Then Known of the forest-man asks: What are You doing, if Yves comes to us now?

Five days after his Disappearance Yves R. is not found still. It's raining in and around Oppenau, again and again, in higher altitudes, a poet depends on the m

Then Known of the forest-man asks: What are You doing, if Yves comes to us now?

Five days after his Disappearance Yves R. is not found still. It's raining in and around Oppenau, again and again, in higher altitudes, a poet depends on the mist between the trees of the black forest. The search for R is difficult to use powers more and more.

For the Oppenauer citizens, however, has the initial excitement now in an uneasy Waiting. About in the evening, when they meet in the middle in the place in the Bistrot "pavilion" to a kind of Stammtisch. Until Recently, R was always here look. "We are in concern. We do not count ourselves to his circle of friends, but we will give all Eight,“ says the host, Uwe Hauser. "We have lost this year, five people," he says. "I'm almost sure that now the Yves survived this story." dpa/Philipp von Ditfurth/Reuters police officers of the special forces SEC are in a residential area on the outskirts of the town of Oppenau.

Yves R.: well-Known

provides, Perhaps to calm himself, talking to Hauser about the Situation, and how many charged in Oppenau. The police, who have a long-term use and under high pressure. In the Close-driven "forest runner", which not always behaves rationally. "Maybe he thinks also that Prefer to be here in the beautiful black forest to die, than 5 or 15 years in prison."

during the day, Hauser goes back to the mini-Golf system, which he renovated last with R and another helper in a hut. The two continue to work well without the R, almost as if nothing had happened.

following A power strip, Yves Rausch at the mini Golf hut installed

in The evening he sits with several Oppenauer in his "pavilion", quiche eating, drink a beer, exchange ideas, dogs RUB. Again, there is only a theme.

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the story behind The so-called "Manifesto"

And Hauser knows how to say a lot. Even now. There is a need, much of what was last reported, right. "I asked Yves times: do You Live in the forest? Why is that?“ he reported. Then R. had printed a two-page Letter and sealed and gave it to his wife. "Here, since the Uwe can read why I do what I do", I R. said.

The first page of the text "the call of The Wild", the Yves Rausch at his well-Known

There was the so-called "Manifesto". But Hauser emphasizes that it was not a "Manifest", and R. I also never said that he would have written it. He was able to identify apparently well, and there had been, Hauser, because of his thoughts of the world interested.

Hauser the Oppenauer "forest runner", but also don't want to Glorify. "If I had known that he lived illegally in wooden crates with weapons, tampered with, would not have taken place with the cooperation of the hut. Since he has not said, obviously, the whole truth“, said Hauser. Carefully, he would have been anyway. "His best friend lived a couple of years ago in an apartment with me in the house. I told the friend at the time, that Yves should not live there.“

Yves R. lived in the abandoned hut on the outskirts

This skepticism of his fellow citizens contributed probably also to the fact that R. came more and more to the edge of the village society. But he was, it seems, also drive there. So, for instance, failed to make an application for unemployment benefits, after he had lost his Job. So he was not able to pay the rent and he was eventually terminated from the apartment. "First, he lived in his car, in the Winter, when it was quite cold, below he came to his aunt," reports the Oppenauer. "And at some point he moved into the forest. We thought, anyway.“ FOL The hut on the edge of Oppenau, in which Yves was noise last was

in fact, R often in the forest. His real property was the abandoned hut on the outskirts, to the him the police officers provided before he fled. R., it seems, has felt the reluctance to his Person, and probably also as a reaction to the forest as his new, real home made out. Here couldn't approach him, no one, if he wished to do so.

R. had already changed before the escalation on Sunday, several of his hideouts in the forest, so that the Locals could not find it. Because some of them had made it again and again for the fun of it, to find R and his hiding place in the forest. Four or five Times R is moved in the woods,"", reports the Oppenauer.

Where he is now, therefore knows no one. "Sitting in the Dry. Yves can survive out there, theoretically, for a week. There are salads, roots, and vegetables, fruits and berries,“ says a friend and helper of Hauser's and renovated recently, together with R. and Hauser, the small mini-Golf hut at the top of the village. "The only thing missing is a good olive oil so that the salad tastes really good."

The intense fog and the rain that is currently present in the higher elevations of the black forest, were another advantage for R, think of his well-Known. Not only because visibility is greatly restricted, which complicates the search: With a simple Plane, he could get very easily the water to his lair without being seen, explains Hauser's friend. "So as it is pouring now, he's within a very short period of time, a Liter of water. However, he remains under meter-thick rock walls, so that the thermal imaging cameras to detect.“

"What are You doing, when Yves comes to us now?"

The Oppenauer not assume that R. flee from the area or even across the nearby border to France would sell. "If he wanted to, he would be long gone from here. If he puts on a hat, sunglasses and a Corona-mouth protection mask – detects as him yet no one.“ Rather, they expect R. to volunteer at a farm, with his mother, or a friend. You hope at least.

"What's the Yves is You are actually doing, now, to us?" Hauser asks his wife. "A beer and a sausage salad. And then very quietly together call the police,“ explained the landlady caught. You've already spoken with the police about such a Situation and the officials had explained to her how she should in the case of the cases of behavior, says you. "We see Yves in the utmost danger, and we hope that this all ends without casualties. Maybe he still finds a way to resolve everything peacefully.“ FOL view of the mini Golf to Oppenau and the opposite side with the hut, in the Yves noise was

other people had started R. in any case, never. Hauser describes the "Ranger" as a man with a distinct soft, almost feminine features and a bright voice. But what about the incidents in the past? R was finally condemned years ago due to injury: He was hurt with a crossbow by a woman. "He said it was an accident. And the girl said,“ says Hauser.

The Situation with the police now was something else. Since R. had just been cornered. The votes of the other Oppenauer to. "What is now of effort, is ridiculous," says one. "My house was broken into in the last six years, five Times. If I call the police, ask only whether the burglar is still there – and then say that they would come the next Morning because you can't do it anyway. And now, this huge effort is completely disproportionate.“ FOL is A helicopter circling on the edge of Oppenau, in a dense fog over the tree tops.

To want to not let stand. He shows more understanding for the extent of the search action. "When it comes to real guns, then it doesn't matter how nice or not nice the Person in question is usually something like the state must not tolerate," he says. "There are four live ammunition, loaded weapons are missing – this is a significant risk. And what Yves has planned for them, we don't know now. Anyway, as long as the weapons and Yves are not self-found.“ The black forest-topography makes it difficult to: A chronology of the elaborate investigation FOCUS Online/Wochit black forest-topography search more difficult: A chronology of the elaborate investigation

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