The last guests in the Maldives: Some experiences in the vacation Paradise travel horror

A walk on the bright Sand of the beach, souvenir photos under the palm trees, a fruit cocktail, while the feet dangle in the warm water. Stranded open on an isl

The last guests in the Maldives: Some experiences in the vacation Paradise travel horror

A walk on the bright Sand of the beach, souvenir photos under the palm trees, a fruit cocktail, while the feet dangle in the warm water. Stranded open on an island in the Indian ocean, the end. What sounds like a dream, is for Peri and Khalid, meanwhile, can hardly yield at the end of the Situation. "It is becoming increasingly difficult," says Peri.

dpa Peri and Khaled during their wedding.

"As we are losgereist, was a Corona, no big deal"

wedding with friends and family in Egypt, honeymoon in Mexico, then back into everyday life after Dubai – that was the Plan of the couple at the beginning of March. "As we are losgereist, was Corona not too big of a deal," says Khaled.

The departure from Cancun in Mexico on the 19. March is still very easily. But on the plane the Couple receives messages from friends: "How do you want to return to Dubai come from?" The Ministry of interior of the UAE, has announced a entry-stop for foreigners with a permanent residence in the Emirates.

"We understood the extent of the problem only after our stopover in Istanbul, so right," says the 36-year-old Khaled, the Peninsula is working in the state on the Arab as an engineer for telecommunications. He and his wife, Peri (35) phone calls with friends, in the UAE, the authorities, the Egyptian Embassy. "Please wait," it says. When you try to take the connecting flight, you will be dismissed, the Board cards will be confiscated.

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replacement plan Maldives

Khalid and Peri are stuck at the airport in Istanbul. One day, one. No information on when it might move on, no baggage. "The Situation was very chaotic," says Khaled. Without the boarding pass, the Couple can not go shopping in the airport Shops.

Because the flights are suspended to Egypt, need Chalid and Peri a replacement Plan. What are the objectives to be served? And which of them will come with an Egyptian passport in question? The only solution after days of Perseverance and Research at the airport: the Maldives.

"We haven't even thought about large," says Khaled on the phone. "We just wanted to finally have a bed and our clothes and take a shower." To sit nine of you, therefore, in the vast plane that you fly in the middle of March to the island group in the Indian ocean. There they were stranded for more than two months. "No one takes you seriously if you are not wool, complains about a stay in the Maldives," says Khaled.

dpa Peri and Khaled on the plane in Istanbul on the way to the Maldives.

a Second honeymoon? Of because

But what may seem to some fantastically, has to do with a second honeymoon, in fact, little of this As a response to the first proven Corona-infections in the capital, Malé, in mid-April, the authorities have a curfew for the Region are arranged. Boat transport between the Islands is forbidden, Hotels are allowed to accommodate guests. It was to be assumed that most of the Resorts would be closed when the last guest would leave, writes to the Foreign office.

"The last guest" - to Peri and Khalid belong. One Hotel after the next makes sealing. The Couple leads Tally: Since the beginning of March, it has in more than 14 rooms in at least six different Hotels in his suitcase and Packed again. "We will be welcomed in any Hotel before it closes shortly thereafter," says Khaled. Every Morning, calls the reception and asks: "when are you leaving?"

dpa Peri and Khalid in your Resort in the Maldives.

the fear of The mountain of debt is "larger than all the Covid-Ensure"

But it is a departure from the Maldives is currently virtually impossible. Commercial flight connections to and from Malé international airport have been temporarily suspended. "And even if there would be flights..., we would come home," says Peri.

With a little water, aircraft, or boats, you will be transferred to the hotel to change from island to island. Any Transport must be paid for. The credit card will be charged with costs for exclusive rooms. The Couple for eight years together, has laid for the common life money back. But, the time Saved is now gone, the fear of the growing mountain of debt in the meantime, "bigger than all the Covid-Worry," as Peri says.

Recently, the two are drawn into an isolated "emergency shelter". The holiday complex on the island of Manadhoo claims to offer "luxury villas in turquoise water." The marketing Director and her husband work here as good as possible. If necessary, the Computer of the reception. Because jobs are scarce in Honeymoon Hotels.

From 1. June should be able to enter a foreigner with a residence permit with a special permit back to Dubai. Until you have this, you can book a Ticket. "We do not regret it, to be flown out here. It was the Best thing we could do in the Situation," says Khaled. "But we want to go home."

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