To insulate themselves against the fierce opposition

Fairly opposition is going to have the Executive as to open gaps internal. “Without internal cohesion, the Government will not have viability, but it is quite e

To insulate themselves against the fierce opposition

Fairly opposition is going to have the Executive as to open gaps internal. “Without internal cohesion, the Government will not have viability, but it is quite elaborate and so we will continue”. It is the opinion of socialist leaders after the reaction of the PP, Vox and Citizens to the formation of the Government that glimmer during the debate of investiture. The PSOE and the Government —which, today, Monday, will be presented to the King, and its members will take possession of their portfolios— they are concerned about essentially the PP. Without the popular, as has already occurred in a stage-long Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the renewal of constitutional bodies will be blocked.


a Manual of survival in coalition Sánchez: “This will be the legislature of the social dialogue and territorial”

The PP does not have even marked a line short because the profile of the ministers of more weight of the new Government does not feed the thesis that it is a Government “of communists, advisors to dictators, banana and whitening batasunos and separatists”, as defined in a row the leader of the PP, Paul Married, in the debate of investiture. But in any case, their opposition will be very hard. The conservative party has already advance they would not negotiate, as they had done the two great political forces for more than 30 years, the distribution of the General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ) and the process of election of the directors of RTVE.

Now is a not at all, waiting for the first steps of the Government. During the weekend, the popular have found loopholes to maintain the line of attack to the Executive of the coalition, referring to the demonstration in the Basque Country in favour of the rapprochement of ETA prisoners to prisons in basque, which was attended by representatives of United we Can. The popular led the demonstration, with the presence of politicians of CKD and Junts per Catalunya —not from that of the PNV— as an act of “support to prisoners to basque”. The argument of the protesters comes from old, and based on that try to the prisoners eta as to the majority of offenders, who often serve their sentences in prisons close to their places of origin. The presence of leaders of we Can in the concentration led yesterday to the secretary of the Local Policy of the PP, Antonio González Terol, accusing May of “spitting and urinating on the victims” and “lack of morals” to Sanchez.

On how to make opposition, there are voices in the PP that are advocating to not rush and let that start to work with the coalition Government to come to the fore contradictions and disputes. There is time, they argue. This is to demonstrate that the PP is the alternative and can't follow all the procedures to Vox. Partners of the PP recall that they also did seguidismo of Citizens when leaders of that training went down the streets in Catalonia removing ties yellow.

Opposition on the street

Both the PP and Vox have announced who will lead the opposition to the street. But the popular distanced themselves by yesterday, the rallies against the Government that the party of Santiago Abascal convened in front of city councils of all Spain. In some even listened to songs of the Face of the Sun, the anthem notorious.

In a short time the CGPJ shall be addressed to the Parliament to remember that your renewal is pending. If the RFP is denied, as has been announced, we will maintain the current conservative majority and the magistrate Carlos Lesmes will continue to acting president and, as such, also of the Supreme Court.

The Constitutional is pending to renew four of its 12 members and the members of the Government need for the PP.

Not only of the right will come the pressure. With tones more soft, since they will get to Sanchez immediately the reminders of his promises. The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, already requested yesterday that is fulfilled as soon as possible the commitment to regulate the price of rents.

“The Government will speak with several voices, but always with the same word”, warned yesterday Sanchez knowing that he is watched closely by both the right as well as their allies. That's why the motto of government is maximal internal cohesion. And this, according to the partners, will be achieved with the implementation of the program. Now it remains to be seen if the interpretation of what is signed is the same on both sides.

Updated Date: 13 January 2020, 03:00



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