The meat industry is hijacking Veggie industry: they earn millions with the chemical Mush

vegetarian meat, sausage, soy-Schnitzel and Tofu sausages. The Germans have always been more of an appetite for meat alternatives. In the first quarter alone of

The meat industry is hijacking Veggie industry: they earn millions with the chemical Mush

vegetarian meat, sausage, soy-Schnitzel and Tofu sausages. The Germans have always been more of an appetite for meat alternatives. In the first quarter alone of this year, sales of Veggie-products, 37 percent above the level of the previous year. The amount of consumed products increased, according to the Federal statistical office, from around 14,700 to 20,000 tons.

The agriculture expert Carsten Gerhardt of the US-American business consulting, Kearney predicts, "We are facing nothing less than the end of the meat production as we know it."

by the year 2040, analysts expect a growth of the global market to around 400 billion US dollars. "Already in 2040, only 40 percent of the consumed meat products come from animals," says Gerhardt. This will also lead to a Shrinkage of the mass animal farming, with all their problems.

"If something is not sustainable, then the meat industry,"

the Veggie-Hype way to solve really the problems of our meat consumption? The vegan meat alternatives are for sustainability, environmental awareness and animal protection. However, many do not: know The biggest manufacturer, bring the meat alternatives in the supermarket shelves, are about small Start-Ups and Veggie-pioneers – but big meat corporations. And big business.

for example, the rügenwalder mill scored according to its own information in the year 2019, with a total turnover of EUR 242 million – the most successful year in the history of the operation. This corresponds to a sales increase of 14.7 percent compared to the previous year, and which owes the meat plant his Veggie products. Almost 45 percent of its sales, the company now makes with the meat alternatives, it is considered in Germany as the market leader.

"It's not a month goes by in the national and international meat producers of new Veggie Alternatives on the market," explains Ulrika Brandt, an expert on plant-based meat alternatives in the food and agriculture organization ProVeg. Especially in the last few months, the topic of sustainability in the diet has increasingly become the focus of consumers. "And if something is not sustainable, then it is the meat industry. So, the meat manufacturer, go with this change, and rely more on Alternatives,“ says Brandt. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

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"In Veggie products, especially water,"

the strategies of The meat industry, Franz knows Full. The Ex-butcher and food inspector has worked for 50 years in the meat industry. That so many meat companies now Veggie products on the market, it is not surprising to him. "The industry wants to secure new markets. And at the present time, nothing seems more lucrative than this dry Veggie Mush to produce. In order for millions to be earned.“ Companies could retract Fully, according to the production of meat alternatives huge profits because the manufacturing costs for these products are mostly negligible.

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"In Veggie products, first and foremost, water. Quite a lot of water. Then chicken protein mostly comes, in vegan products, soy protein. The Rest are flavor enhancers, colorants, thickeners, plenty of chemistry,“ explains Full.

The Ex-butcher reckons:

"On a ton of contain meat alternatives, about 800 kilograms of water. The cost of the operation of one to two Euro. Many factories even have a groundwater source, the water costs you nothing. In addition, they often use cheap soy and egg protein products from abroad. It is calculated that the manufacturing, machinery and personnel costs, is the price per kilo at about a Euro. The products are sold, however, for nine to 14 euros.“

The producers gain of 8 to 13 euros per kilogram of therefore remains. With real sausage, which costs according to the Full in the production just as much, in a cut, but only for seven to nine euros per Kilo is sold, the profit margin is significantly lower. "Bearing in mind that large manufacturers produce about 200 tons of Veggie sausage, you can figure out, which is killing to do," says the Ex-butcher.

Supplant meat producers Veggie pioneers from the market?

Accordingly, the ambitions of the sector are huge: With a market share of 44.8 percent of the Rügenwalder is mill, in the meantime, as the market leader in vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives in Germany. The distribution rights to the vegan meat substitute products of the American food producer, "Beyond Meat" in Germany no one other than the PHW group – the group behind the brand Wiesenhof. The German market leader in poultry meat is now offering self-Veggie cold cuts.

Also behind brands such as "Vantastic Foods" and "Veggie Gourmet" is a meat producer, namely, "The master butcher" the Ponnath group.

"These companies want to cover the entire market," says Franz Full. "In the meat industry, they have managed with their price policy to displace numerous butcher and butcher. And now you have to do in the Veggie area of the Same, by positioning the self." The consequence is that Many smaller companies and Start-ups, the Veggie products and a vegan Alternative from Belief to offer, would be ousted from the market.

meat manufacturers are easier to place in the shelves

This danger Ulrika Brandt of ProVeg looks, however. The market for vegetable-based meat alternatives rates is growing so rapidly, with double-digit growth – there's room for all of the is actually, for anyone who is new to this.“

Nevertheless, the large meat producers have to Startups, a big advantage of white Brandt: you can easily get in the shops. "Because you already have years of experience in Distribution. To obtain supermarket shelf space, this is not so easy. But that doesn't mean that small businesses have no Chance of a place.“

This is a view of the German food Association shares. "The demand is increasing, therefore the market is big enough for both Startups as well as for well-known brands," said a spokeswoman on request by FOCUS Online. The show itself because it is creating more and more new manufacturers in the retail sector. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

How do I know where the Veggie come from products?

If you would like to assist meat producers with the purchase of Veggie products, each must decide for themselves. To be sure, where the products come from, need to inform consumers, however. A Label or a detection that indicates whether the product is from a meat manufacturer or not, is not there yet.

"check on the website of the company before you buy," advises Ulrike Brandt. "Many smaller manufacturers have great stories behind the development of the company. Signs your motivations, your concerns, why you produce meat alternatives." To buy Veggie Alternatives of the major meat producers, was, however, anything other than reprehensible, emphasizes Brandt. "It is important that people eat less meat - for the animals, for the climate, for the own health. And that is why it is important that Alternatives are offered.“

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meat industry: waving still Cheap, The big money is still with real meat

Even when the market with meat alternatives is booming, and even industry giants are going to rely on soy-sausages: "The big money beckons still with the real meat," says industry expert Full. The meat industry as we know it, is still the old one.

This is also confirmed by Figures of the German food Association. Thus, were generated in year 2019 with a meat replacement products to approximately 273 million euros, with real sausage and real meat, a whopping 40 billion.

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Date Of Update: 28 July 2020, 14:27

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