The oversight was not looking: Bafin-Boss must now explain to the Wirecard Disaster

Hufeld has to give in this week, two Changes to the circumstances of the Wirecard-Broke information, from which the chief of the authority has been informed pri

The oversight was not looking: Bafin-Boss must now explain to the Wirecard Disaster

Hufeld has to give in this week, two Changes to the circumstances of the Wirecard-Broke information, from which the chief of the authority has been informed primarily from the newspaper.

this afternoon, the Board of Directors of the Bafin, shall meet under the chairmanship of the financial Secretary of state, Jörg Kukies. Officially, it is the budget and the establishment plan for the authority. However, the 17 voting members, including Christian Ossig, chief Executive of the Federal Association of German banks, Katja Langenbucher, Professor of Law at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt, and Frank Schäffler, FDP member of the German Bundestag, have munitioniert over the weekend with uncomfortable questions. Saving is always smart!

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  • Why the Bafin to your game room so closely that only the Wirecard Bank, and thus only a fraction of the total Wirecard AG, has been controlled? Wirecard 2.99 EUR +1,71 (+133,41%) Xetra
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    • 6 months
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  • Why were the investigations by the Bonn-based authority in the meantime, not against the apparently criminal corporate management, but against the journalist of "Financial Times" and the hedge Fund managers who together have drawn attention to the machinations?
  • Why it was disabled in the case of the German financial reporting enforcement panel, which had commissioned the Bafin with a special audit in the case of Wirecard, only a single employee for the Dax group? And why is it accepted, the Bafin, that this man presented up to today, no report and not an interim report?
  • Who has it to answer for, that a Whistleblower was de facto ignored, had presented to the Bafin already in 2019 controversial documents to the operations?
"We have made internationally ridiculous,"

Frank Schäffler, in his group as a financial expert and in demand as feared, suggests a parliamentary investigation Committee, which deals with the multiple failure of the company, Wirecard, the German financial reporting enforcement panel and Bafin. In the Morning Briefing Podcast, he:

  • says "We have made ourselves ridiculous on the international stage. It has become clear that we are in control of pretty amateurish our listed companies. This is detrimental to the location Germany.“ Steingart/media pioneer Steingart/media pioneer
  • "what is revealed here, now, must the Parliament be investigated."
  • "If it really is true that 15 months was, in fact, made nothing, must also be personnel consequences."

On Wednesday, the Hufeld has his appearance before the financial Committee of the Bundestag, headed by the FDP-politician, Katja Hessel. Here, too, the members of the Committee, including the former Minister of the interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU), Danyal Bayaz (Green) and Fabio De Masi (Left), just head over to a financial scandal that has shaken the confidence of citizens in the culture of equities is difficult to shake. The Person

Gabor Steingart is one of the most famous journalists in the country. He is editor of the Newsletter "Steingarts Morning Briefing". The eponymous Podcast is Germany's leading Daily Podcast for politics and the economy. In the spring of 2020 Steingart moves in with his editorial on the editorial ship "Pioneer One". Prior to founding Media Pioneer was Steingart Chairman of the Board of management of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

Be free Morning Briefing, you can find here:

Katja Hessel leads the Finance Committee since February. The case, Wirecard is for the attorney-at-law and tax Advisor for the probation sample. In the Morning Briefing Podcast:

  • says, "How can it be that the case has been Wirecard under his supervision, and where he thinks that maybe his Agency has failed."
  • "And if Mr Hufeld has made his mark, of course it is questionable whether he must then draw the consequences."
Opposition makes it suspicious

conclusion : An Opposition – consisting of members of the FDP, the Greens, the AfD and the left party – which voluntarily waived their parliamentary rights of control, is suspicious. If anything these days is no alternative, then this Committee of inquiry.

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