The stimulus package forgets the Weak and contains a Grand coalition-typical errors

31 points includes only the "economic situation - and crisis-management package" of the Grand coalition. Although it contains some very sensible proposals and

The stimulus package forgets the Weak and contains a Grand coalition-typical errors

31 points includes only the "economic situation - and crisis-management package" of the Grand coalition. Although it contains some very sensible proposals and, for example, the most problematic, from the car lobby want to purchase premium for internal combustion engines was prevented, the stimulus package, like all the previous Corona-aid of the state a distribution policy point of view. Disproportionately, the economy, companies and higher earners are likely to benefit from the announced expenditure of 130 billion euros at the end of. Roughly 100 billion euros benefiting the companies and their owners, while workers, pensioners, transfer recipients, and their families will only receive € 30 billion.

cost-oriented guides for companies

Bridging support for industries that are affected by a "Corona-related loss of Sales", with costs in the amount of 25 billion Euro to a maximum of the largest line items in the economic stimulus package. Barely less expensive, the planned reduction of the VAT rate from 19 percent to 16 percent and seven percent to five percent, which may give the state a loss of revenue in the amount of 20 billion euros.

the use of A lower VAT rate is desirable, because this type of tax to the poor people who put a lot of their income in daily consumption (), the hardest-hitting. Only a dealer will be lower due to the temporary VAT reduction in the prices of its Goods for the duration of half a year, but almost every entrepreneur is a record of the reduced sales tax transfer to the tax authorities as additional income for themselves, regardless of whether it is due to the Covid-19 pandemic is bad or not.

precisely the assistance for companies are not. In the case of the extension of the tax Loss carry back, the introduction of a declining balance depreciation for wear and tear (AfA) with a higher factor and a maximum of 25 percent per year for mobile economic goods of the fixed assets 2020/21 and the permanent "modernization" of the corporate income tax law (introduction of the option model for the corporate income tax for corporations) is three fairly expensive tax gifts to the economic wing of the Union gave the operators a long time on the table.

an increase in the statutory "ancillary wage costs" – are to be avoided, referring to the contributions of employers to social insurance, according to the Big coalition, with its "social guarantee 2021" an old demand of the associations of entrepreneurs to cover the social insurance contributions through the use of tax funds at 40 percent of the gross wage or salary.

workers have a much less marked interest in the low social insurance contributions as the employer, because although your monthly disposable income rises, the level of performance of the Statutory health insurance, unemployment insurance, the Statutory pension insurance and Social care insurance, but tends to decreases.

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needy mainly empty

The hardest by the pandemic, the groups of persons concerned are considered only marginally, if at all. Homeless and the homeless, Refugees, migrants without a secure residence status, people with disabilities, care for the needy, addiction, prostitutes, the unemployed, low income earners, micro-pensioners, and transfer recipients (recipients of unemployment benefit I and II, Social welfare, basic security in old age and during acquisition reduction, as well as benefits for asylum seekers) are certainly not part of the winning groups.

Up to 30. September 2020 extended the facilitated access to the basic provision for jobseekers (unemployment benefit II), which is the solo self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs benefit from the existence of which is threatened, the the have a already assets in excess of assets, and/or an expensive apartment. Transfer of benefit recipients who receive longer unemployment benefits, Social benefits, basic security benefits in old age and during disability, or benefits for asylum seekers have none of it.

families get a little help

parents at the Insistence of the SPD, a one-time payment of 300 Euro per child, which will be charged at the higher income, the children's tax amount. Although the "children's bonus" will be of help to the families in the Hartz-IV-reference, because it is not counted towards the unemployment benefit II or social money. However, families come to terms with this one-time payment, while companies will be made part of a longer-term promotion prospects.

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the same value as a permanent wish would be a more accurate help. Parents from upper - and middle-class get the children's bonus (at least until you submit your income tax Declaration), though they most need part no financial support.

families in receipt of Transfer payments, would be more served with a nutrition Supplement in the amount of 100 Euro per month, as trade unions, welfare organisations and churches have been calling for for weeks. Because many foods are closed panels and the prices for some foods increased recently. Partly, children have to be cared for at home because their school or child care facility is closed.

For it is in weeks of the free community meals in accordance with the educational law. The last approved delivery, lunch, home can afford only a small number of carriers. The resulting additional costs will not be refunded to the parents in the transfer of power, as you have often, no digital devices, and a Wi-Fi access for the digital Homeschooling.

design error is typically

single parents will have to pay the Grand coalition, due to their higher care costs and the related financial expenses are limited to two years with a higher discharge amount of the grant can, however, use only such parents, the taxes on a relatively high income. The poverty stricken or threatened lone parents – were, according to the Federal Statistical office prior to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Lockdown and the recession, at least 41.5 percent of all single parents, to have nothing of it, because you don't have to pay no or little income tax.

the design error of a measure is typical of the government's policy. If you follow a principle, it is the "power of justice", when it comes to the economic success of a group of people that needs help: a decrease in sales before the Covid-19-pandemic, more profitable companies to be compensated for by means of financial Bridging of support and Income declines mitigated subject to social insurance contributions of Employees by means of short-time working money, to be expected, while transfer recipients little, because by the Lockdown seemingly have lost nothing.

Relatively generous, which is neither good nor quite so bad as many others that you forget to tend to "" and systematically merges are supported mainly. Instead, the need for justice, should be back as a target in the center. Who has little, has to get a lot of support. To date, the following applies: Only those who have bled in the Corona-crisis financially, you must get support. Therefore, you can't call the stimulus package of the CDU, CSU and SPD, so far, socially-balanced. Merkel condemns Floyd-murder on the TV: When asked about Trump, it deviates from FOCUS Online/Wochit "What now, Mrs Merkel?": Merkel condemns Floyd-murder on the TV: When asked about Trump, it deviates from the

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