Tourists rush to the North sea: The dangerous escape from the Corona everyday

in addition to the numerous weekly and weekend travelers moved on the day of Pentecost, many day-trippers to Cuxhaven. And, although mayor Uwe Santjer (SPD) ask

Tourists rush to the North sea: The dangerous escape from the Corona everyday

in addition to the numerous weekly and weekend travelers moved on the day of Pentecost, many day-trippers to Cuxhaven. And, although mayor Uwe Santjer (SPD) asked them nicely, a "Cuxhaven-Pause" in the sequence.

However, in Cuxhaven, it seems, as Santjers-friendly appeal have not reached everyone. Maybe the longing for the sea, some of the visitors, but also simply larger. Because on Pentecost Sunday, thousands of families cavorted on the Cuxhaven beach. On the Watt of the game distributed to children and stroller good on the beach promenade you could go hard out of the way. In spite of the largely respected rechtsgeh bid isolated people were not accumulations on the way, the minimum distance often.

"As if there had been Corona never"

Even more alarming is the scenes in the streets of Cuxhaven tourists Hotspots Duhnen. Densely Packed groups of people in front of cafes, shopping and local attractions such as the village fountain, made the impression that Corona is long over. In the queue in front of a souvenir shop, no one held up almost 1.5 meters distance.

The boutiques are often entered without a Mouth guard, also said retail buying MS Angelika Schäfer. You said to FOCUS Online, especially in the first days after the relaxations hardly a thought to the necessary regulations. "As it would have given Corona never. I was shocked and speechless.“ FOCUS Online seller Angelika Schäfer.

The police of lower Saxony coast city has the onslaught of tourists over Pentecost, also registered. "In spite of the request of the mayor, many have come", said a spokesman with FOCUS Online. You have but must, in spite of the great demand, no action to enforce. "I also hope that it stays that way," said the spokesman.

Wild beach party on the island of Sylt

more dramatic is the Situation on the island of Sylt was. Here, the police had to close a section, even a beach, because the information of according to eye witnesses there, up to 3500 on the beach had gathered – without holding the applicable spacing rules. "We have now taken measures to prevent, once again, such an influx of people to the beach – such as a partial blocking of the dunes Parking lot," quoted the "image"-newspaper, mayor of Stefanie Böhm. All beach accesses should be monitored in the future more consistently.

"a bit of variety from the Home Office"

For the Locals looking worried on the Situation. With views of the village square, the Cuxhaven taxi driver, Yahya Mankoc said to FOCUS Online that all of the surrounding tourists were almost the only guests, so guests for the day. The fact that the Hotels are likely to only occupy 60 per cent of their capacity, be the proportion of the longer lasting vacationers negligible, told the native-born Turk who has lived for 40 years in Cuxhaven. "It is amazing how quickly normalcy has returned," he concluded. FOCUS Online The Cuxhaven taxi driver, Yahya Mankoc.

But for many guests, is precisely this normality is the reason of your visit to Cuxhaven. Family mass mountain of Bielefeld wanted to get away from the Corona of everyday life. "Time for a bit of variety from the Home Office," said the young father-to-FOCUS Online. The mass mount would make your family holiday each year in Cuxhaven, the Corona-regulations on time and relaxed to the Pentecost says you therefore. FOCUS Online family mass mountain from Bielefeld.

57 corona cases in Bremerhaven, further in Göttingen

Overall, it incorrectly created the impression that the joy of leisure, the fear of infection prevailed among the tourists. Hardly any of the interviewed visitors expressed on Pentecost Sunday, are serious concerns. However, the North sea-Fans to weigh in in dangerous the safety, of the deceptive appearance of normality. The Coronavirus has not left Germany, especially the North, for a long time.

the views in the neighborhood shows that In the context of the Pentecostal congregation have been infected in the neighboring Bremerhaven at least 57 people with the Coronavirus. And also, in lower Saxony was known at the weekend, another greater outbreak. So had infected a larger, not closer to the known number of people to celebrate in Göttingen.

"I've been through Corona never": Cuxhaven-tourists ignore mayor's warning, FOCUS Online "As it would have given Corona never": Cuxhaven-tourists ignore mayor's warning

Date Of Update: 01 June 2020, 04:27

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