The endowment sowing division among the victims of terrorism

Eight years after the end of ETA, the terrorist group has carried out a large part of the debate of investiture of Pedro Sanchez. The right accused the socialis

The endowment sowing division among the victims of terrorism

Eight years after the end of ETA, the terrorist group has carried out a large part of the debate of investiture of Pedro Sanchez. The right accused the socialist candidate did not defend the victims of terrorism and to give in to ETA for having accepted the abstention of Bildu, and the Congress erupted into a fight in the interventions of the deputies abertzales. The controversy has divided the victims, several of whom have accused the party have used.

associations, vigilant with the new Government

The associations of victims of terrorism will give margin to the new coalition Government to take to ride and take care of your claims, but warn that it “will be vigilant”.

The abstention of Bildu in the investiture of Pedro Sanchez is the reason for the association majority, AVT, received with “concern” to the new Executive. “It hurts us a lot. All that you have been given the life our family now is rewarded. We don't know what there will be to change. That is what we will see”, values Maite Araluce, president. In any case, Araluce expected that the Executive receive to your association and be able to “work with them”. This Thursday, Araluce will meet with the leader of the PP, Paul Married.

On the same line is expressed by the president of covite press. “We're going to be very vigilant,” notes Consuelo Ordóñez. “We'll give you a chance. If you attend our meetings claims, I aplaudiremos. We don't care if is with Can or with who it is, the interests of the victims are over.”

“That will leave us in peace, that we do not use, that we do not manoseen”. Is the claim outraged parties Consuelo Ordóñez, president of the Collective of Victims of Terrorism in the Basque Country (covite press). During the debate of investiture, Ordóñez highlighted by a message addressed to the leader of the PP, Paul Married, who had accused Pedro Sánchez to forget the victims of ETA. “Can you stop using the victims of terrorism and arrogarte in your representation?”, he wrote on Twitter, the sister of Gregorio Ordóñez, a councillor of the PP killed by ETA. The reproach acquired still more relief because it transcended the ideological boundaries.


The PP, to Sanchez: “ETA has already achieved its purpose,” The intervention of EH Bildu in the Congress causes a lot of anger from the right

In his criticism of the PP, Ordonez agreed with other victims socialists, Eduardo Madina, who believes that Married “used something very large to something very small.” “What you did, that way, is to describe the size that you have it,” he stresses. The president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), Maite Araluce, disagrees however with them and defends the PP. “I don't have that feeling, because the references were made in a tone of recognition and tribute. Not a name I would have hurt more”, values.

The plurality of the victims is revealed, in addition, on how they have received the abstention of Bildu. His division also transcends ideologies. José María Múgica, son of the socialist Fernando Múgica, killed by ETA in 1996, wanted to write a public letter to Pedro Sanchez, expressing his discomfort. “A leader of the PSOE are relevant to achieving the investiture with the votes of Bildu is unbearable, causes a nausea infinite”, regrets in conversation with this newspaper. Múgica believes that to accept the abstention of Bildu “is to overturn the history of the PSOE during decades of fighting against terrorism and totalitarianism”.

“I don't agree”, countered another victim of the socialist family, Maria Jauregui, daughter of Juan Mari, political socialist to the ETA murdered in the year 2000. “Bildu is a party with parliamentary representation. When it was constituted, rejected all kinds of violence, why not reach agreements with them? In addition, it is an abstention, not a yes”. Other victims of ETA socialist family, have chosen to defend publicly to the new Government, as Josu Elespe, son of the first socialist councillor murdered by the gang, Froilán Elespe, who “makes you happy”, he said, that ETA no longer exists and that there is a Government of the left in Spain.

The victims are various, as much as the Spanish society, recalls Consuelo Ordóñez. “We have joined ETA. This is a club exclusive. The last thing we dreamed of in life it is to belong to this club elite, and we are so plural as all the others.”

Date Of Update: 09 January 2020, 11:00

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