The change of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday mangled the control of the Government in the Courts

the intention of The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to change the day of the celebration of the Council of Ministers of the Friday to the Tuesday t

The change of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday mangled the control of the Government in the Courts

the intention of The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to change the day of the celebration of the Council of Ministers of the Friday to the Tuesday to mark the political agenda of the weeks upsets, in fact, the usual operation of the Courts –Congress and Senate– and, in particular, of the control session to the Executive. The opposition does not believe that decision to be casual. The three parties of the right (PP, Citizens and Vox) have accused this Wednesday to Sanchez wanting to "overwhelm" the opposition, and thus to control the legislature, after their attempts to dominate the office of the Prosecutor with the controversial appointment of the former minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, as the State attorney general. The president of the Congress, the socialist Meritxell Batet, wants to win time and to know the proposals of reorganisation of the work of all parties before taking a decision on the matter.

The decision of Sanchez to change the day of celebration of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday has not been safe in the Congress. In this climate of distrust permanent and without truce in which it has been installed, the political class in Spanish, all the movements are analyzed with magnifying glass to see who to benefit or harm. And that change supposed to input some modifications in the work of the Courts and, in particular, in the chapter of control to the Executive. In the Senate, the control session the Government were scheduled up to now in the afternoon of Tuesday and at least once a month the president submitted to those sessions. In Congress, these discussions were recorded in the last legislatures, in the morning of the Wednesday.

The opposition right-wing —PP, Vox and Cs— suspicion that Sanchez wants to amend those parliamentary traditions for their own benefit and, above all, to steal prominence to the deputies and senators of such formations. In the case of the Senate, the president and the ministers called into question would come to the floor a few hours after you have discussed your proposals and initiatives in the Council of Ministers and they would only respond to issues logged by the parties much earlier and without any connection with the new agreements adopted.

The spokesman of the PP in the upper Chamber, Javier Maroto, has openly questioned that intention: "What is put in doubt is what kind of Government is this that does not want to be controlled by groups of the opposition giving a slight margin of hours to be able to perform that responsibility that we have the groups which is the control of the Government."


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The control session, the Executive committee of the Congress began in the last legislatures at 9.00 on Wednesday. The parties had up to now until Thursday to record the questions they want to ask the Government at the plenary session of the following week, but they gave them an extra margin until the night of Friday to introduce amendments to adapt their interests to the possible agreements or decisions adopted in the Councils of Ministers in the morning of that same day. That now would not be possible.

The secretary-general of the Socialist Group, Rafael Simancas, who has acted on Wednesday as the spokesman of his party on the first Board of Spokespersons of the Congress after learning of the new Government, has refused however to those changes advanced by Sanchez may have to alter the operation of the Camera low. Simancas noted as well that the parties will continue to have, in principle and if nothing changes, until Thursday to deal with their issues, although in that case already to the full of the next week. Simancas moved that the PSOE is theoretically open to the ideas and alternative plans that they think provide for the operation of the Cameras in the other matches, but without any enthusiasm. Sources socialists pointed so they have no real intention to change the current system.

The Table of the Congress have re-met for the second time this Wednesday, after the Board of Spokesmen in that it has given rise to the debate, to address this issue. The president Batet has known as well the positions of the PP and Vox, who do have a representative at the Table, in favor of vary not only the control session, but almost all of the calendar of regular work, up to now the parliament.

The spokesman of the PP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, what he said after the Meeting, and he justified the need to defend the necessary work of the opposition front of which it considered attempts of Sanchez "in its authoritarian drift of to exalt the Executive power, to degrade to the legislature and submit to the court." In this chapter, to avoid the degradation of the legislative power, the PP proposes that, in future, the Tables and Boards of Spokespersons of the Congress who are now the Tuesday to pass the Monday, that parliamentary committees work on Monday and Tuesday, in the plenary discuss the legislative initiatives of the Government on Wednesday morning (now Thursday) to Wednesday from 16.00 to start the control session, and the legislative proposals of the opposition to pass from the Tuesday to the Thursday.

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo argued those changes to avoid "the roller and the pulse authoritarian" Government will pass over to the opposition. A position that is supported in this case by the spokesman of Vox, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, which he interpreted as "a gesture more of Sanchez in favor of the Government and not the State that makes it difficult to work the Camera."

The deputy spokesman of Citizens, Edmundo Bal, also regretted that attempt "to restrict the work of the opposition." Cs, which is now not on the Table, yes put forward the alternative that will take the next week to the Board of Spokesmen, and which begins to change the day of the meeting of the body that prepares the meetings, don't lock the questions to the Executive with current timelines and to allow for altering the meaning of the questions already registered until the Tuesday afternoon, if those full of control are held on Wednesday mornings.

Until the spokesman of ERC, Gabriel Ruffian, he accepted that his party, which refrained for the investiture of Sanchez, we would have liked to have "a call" to speak before such a change of the Councils of Ministers on Tuesday that will affect, without doubt, to the tasks of the Congress.

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