To Frankfurt-escalation of police complaining about the dangerous riot tourism

Andrew Green, head of the Hesse trade Union of police (GdP), has followed the schedule exactly. The press conference, in the city of upper announced after heavy

To Frankfurt-escalation of police complaining about the dangerous riot tourism

Andrew Green, head of the Hesse trade Union of police (GdP), has followed the schedule exactly. The press conference, in the city of upper announced after heavy rioting by hundreds of young anarchists last weekend, on the Opernplatz in Frankfurt/Main the new restrictions. From midnight, is allowed to enter from Friday to Sunday nobody will be in the Area, an hour later, is cleared. "A proper measure, we will see what the next week on the police is coming", is Green in an interview with FOCUS Online.

unionists: No criticism of police in riot night

From the point of view of the trade-Union representative at the use of his colleagues in the riot of the night nothing to complain about. "The week all previously were peaceful, with the incidents so no one has expected." dpa/Roland Holschneider/dpabild Andrew Green, Chairman of the Hesse regional Association of the trade Union of police (GdP).

Quite as easy as the property is not as able to FOCUS Online searches then. Apparently, the Hessian guards were surprised at first by the location. According to the police, 20 to 30 officers were on that Saturday evening Events. The forces also attacked, as during a mass a man fight went to the ground.

The situation escalated, apparently. The helpers had to contend with massive attacks. From the surrounding guards and the riot police were called in officers to help. Ultimately, it had managed to trap 400 interferer in the nearby Fressgasse from both sides, leading to GdP-man Green. In this way, about looting had been prevented actions of transactions in accordance with the Stuttgart model. Open-air-Party escalated: the Video shows hundreds of rioters in Frankfurt's Opera square, FOCUS Online/Wochit open-air Party escalated: the Video shows hundreds of rioters in Frankfurt's Opera square

Green is worried about the Image of the police

In the eyes of greens an alarming sign for the bad image of the police in the past few months, especially in the network. "There's something independent in itself," believes the GdP of the country boss. This will start at the drohmail affair, in the unknown right-wing extremist, Hessian police circles entangled to be followed by the discussion on Racial Profiling, the latent racism charge included, to the negative Image of German law-enforcers fired by the violent death of the African-American George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis. "Since everything is put in a pot and once with the watering can tipped," said the Union official. ---/Hit Radio FFH/

He does not want to deny that there are also extreme right-wing police officers in their own ranks, "but 99 percent of my colleagues think differently, and the need to let the first insult, then a whole weekend to sacrifice, to put in a bottle of hail, and to get the situation back under control." This concern for a lot of frustration in the workforce. "We need to finally come out of this public discourse that is running in a completely wrong direction," warns Green.

police expert speaks of riot tourism

The police expert observed a veritable riot tourism. The majority of the 39 identified, suspected rioters comes from neighboring cities and regions. According to the Frankfurt police President Gerhard Bereswill, it is young men between the ages of 17 and 23 years, predominantly with immigrant backgrounds. Many of the beaches, facts fill. The Register ranges from personal injury, theft, burglary, to drug trafficking. That night, in the City of Frankfurt, the alcohol level seems to be high.

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The Problem, explains the GdP-country-in-chief. "In the case of young men a lot of testosterone is in the game." This is particularly so in the case of those offenders with a migration background of the case.

Stunned, the trigger for the riots makes Green. Originally, the police wanted to rescue a helpless man in the Opera square. Through this campaign, the Situation escalated.

Assault on police and rescue workers take to

For years, the Assault to the police and rescue forces. So also in the state of Hesse. For 2019, the Ministry of the interior counted every day for almost six attacks on law-enforcers. 300 cases, more than five years previously. The number of victims rose in the same period to nearly 1000 officers. The number of the attacked paramedics doubled 2019 to 84. Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa, Frankfurt police President Gerhard Bereswill

to increase The Corona-crisis seems to be the aggression wave. On good Friday, there were massive attacks on the strip officials. The police wanted to pull in Frankfurt-Griesheim for a group of men because of violations of the Virus-contact barrier to accountability. At the first police a side window went the car through a stone's throw to break. A second Patrol was attacked by about 20 men with stones, laths and iron rods.

at the end of may anonymous detector forces of the police and the fire brigade were called to a fire in the Hessian town of Dietzenbach. The call turned out to be an ambush. The offender had placed a heap of stones and covered the officials for hours with a litter of hail.

a 50-strong Mob besieged strip crew

early in The Morning two days ago, a 50-strong Mob really a in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, and pressed a strip of the crew, wanted to take counter-3.20 PM in a traffic accident. It was only when backup arrived, they calmed the situation.

Andreas Green none, the beats always on the martial appearance of the state. He also wants to place no Lockdown for the Opera. "A lot of Bars, disco and Clubs have closed, because it needs spaces where people can celebrate."

In the investigation against the 39 accused bottle-thrower he hopes, however, that the judiciary according to clear sign. "After all, it is serious breakage, dangerous bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officials." The delinquent should come with mild Conviction thereof, would be this "is certainly the wrong Signal". "That's not true, Sir,":, of all things, a Fox-News-host does not lead Trump before FOCUS Online/Wochit "That's right, Sir,":, of all things, a Fox News presenter leads Trump in front of

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