The letter choice in the USA is a Disaster?

Why suddenly speaks to everyone about the letter choice? In the United States, the Federal States decide how voters cast their votes. Therefore, the Form of a

The letter choice in the USA is a Disaster?

Why suddenly speaks to everyone about the letter choice?

In the United States, the Federal States decide how voters cast their votes. Therefore, the Form of a Federal state differ to state. So Colorado, Hawaii and Washington, for example, for years, mostly absentee ballots. Here is a majority of people have experience with the mailing of your ballot.

But in many other countries, you previously needed an official excuse to request an absentee ballot. Who wants to, for example, in Connecticut, had to prove that he is on election day, traveling, or basically incapable of going to the ballot box. But COVID-19 has turned everything on its head.

In States where a certificate was needed, now a blanket statement. "We are going to vote by absentee ballot," says the law Professor William Dunlap, of the counts due to his age to Corona-risk group. He and his wife didn't want to go "in a polling station, in which so many different people touch the voting machines". Letter to the choice to feel safer there. Because Connecticut has not changed its rules already, the 76-Year-old, the choice will be able to avoid local. But seniors in States such as Texas, New York or South Carolina still need a valid reason to send your voice with the Post.

How does the letter choice?

Also differs from state to state. In particular, the process varies to be sent, such as the ballot. In some States, any registered voter automatically receives a ballot. In other States, registered voters receive a request, you must send it back, if you want to vote by Post.

to make it even more confusing: There are several ways to send his ballot. The usual letter would be as box, in the other Post. An additional Option is a special Briefwahlbox, the many cities in the run-up to the election day on may 3. November want to set up. This is especially handy for people who want to set foot in an overcrowded polling station, but also do not trust that the Post conveyed your ballot correctly.

Why the US should not trust Americans of your Post?

There have been problems in the past. So, for example, in the case of interim elections to the Congress of 2018, as thousands of postal ballot not more votes in time for the counting have been delivered.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an Agency of the United States. More than half a Million people are employed here. In the coming presidential elections, you will be expected to be demanded much more than in the year 2018, the number of postal voters is likely to explode.

in addition, the chief of The Federal post office, Louis DeJoy, has changed the structures of authority, in order to reduce costs. So he removed the two top leaders, the monitored day-to-day business. Prior to that, he had prohibited mail carriers to work Overtime, and extra trips to the Post office to deliver. DeJoy, is known as an ally of U.S. President Donald Trump, and many critics accuse him, to weaken the authority intentionally.

"If the Post works with the same efficiency as always, then we should have no problems," said social worker Julie Strauss Carey from Connecticut. "But there has been a lot of changes, and that is worrying. There are people who want our choice goes chaotic."

Trump has referred to the Post recently as a "a joke". In the business channel Fox Business he has admitted this week is also open to want no further funding for the Post-deploy, as required by the Democrats as part of the next Corona-stimulus package - they wanted to carry the money only to "millions and millions of ballots" to. In reference to the difficult negotiations over the stimulus package, the President added: "If we don't agree, doesn't mean that you will get the money. This means that you can have no area-wide absentee voting."

The area-wide postal ballot would mean that every registered US voters get a ballot for the presidential election sent. However, an Option is not even on the table. Trump has already made it several times clear that he is against any kind of postal ballot.

How likely election fraud?

you Follow Donald Trump, then election fraud is a large Problem of the absentee ballot. On Twitter, he indicated that it was possible to steal a ballot paper, or to print the fake notes.

however, There is no evidence that this has happened in the past on a larger scale. "I would not call a vote by Post as susceptible to fraud," said Charles Stewart, the founding Director of the Election Data and Science Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit). "Just because more people vote by Post, it will make the election unfair, inaccurate, or fraudulent."

Many experts believe that Trump has taken up the subject again and again to discredit the election results before votes were cast. "He does everything so that his followers trust the results," says Sheri Berman, Professor of political science at Barnard College in New York City. "His constant talk of fraud makes it more likely that people believe that something is not run correctly, if the results in November are to his taste."

What are the logistical hurdles are there?

The ballots are printed on special paper to prevent fraud. Also, you will be sent in special envelopes. The States need to hire more employees to open the envelopes, count the ballots and verify the signatures. In some cases, special devices are even necessary. In some places, machines take over the counting. Here, new personnel must be trained. All of this requires additional financial resources for the municipalities and States are due to the pandemic is already strapped for cash.

How long will the count take?

If Biden or Trump wins by a large margin, there are the result is probably already at the 3. November - even if not all of the ballots are counted. The closer the vote for Trump and Biden are together, the greater the chances are that the choice is not a winner that night is. Experts to go in a head-to-head race, possibly even weeks, until the final results are available.

According to Charles Stewart, WITH Election Data and Science Lab, the results from rural constituencies, a meeting of the districts in the rule faster. This would mean that Trump could appear as a Republican candidate early on, at the top. Later, when the votes from larger, urban districts, could Biden to catch up, possibly significantly. In the case of such a development, the political scientist, could Trump the results of the question - especially if this drags on for days or even weeks.

Such a Situation concern the law Professor William Dunlap. "It remains to be seen how his followers would see this," said Dunlap. "It could lead to mass resistance and violence on the streets."

author: Carla Bleiker (NM)

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Date Of Update: 15 August 2020, 07:26

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