The best experts: Berlin's top Clan hunter grabs

FOCUS Online Mr Pietsch, the on 1. April 2019-founded "centre for analysis and coordination to combat criminal structures" (ZAK) has just presented the firs

The best experts: Berlin's top Clan hunter grabs

FOCUS Online Mr Pietsch, the on 1. April 2019-founded "centre for analysis and coordination to combat criminal structures" (ZAK) has just presented the first annual balance sheet to combat the Clan-crime in Berlin. What is from your point of view, the biggest Coup of the LKA?

Stefan Pietsch: I am in charge of the Department's 41, which is for the fight against organised crime, though only in October taken. But for sure, the development in the case of the 77 seized real estate, which are included in the Arabic-born Clan to their chief Issa Remmo is one of the most important achievements. Biggest success so far is the decision of the Berlin regional court about a month ago, the Villa of Remmo, as well as another plot to collect is. Behind it a year's long investigation of the LKA, in order to find sufficient evidence that these properties were financed with Proceeds of crime.

FOCUS Online : But the fight is not yet won. Remmos lawyers have announced that they will appeal the decision. That doesn't diminish the success of something?

Pietsch: the fact is that we were able to prevail for the first Time a court decision on the expropriation of real estate of one of the Arab Clans. This alone is already a great success that would not have been possible without the important first Reform of the criminal law for asset recovery in 2017 is possible. Unfortunately, it is a fact that Accused of Clan-power environments, thanks to its, in our view, to a large extent, from crime and on the achieved wealth over a significant Complaint. They could afford the best lawyers. This could have the consequence that we have to wait for a final judgment a bit. I would not be surprised if the lawyers complain to the Federal court of justice high. That doesn't diminish our success.

the Clan chief Issa Remmo

FOCUS Online Organised crime within the Arabic-born Clans, the LKA Berlin has been in place since the 1990s. The Name of the ZAK reveals, however, that the fight against the Clan-crime can be organized a lot more effective and needs. On what Front the most adversity from the side of the Clans threatens today?

Pietsch: What we are observing with concern that the range of offences committed is constantly changing and expanding. Classic crimes in the 90s, drug dealing, property crime and violence as well as offences in the red light district. In 2020, we can see that more and more crimes earned money is invested in real estate. And the tracks for this money laundering will always be veiled-consuming. . It will be well-invested hidden in objects, which are also used as a refugee accommodation, to the conclusion of the trick, finally, in the settlement of the cost to the state. It will be through fraud Corona-AIDS more difficult. Also, the Acquisition of the corona crisis in need of money, distressed pubs or Restaurant we think is a likely scenario, even if no concrete cases are known.

FOCUS Online the economic crime unit, more and more in the focus of organised clan crime. What are the current problems and opportunities for the investigators?

Pietsch: more and more money is invested in companies that have stable legal income, and therefore not as quickly noticed at crooked shops. On the other hand, the determination is worth it here. Because, in contrast to the Clan-bosses, which often maintain a very extravagant lifestyle that devours a considerable part of their criminal profits can be confiscated in the detection of illegal investment in companies with real, legitimate sales of high asset values.

FOCUS Online The families often live a highly protected among themselves, they hold together, which complicates their work. Each family works for itself, or are there now breaks with the classical Patterns of organised crime?

Reuters police officers stand on the Mecklenburg road. In the context of a RAID, hundreds of police in Berlin and the LKA multiple objects in Berlin browse.

Pietsch: In fact, we observe more and more often, not only to different Clan-families of crime together to organize, but even more ethnically mixed. Not only Arabs, but also Russians, sometimes also Italian and German. The Clan-leaders always act in a competence-driven in the selection of the experts for their crimes. They share with other Clans work and profit, and the best experts for break-ins are looking, as a driver for the getaway car, or for Money laundering operations.

FOCUS Online to put in What is the most important strategy of organized crime from their point of view the craft?

Pietsch: Of fundamental importance is that we continue to expand the networking of the various bodies involved such as the police, judiciary and trade inspection authorities, and not only at the regional level, but nationwide, but also internationally. What is our work important, is a double strategy.

The first is that we organize regularly and with rising number of operations against Suspects. 2019 702 objects, such as Shisha bars, Barber Shops, betting shops or jewelers, and checked in 382 missions in cooperation with other authorities. In this way, the Clans feel more and more of our breath in the nape of the neck, and we notice that they are increasingly insecure.

The second is that we do complex investigations, such as in the case of the 77 seized property further. A mixture of quantity and quality so. So the Clans are forced to remain constantly in motion. Early Disturb unsettled, and who moves so often, it makes more errors.

contact restrictions to enforce: 250 police officers in Clan-funeral in the use of FOCUS Online contact constraints enforce: 250 police officers at the Clan burial in use

Date Of Update: 27 May 2020, 11:26