Thousands of dancing, crowded: Balkan ignites Corona-Turbo by Extreme ignorance

Actually, the Clubs should be closed in the European Party Hotspot on the Croatian island of Pag. But last weekend, it was at the party mile at the world-famous

Thousands of dancing, crowded: Balkan ignites Corona-Turbo by Extreme ignorance

Actually, the Clubs should be closed in the European Party Hotspot on the Croatian island of Pag. But last weekend, it was at the party mile at the world-famous Zrce Beach in Novalja is quite different.

During the Spanish Mallorca party miles again closed, went to many Clubs and party boats in Croatia, the Post. In several meeting places, each with an estimated 2,000 people in the boisterous dance crowded pleasure. Masks and safety distance were foreign words.

was not created But only here is a possible new coronavirus infection. Also in the world-renowned Marian, Medjugorje pilgrimage place in Bosnia-Herzegovina of Pilgrims are on the road daily. Masks and distance also here display.

In the Central Bosnian town of Bihac camp for months, 3,000 to 4,000 refugees under catastrophic hygienic conditions. Are mostly young men from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who are here stranded, because you are not allowed to pass the external border of the EU to the neighbours Croatia. Effective protection against Covid-19 plays hardly a role.

Problematic pattern of behavior

Three examples of what's going on in the Balkans in terms of Corona prophylaxis wrong - even if this problematic behavior pay sure just on the edge for the increase in Infection is responsible. In any case, Serbia filed to the beginning of the week 359 new infections in only 24 hours. Ten people were killed. So it's been going on for days.

For comparison: In the more than ten times bigger Germany had in the same period, around 100 cases less than in the small Serbia. Ever new record levels, there is also in Bosnia-Herzegovina or in the North of Macedonia. In Romania, the infection curve is three times higher than during the middle of may, ended lock downs.

the crisis in the Balkans is growing Peninsula as dramatic, is also patterns cherished behavior is due to the population. Throughout the Region, the Kiss is widely used to welcome traditional. And the Kissing of icons, neither the believers nor the Church want to do without. Photo: picture-alliance/AP/R. Zack, The restaurant has, according to the Corona-Lockdown re-operation

Also included the usual Range of first communion for many Church-goers with the same spoon many virologists leads to sweating. And that is to sit Together in Cafés, Restaurants and pubs, similar to the one in Italy or Spain, a part of the culture.

infection accelerator policy

Corona has, however, also expressed the political scenes in South-Eastern Europe thoroughly in the swing. In Serbia, Croatia and the North of Macedonia were organised in spite of the epidemic parliamentary elections. The infection was done is driven according to experts, in addition.

The Ruling passed, apparently, on elections, and not to collect at a later date due to the expected economic slump defeats.

infection accelerators are also large demonstrations in Serbia or Bulgaria. Thousands have protested in the main cities and across the country for days, ostensibly against new Corona limitations. In reality, it was a criticism of the government or, as in Serbia, especially in the all state President Aleksandar Vucic dominant.

In the small Adriatic state of Montenegro, the Virus, the government brought a breather in a permanent clinch with the powerful Orthodox Church in the country. The Church ended with a reference to Corona first of all, their large-scale demonstrations against the new law on religion.

Corona like a burning glass

A special Chapter is Greece. The popular country of destination was opened quickly its limits, because the tourism is an important branch of the economy. However, particularly from Serbia infections were introduced, what some of the tourists were sent home. Thousands stood in front of closed borders, although the tourism authorities of the guests were actually invited.

Finally, not only are there the week of huge traffic jams on the Bulgarian-Greek border crossing at Kulata/Promachonas, because the other Crossings were closed. In addition, Athens has installed an electronic sign-in system that tourists days before their Coming to announce. You will then receive a QR-Code you at the border have to show for it. This bureaucratic Monster, including health checks at the port of entry often does not work, and brought thousands of tourists to despair. Photo: picture-alliance/ANE Greece: On the beach of Glyfada controls to ensure that protection policies are adhered to

The corona crisis, but also one of the biggest problems in the Region, such as in a burning glass - the rampant corruption. It was taken in the Bosnian Federation Prime Minister Fadil Novalic in may, temporarily, fixed. He stood in connection with the Import of 100 much-needed breathing apparatus.

The totally inexperienced import company supplied 80 entirely useless appliances with juicy damage for the state budget. In Serbia, no one knows with what money, the always self-aggrandizing ruling President Vucic how many respiration devices where it has purchased a state secret, is it.

fear of new infection wave

So naive and unconcerned the party scene in Croatia appears to be in Serbia were made in the last few weeks and months other similar errors. In spite of Corona fired 20,000 Fans in the full stadium at the Belgrade football local Derby of their Stars.

Novak Djokovic, number one of the tennis world rank list, organized his Adriatic Tour at home and in Croatia in front of a Packed grandstands. He was infected by the Virus, as well as three other Top players. On Videos was to see how the Stars skipped and danced shirtless in a night club. Photo: DW/J. D. Pejic

The new wave of Infection in the Balkan countries and Western Europe is not cold. The government of Austria, where more than half a Million people from the Balkans, warned that Corona will drag from their home countries in the Alpine Republic.

And in Germany, thousands of workers in the Corona have been particularly affected meat factories in North Rhine-Westphalia (Tönnies) and lower Saxony (Wiesenhof) are from South-East Europe.

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