Three blemishes of the past, to make the conventional choice for the risk for Biden

For months now, the betting and speculation as to whom the presumed presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats choose as his Deputy over themselves. Almost we

Three blemishes of the past, to make the conventional choice for the risk for Biden

For months now, the betting and speculation as to whom the presumed presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats choose as his Deputy over themselves. Almost weekly new names were brought into the game and the other discarded.

the greater the disappointment was when Biden on Tuesday afternoon, finally, via Twitter, Kamala Harris as its Vice-President in the event of his election victory was announced.

Kamala Harris: The "konventionellste" option

Harris was, as Barack Obama's former campaign Manager, David Axelrod put it, "the konventionellste" choice. The political Portal, "Five Thiry Nine" reminded smugly, that it had already tapped in March to Harris.

Biden went with Harris on the safe side. Harris represents for Biden's campaign, there is no risk as it is about Obama's former UN delegate Susan would have meant a Rice, who was never voted into a political office; or about the self-conscious, but polarizing former Governor candidate from Georgia, Stacey Abrams.

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Harris ran for the presidency himself

The Senator from California is a well introduced character on the national stage. By your own presidential candidacy, which ended at the beginning of the year, is Harris a national audience is well known. Surprises about your Person and your past is impossible.


In her time as a Senator, the former state attorney has demonstrated toughness and competence - characteristics that are representative of a 78-year-old President is important. Harris, as the political Portal, "Five Thirty Nine," wrote, "to the left, but not too far to the left."

she is black, what is good for the democratic party in times of mass protests against racism and police violence. At the same time, it is for the moderate white voters who want to win the Democrats for itself, as an Establishment figure to be acceptable.

Biden will secure in all directions from

With Kamala Harris, it seems, has secured Joe Biden on all sides. He has pacified, with the historic election of a black woman for a high political office the progressive wing of the party, urging for change. At the same time, he has chosen someone who is in Washington and on the international stage in style.

Now for Joe Biden and the democratic party, however, the question of whether the safe choice was indeed the Best to be in the fall against Donald Trump successfully. Initial analyses suggest that this is not necessarily the case.

flaw 1: Harris not managed to black voters for their election campaign to electr

"Five Thirty Nine authorize", for his thorough and sharp statistical studies, thinks about, Kamala Harris Biden will help to mobilize the black electorate.

For an election victory, Biden's, it is commonly assumed, it is crucial that black voters in large Numbers to the ballot box. In your own election campaign, it has not managed to Harris, however, is to humanize the black voters elec.


Older black voters, bring Biden still strongly with Barack Obama have Biden in the primaries, even compared to Harris preferred. These voters has Biden already on his side. Younger black voters, by contrast, tends more to the more progressive candidate Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

flaw 2: For the "Black Lives Matter" is Harris's past is a Problem

As a reason for Five Thirty Nine calls, not least Kamala Harris‘ past, the office of the General Prosecutor of the state of California. For voters, which is police reform and the "Black Lives Matter"movement, are important, is this past a Problem.

the New York-based writer Joseph O'neill, has been committed for 2016, and strong in the democratic party and writes said: "The fact that the Democrats nominate as a response to Black Lives Matter, a Prosecutor, shows how strongly the party has lost the contact to the base."

flaw 3: in the absence of Harris, the "clear concept?"

Harris has been in California for criminal law and police reform made strong. However, it was criticized at the same time to ensure that they remained in cases of police violence against minorities as a Prosecutor idle. During her own candidacy, she was attacked by rivals such as Tulsi Gabbard strongly.

the commentator of The New York Times, David Leonhart expressed the reservations against Harris as: "Harris says again and again that you want to change the lives of marginalized groups. But she has never elaborated a clear concept of how you want to use the government to do.“

AFP-US Senator Harris Joe Biden's Vice-presidential candidate will.

The Democrats set the course for your future

In all of these strategic Considerations with regard to the coming November, we must not lose, however, the strategic importance of the nomination of Harris to the eyes. Harris is the first colored woman to run for high national office. Thus, the democratic party has set the course for your future.

The symbolism of this gesture wins in addition, in that Joe is Biden expected only for a term of office available. Biden has not determined yet whether he would run for 2024 again, he has referred to itself as a transitional figure. Thus, Kamala Harris, in the case of an election victory by Biden would automatically be a top candidate for 2024.

Trump did not hesitate for one hour, with his attack on Harris

This in turn makes Harris as David Axelrod noted, the immediate target of Trumps fighting machine. And actually hesitated Trump on Tuesday not an hour, to Harris count as a "mean, spiteful, and false." It is only the beginning of a mud battle was a need, on the Harris in the coming weeks, focus.

has not proven That she is squeamish, Harris, however, already in the Senate, where she has made with her merciless at the Committee hearings a name. In particular, the later Supreme judge Brett Kavanaugh brought you into a sweat, as she asked him about the rape allegations against him. In the process, she left the impression of someone who is ready for the political battles of those days perfectly.

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