These sectors offers just about climate change - but in the end lose all

Even if the climate change moves frequently, first by torrential rains, violent storms, or periods of heat and drought awareness: It's mostly creeping changes,

These sectors offers just about climate change - but in the end lose all

Even if the climate change moves frequently, first by torrential rains, violent storms, or periods of heat and drought awareness: It's mostly creeping changes, which will change in the long-term life in Germany in a sustainable way. Adaptation to climate change will help better with its consequences, to deal, to reduce damage and to take advantage of existing opportunities.

greenhouse gases are still a long way and influence the climate

The expert is equal to the beginning of all basic current climate situation clear: "The additional greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere, will be with us for many decades and influence the climate. Even if now successfully reducing emissions, advancing climate change for the time being. He can hardly be turned back, but limited. Its consequences are varied and have an impact on our Living, our work and our health.“

the aim of the German climate policy is to reduce until 2020 the emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 40 percent compared to 1990 levels. Up to the year 2050 as much as 80 to 95 percent. Achieved these ambitious goals, notably through the Expansion of renewable energy sources and the efficient use of energy.

the impact on agriculture and wine-growing

Particularly clear, climate change is already in the agricultural and wine-growing. Farmers adapt the sowing of some crops and of Maize seeding approximately a week earlier in the year. You grow new crops such as sorghum or durum wheat, which are actually mainly cultivated in Mediterranean countries. Wine farmers in the Mediterranean region will be threatened by the warming likely to be on a permanent existential. Traditional grape varieties can thrive in these areas in the future.

German winemakers to experiment, however, now with varieties that originate from warmer climes. Through suspended vegetation zones, types of wine growing in this country, whose cultivation was not yet 25 years ago, impossible. The ever-popular Riesling, the most common grape variety in this country, may, in contrast, cool areas. He could be grown in the future in higher locations or harvested at different times.

Positive effects also include negative

"The problem is, unfortunately, that a short-term positive effect usually goes hand in hand with a negative – and that the bottom line is the damage outweigh clear," says expert Hoffmann. So a longer heat periods bring in Germany tourism in the North sea and Baltic sea, high economy and the bottom line is that more days. A positive effect for the Hotel and hospitality industry locally.

In turn mean more frequent occurrence of heat-phases, but also longer periods of drought resulting in lower crop yields in agriculture. So, we have at the same time always winners and losers in the change. Also in the Winter: The warm Winter to reduce our Heating costs. On the other side of the snow stays off more and more often, and makes the winter sport in Germany, in some regions of the Alps is almost impossible.

synergies and conflicts in the planning

to assess the most positive measures for climate protection, promoting at the same time, climate adaptation. Insulated houses reduce, for example, only the energy consumption of buildings. They reduce and, in summer, due to climate change, increasing heat stress in our cities. During a heat period, however, the entire city's climate cool, that would be needed in the inner cities, in principle, more green areas. In Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich, where the housing is already scarce, will be the most difficult.

Other measures, such as, for example, the installation of air-conditioning systems in residential and office buildings, however, can also lead to conflicts between adaptation and mitigation. While air conditioners take in heat although grateful, the increased power consumption of a negative impact on the climate. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

The Chance of A great opportunity in climate change lies in research

the researchers from Potsdam looks for new technologies. "The research needs to make it to the goal, to develop climate-neutral energy production methods. The policy should very rapidly to climate stabilization, if you would like to be their self-set objectives. The economy can benefit if it invests in new technologies. It is not about removal, but the tag,“ says Hoffmann. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

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And also in the Corona pandemic, the researchers from Potsdam sees an opportunity: "Many of the people here in the country by the Corona-crisis – albeit involuntary – experienced deceleration. Perhaps you realize now that you have done and change some of your habits – maybe even unnecessary to fly. But in the end it takes for the climate stabilization is to be very clear, the policy that is chosen to ensure that not each individually have to be a Savior – but that there is a common framework for all.“ Maik Meuser: "I buy dairy products in glass containers" FOCUS Online orange ocean: Maik Meuser: "I buy dairy products in glass


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