The first note, in the case of Maddie in 2013: How investigators came to the Suspect on the track

With a sensational piece of news has opened on Wednesday evening, Rudi Cerne, German TV show "aktenzeichen xy ungelöst": 13 years after the traceless Disappea

The first note, in the case of Maddie in 2013: How investigators came to the Suspect on the track

With a sensational piece of news has opened on Wednesday evening, Rudi Cerne, German TV show "aktenzeichen xy ungelöst": 13 years after the traceless Disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine "Maddie" McCann from the United Kingdom from the "Ocean Club" in Praia da Luz in the Algarve in Portugal, there is a suspect. According to the Federal criminal police office (BKA) is a 43-year-old with the name Christian B. under suspicion of murder of Maddie McCann. The man is sitting according to the BKA currently for a sex crime, and drug trafficking in a German prison. According to the "Braunschweiger Zeitung" he is said to have an Elderly woman in Portugal raped.

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How the investigators came to the suspect after so many years on the track? hit

the First indications of the Suspect, Christian B. there was already 2013

According to Christian Hoppe, senior detective Aldi rector of the Federal criminal office in Wiesbaden, Germany, have conducted a joint investigation with the Metropolitan Police in London and the police in Portugal to the suspected German. Hoppe said Cerne in the shipment, that the first concrete suspicion of a "reference"shipments in the year 2013 going back. At that time the Metropolitan Police were one of the investigators, the parents of Maddie to guest. "One of the indications in the consignment referred to the suspects," said Hoppe. The former information would, however, not enough for an arrest for investigation out. It also another clue to the same suspects on 10 have. Anniversary of the disappearance of 2017 can change in an additional "file numbers"show nothing.

Mysterious phone call one hour before Maddie's

Disappear As a vital clue to the identity of the perpetrators, the BKA evaluates a phone call, which was led by the mobile phone by Christian B. one hour prior to Maddie's Disappearance. "We have information that the suspect on the day of the disappearance in Praia da Luz has led to the tatrelevanten time on the phone to a mobile phone," says Hoppe. The British "Sun" reported, citing the Metropolitan Police of London that the call was made an hour before the Disappearance of Maddie, and took half an hour of 19.32, up 20.02 PM. It was the Portuguese number 00351-912730680. This is a number of the suspects is said to have used "at least in April and may 2007," the BKA crime Aldi rector more. dpa

Of great importance is also the number of the call participant: 00351-916510683. The owner of this number is not a suspect and have not been, at that time, "in the crime scene vicinity", but a "key witness". Any Information in connection with this number is of great importance for the investigation. The Same also applies to the phone number of the mobile phone by Christian B. - especially in the months of April and may 2007. Who could give instructions to the owners of these two number, you should contact the BKA under

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investigators are trying feverishly to reconstruct the sequence of events

The investigators therefore focus now on the reconstruction of the possible Crime and the search for Maddie's body, according to Hoppe so far any trace was missing. Maddie was on the evening of the 3. May a room in the holiday complex disappeared without a trace. The parents sitting 50 yards away in a Tapas Bar and to half-hourly after the children. As the mother, controlled by 22 clock in the room, she discovered the Disappearance of her then nearly four-year-old daughter and raised the Alarm. She found the Kids rooms, the Veranda and the front door opened.

According to Hoppe, the suspect was previously convicted two Times because of sexual abuse of girls. The BKA does not exclude that a sexual offense as a possible motive in question. "However, it is also contemplated that the suspect moved to a burglar intent spontaneously on the sexual motive." The exact sequence of events was, however, as the subject is currently still the subject of current investigations.

According to the BKA data, the then 30-year-old suspect, who had his last place of residence in Germany in Braunschweig, Germany, lived already many years in Portugal. There he is said to have held odd jobs in the catering and break-ins in Hotels and resorts on the water, which is why he was including the drug offences of the Portuguese police also known relevant. These findings helped the investigators now seem to be. In addition, the relevant criminal history of the man (break-ins in Hotels, in the area of Sexual offences against a Weaker one) seems to fit the case, McCann to.

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Jaguar and a VW Bus, Christian B. in the sights of investigators

But also further tracks helped further the investigators: For Christian B. took advantage of the Algarve's pretty flashy cars.

For one, it is an eggplant-colored Jaguar XJR6 with a German license plate the suspect was driving. The indicator has been changed over the years – among others, in Munich and Augsburg. The second car is a yellow VW Bus T3 "Westfalia" with a Portuguese license plate. Hoppe said that you assume that one of the vehicles for the act, was used. The VW Bus was not registered on a different holder that is a suspect.

According to the British "Sun", confirmed the Portuguese police, that Christian B. with the VW Bus a few days before the 3. May 2007 on-the-go was. Information about where these two vehicles is short, and after Maddie's Disappearance and at the 3. May have even been seen, were now of Central importance to be able to hints at where the body of Maddie determine, according to Hoppe.

The Jaguar is to be re-registered a day after the Disappearance of Maddie - which was from abroad is possible, according to the British "Daily Mail". The increase at least the probability, that Christian B. Disappear with Maddie's something to do.

British police dealt with Maddie's Disappearance, is still missing a case,

determined During the BKA officially because of suspicion of murder against Christian B., from the London police is still a missing person's case, reported "Sky News". The channel quoted the chief inspector of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Cranwell, with the words: "We know a lot about the Suspect, but we need to find out more about his movements on the night Madeleine disappeared, and in the days before and after."

The BBC commented on the caution of the London police, the Metropolitan Police had been three years ago, the firm Conviction to have the ultimate track found, which would solve the case. "Now there is a different identification track. This may explain why the 'Met' expresses much more cautious than their German colleagues".

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