There is soon the Merkel-gap? Now it rattles powerful in the Union box

According to the rules of normal human logic, the thing would be clear. First of all, The CSU Chairman Markus Söder Fort emphasized everywhere and always: "My

There is soon the Merkel-gap? Now it rattles powerful in the Union box

According to the rules of normal human logic, the thing would be clear. First of all, The CSU Chairman Markus Söder Fort emphasized everywhere and always: "My place is in Bavaria." Secondly, another CSU-candidate is far and wide not in sight. Thirdly, In the case of the CDU, there are three aspirants who would like to do it.

So the logical conclusion: Everything would be clear, none of the CSU wants to, one of the CDU-so men should aim for the Chancellor candidacy. At the end of the debate, to rest in the Union box. Only: So like imagine little Freddy and aunt Erna, the. Politics does not work that way.

And, therefore, rattles, it just belonging in said Union box.

FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

Söder and the light side of the force

The Problem is easy to locate. It is the unexpected rise of Markus Söder, the swirls, everything by each other.

The man has been transformed from the "dark side of the force" (today's Söder over the previous Söder) on the bright side so convincing that many in and beyond the Union consider him the best choice for a successor to Angela Merkel. Rarely has a politician risen so fast and so steep. And so, the Union just a bit of a crush. dpa CSU leader Markus Söder: it Draws him to Berlin?

No journalists-hallucinations

Although it is in these days again and again, that Union strategists are insisting on the future Union formation "In the Union, this is not a issue, the personal issues that we deal only with the Corona-crisis". They emphasize that to ask in the next step, journalists, what are you listening to for so. What does the journalist is currently in the Union:-hallucinations are not. The competition is in full swing. Times sporty, at times unsportsmanlike.

Phoenix, Norbert Röttgen, has indicated He would, if necessary, as CDU Chairman is also willing to leave the candidacy for Chancellor Markus Söder (CSU).

the short version of the week: Friedrich Merz – current party friends and also the "green Friederich" – called – posed in the lind - until the poison green Outfit. Subbotschaft: Look, Green is a perfect match to me. Norbert Röttgen, the second candidate for the CDU presidency, made it known that he was ready "if necessary" only, the CDU-Chairman, and not at the same time, Chancellor candidate. Subbotschaft: Who wants to Söder, selected for the CDU presidency in the best Röttgen. Markus Söder announced "Corona-Tests for all". Subbotschaft: first of all. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn, of the learned from the media the matter stood, and, in turn, know that he found the idea of francs too great. Subbotschaft: Also Söder is not perfect.

He was a favorite for the CDU-top: doubts about Laschet, greater

Armin does not become Laschet said to Tönnies crisis is an extremely unfortunate set, you could interpret it in that way, was in dealing with the flesh giants have been received to date, all in accordance with the law. And actually: Laschet. He had emerged as the favorite in the race to the CDU-tip, but left before springs. Also in the CDU Establishment, many are unhappy about how the 59-Year-old bitten on the perceived two-way battle with Söder involved. The doubt Laschet, you have grown.

overall, a quite explosive mixture emerges. And a true dilemmas-node. CSU leader Markus Söder cannot and will not refuse from the outset and say, "dear CDU-guys, makes the candidacy-not only among you, I, nick' the then like to be able". A candidate for the CDU presidency may, in turn, to the Congress on January 4. December with the announcement to compete "vote for me, I'm going to then No. 1 in b, of Markus as a Chancellor candidate no. 1". A Jens Spahn can't proclaim, "Well, if Armin Laschet, not so good scores, as expected, do it better I the CDU presidency".

the head of a deeply divided community

And The CDU can exist at the end in isolation from the opinion in the population – stubborn fact "In any case, one of us is candidate for Chancellor, after all, we are greater than the CSU".

you want to bring it all together, is open. How to do it, but it is daily more apparent – as it is now. The Union now needs precisely the solidarity that they refused at the end of the current CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. Rise of the CDU and CSU politicians, deep in the game a few against many, then the new Prince in the Kingdom of the Union at the end of Lord of a deeply divided community.

Clarifying discussion of the matadors

The Corona-pandemic is still highly dangerous. But now there is such a thing as everyday life in the crisis mode, and leaves plenty of room for personal game. The twitching this week show that many are getting into to. However, the next five months can be hell of a long time.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

The first attempt at de-escalation. Spahn, who had renounced his own candidacy, so as to form with Laschet, a Tandem, conjuring again the importance of Teamplay. The Chairman of the SME Union, Carsten Linnemann (CDU), called in FOCUS, a clear Signal of Söder, whether he intends to be candidate for Chancellor. Before Linnemann had defended – not a ardent Fan laschet's – the use of a rate of the metered Opening in the Corona-crisis. Saarland Minister-President Tobias Hans, so it is said in the CDU, the wish for a clarifying discussion of the matadors.

All must come out: Just how?

more and more are beginning to suspect: no Matter whom the Union selects as a candidate for Chancellor, and whom the CDU as a party chief at the end of all can't afford to wear down a party of friends or celebrities of the sister party, or to dismantle it. There can be only one winner – or two. But in the end, all salvation will have to come out.

Many have noted in recent weeks that the survey values of almost 40 percent for the Union to have little predictive value. Because as soon as the Chancellor is no longer in the game, will there be a remarkable Angela-Merkel-gap. Only: not the Union, then there could be yet another gap. Where Cohesion is needed, there is then nothing but yawning Emptiness. The Union makes it more so, then you can select your new heroes in the best according to the following criterion: Who is the best Comforter for frustrated party friends? "This is neutral reporting": the surprise via Twitter-Post-ARD, FOCUS Online/Wochit "Is the neutral reporting": the surprise via Twitter-Post on the ARD CSU-woman decomposed AfD-request - then pulls out suddenly, a handkerchief, FOCUS Online/Wochit CSU-woman decomposed AfD-request - then pulls out suddenly, a handkerchief

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