Trump challengers in distress: Biden, in an Interview for excitement in the case of African Americans | politics

Donald Trump will get to do in the case of the US presidential elections of 2020 with Joe Biden. The Challenger serious accusations. In addition, an Interview c

Trump challengers in distress: Biden, in an Interview for excitement in the case of African Americans | politics

Donald Trump will get to do in the case of the US presidential elections of 2020 with Joe Biden. The Challenger serious accusations. In addition, an Interview causes a stir.

in the Meantime, it seems clear who should be calling for Donald Trump in the US presidential elections. Joe Biden has won the primaries of the Democrats following the withdrawal of Bernie Sanders, de facto. Problems the former Vice-Barack Obama, however, allegations of misuse of prepare.

Update 23. March, 8.20 PM: , The designated presidential candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden, has caused in the US with a Statement in support of African-American voters for excitement. Biden said on Friday in an interview with a prominent African-American radio host, this is not a real Black , if he should consider whether he or President Donald Trump support.

U.S.-according to media reports, Biden regretted his comment then. The transmitter CNN reported, Biden had acknowledged in a phone unlock with the African-American chamber of Commerce that his words could be construed as arrogant. He knew that he could not keep the voices of African Americans for granted . "I know that I need African American votes to win the presidential election."

Biden with Interview controversy: trump's campaign team reacts

Biden (77) is popular with African-Americans consent . In social media, but came to a heated debate; many Blacks have criticized Biden's Statement as patronising. Trump's campaign team strongly condemned the remark as "racist ". They show that Biden Black "as a White faith, that is unable to be independent or to think independently."

initial message: Washington - in All likelihood, it will be Joe Biden , the Donald Trump calls in the next US presidential election from the ranks of the Democrats out. However, the former Deputy of Barack Obama does not come out from the negative headlines - more abuse smolder allegations against the 77-Year-old. The woman behind the accusations, Tara Reade , has now demanded even Biden's withdrawal from the race for the White house. However, there are doubts as to their Statements.

Trumps alleged challengers Biden in focus - "you should not compete"

"you should not have to compete as a presidential candidate for the United States," said Reade on Thursday local time in an Interview with the journalist Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News presenter and NBC talk-show hostess. Moreover, it is said to be a sworn testimony ready, and to a lie-detector Test, if Biden this is also.

Reade accuses the Ex-Senator Biden (more on Biden's Vida in*) to have them 27 years ago in a hallway of the U.S. Congress massively afflicted. He pressed them to the wall, in her underwear, and her sex gripped in. After a long Silence, Biden dismissed the accusation as untrue. Although the case is legally barred seen; however, the allegations of a serious mortgage for Biden and could him. in the election campaign, hard-to-damage

Joe Biden: allegations of abuse against the pre-election winner for the Democrats

Reade said in the Interview from Thursday, you will have to hope that Biden from the presidential race to withdraw, but that he was going to do that. In addition, it was "a bit late" for an apology. Reade appeared in the Interview for the first time in front of the camera, since Biden, the accusations had rejected a week ago.

+ Joe Biden's former staffer Tara Reade is sticking to its allegations©dpa / Donald Thompson

meanwhile, new evidence from the ' 90s appeared, from which it is clear that Reade told her Ex-husband that she had been sexually harassed while she worked for Biden. It is a court document 1996 , which is the newspaper of the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

allegations against Biden: statements and documents relating to alleged misuse of a doubt

From the document neither shows, however, that Biden committed the alleged Assault, still Reades recent and more serious accusations are mentioned. Reades husband at the time, Theodore drones, wrote in the court Declaration that Reade told him Biden of a "Problem with sexual harassment in the workplace" in the office of then-Senator.

Reades statements to the alleged incident varied with the time . At the beginning of 2019, she was one of a number of women, the Biden, although accused not to Assault, but inappropriate touches. Most recently, she lifted the heavier accusations.

abuse accusation for Biden: campaign Boss wants to support women - but accusations as wrong

Biden's Deputy campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said, according to the Washington Post on Thursday that "more and more inconsistencies pop up". Women, it must be possible, your experiences without the fear of telling. In Reades case, however, the accusations are false, which also show the alleged evidence.

The mid-politician Biden has decided the race the Democrats to the presidential candidate , de facto, for themselves. He should be nominated for August, the Congress scheduled to officially, and in the case of the presidential election on may 3. November* incumbent Donald Trump's challenge. Reade had initially publicly supported the democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who gave up the least in the pre-race and behind Biden made.

Joe Biden under pressure: survey indicates a divided mood for American voters

The U.S. voters are according to a survey with regard to the allegations against Biden are cleaved. The on Wednesday published survey conducted by the Monmouth University according to 37 percent think the allegations are probably true, 32 is rather not true, 31 percent were undecided. The same survey shows that support for Biden increased as a possible President of 48 percent in March to 50 percent. In the social networks, however, there were also doubts as to the meaningfulness of the question.

Meanwhile, to the actually cancelled presidential primaries* the U.S. Democrats in the state of New York will be held. A Federal court ordered on Tuesday that the elections to go through. This be in the "public interest". The United States is one of the of the Corona pandemic, the most heavily affected countries.


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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 11:35

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