The searches for the dead of the pool have not finished

Five days after the drowning of three british in a swimming pool of Mijas (Málaga) the doubts have only grown. The versions of the police investigation and the

The searches for the dead of the pool have not finished

Five days after the drowning of three british in a swimming pool of Mijas (Málaga) the doubts have only grown. The versions of the police investigation and the two women who survived the tragedy, only witnesses, are contradictory. They differ in two basic aspects. The first, if the bathers deceased (a man and two of his sons) knew how to swim. The second, if the debug system generated a current that dragged the bodies to the fund. What happened then? “The investigation is not finished,” says the Civil Guard.

last Tuesday, at 13: 30, the emergency service 112 received a call warning of the drowning of three people in a swimming pool of Mijas (Málaga, 80.630 inhabitants). Had already died when the toilets arrived, but the team did not make public the incident until five hours later. “The circumstances are so strange that we have waited for clarification of the situation”, assured then from the 112.

The reduced dimensions of the pool and the fact that they were three deaths at the same time, posed many unknowns. The Civil Guard began to resolve slowly, but five days later, the doubts remain.

The Club La Costa World —founded in 1984 by Roy Peires— is a tourist resort divided into eight resorts. The accommodations are dotted down a hillside to blend the boundaries of private and public. There are streets open to traffic and access only for customers, who wander in flip-flops and a swimsuit. Many tourists have flocked to the nearby beach of the Rock of the Cure —where days ago was found the body of a young man riddled with bullets— or the ten pools of the club for a dip to temperatures that have hovered between 20 degrees this week in the Costa del Sol. In the bars of the enclosure, the constant are the pints of beer, pizzas, and televised matches from the English Premier League.

The vast majority of the guests are foreigners. Especially british. As the family composed by the marriage of Gabriel and Olubunmi Diya and their three children —Praise, Emmanuel, 16 years of age; Favour, 14; and Comfort, of nine—. They arrived on Sunday, 22 Mijas with the intention of rest a week. The 24, while taking the sun on the sunbeds next to a swimming pool, the children decided to bathe. With capacity for 89 people, about 15 meters long and ten wide, had the whole pool for them. Is concave. Has stairway at both ends and the area more honda, with two meters of depth, is in the middle. A hiccup made the smallest fall in that part. Could not get out. Neither did his older brother and his father, who tried to rescue her, maybe panic. From the curb, the mother and the sister cried out, nervous, without being able to do anything. Nor could the workers, who tried to reanimarles, without success, while the mother prayed.

debug System

The initial information pointed to a problem in the system debugging, that might have generated a suction effect. One of the workers pulled out the bodies said the researchers, according to the Efe agency, that also had problems to get out of the water. But the specialists of aquatic Guardia Civil reviewed engines and valves and found no irregularities. The autopsy indicated that the three people died by drowning.

Despite everything, there were a multitude of theories. “You had to stop them,” told from the Guardia Civil, who last Friday made public a reconstruction of the facts with that claim. The summary was simple. It pointed to a “tragic accident” due to “lack of expertise of the victims to swim”.

The explanation made sense and put an end to the many doubts. Until hours later the family sent a statement through the lawyer Javier Toro, of Fuengirola. Signed by the widow, Olubunmi Diya, made it clear that she never had said that their family did not know how to swim. Her husband had swum as a young man and his younger daughter had taken swim lessons days before the trip. The lawyer pointed to a possible translation error in the declaration of Olubunmi before the Civil Guard, who, however, insists that that is what was contained in the declaration. “But something extraordinary must have happened; not just an accident,” he insisted yesterday Bull.

According to the Royal Spanish Federation of Rescue and Lifesaving, this year have died and 437 people drowned in Spain, half a hundred of them in swimming pools.

The family spokesman Diya launched yesterday air the question of why there is no lifeguard on the premises where the event occurred, that does have floats, life jackets and bilingual boards with the rules of use. The regulatory andalusian indicates that the pools “in which the surface of the sheet of water is 200 square metres or above” must have at least one lifeguard. The company has not revealed the dimensions, but ensures that you do not exceed it. The purifier is turned off since Friday, when he installed a sign with letterhead of Club La Costa World that says: “The pool will remain closed until further notice”.

From the ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía have been assured that the facility “has all-in” rule. However, sources in the Guardia Civil claim that are still awaiting a report of the Administration andalusian. Friday morning, a specialist came to the venue to do this. “The investigation is not complete,” warn the same sources. Mysteries without a clear a exceptional case.

christian Leader is humble and committed

Two days after the death of Gabriel Diya, his daughter Comfort and her son, Praise Emmanuel, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Christian Church Redeemed of God) he lamented the loss of one of its most significant members. Gabriel Diya, 52 years old, was running the parish Open Heavens, focused primarily on the african community and located in Erith, a town on the south bank of the river Thames east of London. The family home is situated half an hour from there, in Charlton, also in the capital london. “He was a loving husband and a devoted father. Also a pastor and christian leader, humble, friendly, and committed,” says Agu Irukwu, head of the religious institution in the Uk, in a press release published Friday. Numerous neighbors and members of your religious community have left these days comments in his memory on the social networks of the church. Gabriel Diya comes from the nigerian city of Ife, to the southeast of the country, half a million of inhabitants. Both he and his family have british nationality, although his middle son, Emmanuel, who died also, along with his sister Comfort, has american nationality. The family, which has had the support of the consulates of the british, and american, flew yesterday hacia London.

Date Of Update: 29 December 2019, 03:00