The head of the conference of interior Ministers: terrorist early detect | policy

After the terrorist attacks in the hall, and Hanau, as well as the murder of the Kassel government of President Lübcke, the head of the conference of interior M

The head of the conference of interior Ministers: terrorist early detect | policy

After the terrorist attacks in the hall, and Hanau, as well as the murder of the Kassel government of President Lübcke, the head of the conference of interior Ministers speak of a new Phase of terrorism. The Minister of interior of the Federation and the länder can now find a common line?

Erfurt (dpa) - a three-day Meeting of the Minister of the interior in Erfurt, the head of the conference of the Thuringian head of Department Georg Maier warns that more ambition in the fight against extreme right-wing terrorists.

the Federal government and the countries need to identify potential offenders sooner and also on the Internet quicker, said the SPD politician of the dpa. He spoke of a "new Phase of politically motivated terrorism in Germany".

You have to draw bitter lessons from the terrorist attacks of the past twelve months, in which 13 people were killed, said Maier and referred to the attacks in Hanau and Halle, as well as the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke. "This is terrorism, because you need not long to beat around the Bush."

The theme plays at the spring conference of the interior Ministers of the Federation and the länder a role, which runs from Wednesday to Friday in Erfurt. Thuringia has this year, in the chair. Results will be presented on Friday. On the agenda is a renewal of the deportation stop to Syria and the fight against child pornography is, among other things, still.

In Germany were in the last year, 39 right-wing extremists as a terrorist threat, such as from a response by the Federal government to a question of the FDP-inner politician Benjamin Strasser shows. According to the Federal criminal police office, there are now already 65 rights of offenders. Maier warned against this Background of a "new Dimension of the threat to our democracy".

This threat coming from right-wing terrorist structures. However, he is concerned that the current rights of terrorism from that in the 1970s, distinguish, then to the left. "The RAF in the 70s had a well-defined structure. Since you knew the name," said Maier. On the other hand, about noticed Islamist terrorism, that Individual part had suddenly and unexpectedly committed their deeds. In the case of Lübcke, in Hanau, Germany and in hall also, a single perpetrator would have to beat the security authorities had not had enough on the screen. "It is a question of radicalisation tendencies in the early stages - and the people sharp," said Maier.

Saxony-Anhalt interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht required to keep track of extremism and hatred in the network faster and more consistent. The judiciary had to be set away from the often chosen in practice, the investigation of minor offenses, said the CDU politician of the dpa. Criminal commands or court a certain effect "on people would have the method" and could counteract the brutalization of language and society. Steel servant wants to advertise on the conference of Ministers, among other things, that the Constitution guards and the reunification of close and observation extend, in order to identify individuals and networks better.

Stahlknecht said, the publications of private Chat logs showed again and again how the language of radical. "Since racism is for the salon theme. And xenophobia is regarded as chic, and not to take it more seriously." The recent events showed that from words to deeds could be.

After the recent extremist attacks Saxony, is now calling for a better exchange of information between the weapons authorities and the protection of the Constitution. "We want that data to be exchanged between the safety authorities of a country and also across countries, and also the police can influence findings," said Minister of the interior, Roland woeller (CDU) of the dpa prior to the conference of interior Ministers.

lower Saxony interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) called for a harder line against criminal Clans and against the owner of child pornography. The possession and acquisition of child pornography had to be punished more severely than previously, said Pistorius, in the "world"Interview. All must be clear: "If on the phone, on the Computer, such images or Videos, then the really painful consequences."

In the fight against child abuse the state of North Rhine calls-Westphalia, that suspects will in future have to be fast taken into custody. A decision to this proposal tabled by the Ministry of the interior according to the "world". Judges should be given the opportunity on remand also to arrange, if a suspect is not a flight or risk of collusion exists. Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), said: "My investigators tell me again and again that many judges have a hard time, in abuse cases, custody to arrange, for example, because they deny the danger of repetition." The could not be. "This accused, not infrequently, are ticking time bombs."

Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 22:33