 million Infected (status: 16 Dec. July). Over 137,000 people died in the USA at Covid-19. Instead of the U.S. population in the challenging time, support and to convey the seriousness of the situation, sets Trump, according to "CNN" to "self-pity and indifference". Reuters/Alex Brandon/AP/dpa Donald Trump, President of the United States.

at any price seems to be the US President to the through the Corona-the shock lying on the ground economy. This is not likely to be the least of his ambitions to win the upcoming presidential election. Because it is established: economy is the core theme of the incumbent US President, in 2016 it was one of the Central content of his election program.

Trump managed during his term of office, a historic Triumph In July last year, the United States cracked the record of the longest boom in the history of the country. The economy expanded, according to Figures from the National Bureau for economic research at this time for 121 months. In front of the corona crisis, the unemployment rate had fallen in the United States in addition to the lowest level in decades.

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Trump wants to keep the economy as quickly as possible back into drive

get the economy in gear, drove Trump with a view to Corona different strategies. So he denied at the beginning of the pandemic, the risk of the Virus, even refused to wear a mask. At the end of February, the US President tweeted: "The Coronavirus in the United States is very well under control," liberal media he accused their readers, listeners and viewers aware of to instill fear. Trump even went so far as to call the Coronavirus as an invention of the Democrats. In distress, the increase of the Corona brought him Numbers in the March: He imposed half-hearted measures, he wanted to loosen up but the first time you Flatten out the infection curve.

Behind denial, accusations, and the endorsement of far-reaching relaxations in the effort to increase the chances of re-election. At the same time Trump is aware that his choice to fight with feet of clay: A renewed nationwide Lockdown would harm the American economy, perhaps even too much, to still be able to a choice victory. Even now, more than 45 million people in the U.S. have lost their Job, such as the "Handelsblatt" reported.

U.S. expert Christian Hacke confirmed the precarious Situation of the US President, in an interview with the Portal "watson". Specifically, he said: "Corona, the economy, and racism. Trump has failed in all three areas total. He would actually only listen to his experts and ordinary measures in the pandemic-fighting to enforce [ ... ], you need to."

Trumps environment shoots again against Fauci - reacts with calm contempt, FOCUS Online/Wochit Trumps environment shoots again against Fauci - reacts with calm disdain.

Instead of changing something, is looking for Trump the debt in Fauci

But Trump better at beating themselves. Its Top experts of the US President to the South Bock: Anthony Fauci, the immuno-Corona-working group of the White house lied. The 79-Year-old warned that the Corona is a risk to underestimate and protection to loosen up measures prematurely. Fauci disagreed with trump's claim that 99 percent of all Covid-19-infections would be "completely harmless" to run. Instead, the immunologist noted that there may also be the case of non-fatal infections severe courses of the disease. Reuters/Kevin Dietsch/Pool UPI/Reuters The current situation was "really good" and requires "immediate" Action, said immunologist Anthony Fauci.

In recent days, the Attempts to discredit Fauci publicly accumulated. So resist Trump's voice in the show "Full Court Press" of the evaluation of immunologists, the USA were still "knee-deep" in the first Corona-shaft. The channel "Fox News" said the US President, Fauci was "a nice man, but he has made a lot of mistakes". On Tuesday Trump's advisers wrote to Navarro then, Fauci was in every point, in which he had had to deal with him in the crisis, too, is wrong.

Biden: "Perform or you give way in order for it to take on other"

The White house rowed back on Wednesday, and announced that the guest post didn't go through the approval process and only Navarro's opinion. The "Los Angeles Times" quoted an unnamed representative of the government, to be encouraged, therefore, Trump Navarro the guest post.

Instead, against the Background of exploding Corona of Numbers significant to take measures to "Social Distancing" and to convey the seriousness of the situation, pushes Trump so any responsibility. And even more: The US President seems to be in a panic, because his election strategy threatens to crumble to. The dismissal of his much-acclaimed Manager Brad Parscale is difficult to explain otherwise. AP

Fixed: trump's opponent, Joe Biden, 15 percentage points in a recent survey conducted by the Quinnipac University in front of the President-in-office. In a video statement that was released at the beginning of the month, he called on Trump: "Listen to you, to ignore the reality of this pandemic and to ignore the terrible loss of American life. You Have To Act. You Lead. Lead to you, or you clear the way so that others can take over."

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