The Virus and the conspiracy: Two of the organizations fighting for Corona-truth

Like a wave in the Corona swept pandemic on the countries of the world - and with your half-truths and deliberately spread false news. Of the Sage, the Coronavi

The Virus and the conspiracy: Two of the organizations fighting for Corona-truth

Like a wave in the Corona swept pandemic on the countries of the world - and with your half-truths and deliberately spread false news. Of the Sage, the Coronavirus is a biological weapon of the Chinese government, about-year-old Corona had secret plans of the Federal government, to numerous treatment-myths against Covid-19: The ingenuity of conspiracy theorists and charlatans seems to be in the corona of a crisis is limitless.

But it sometimes has bad consequences, for example, when Vegan chef Attila Hildmann distributed before concerned citizens his theories about an alleged "Pharma mafia". There are such messages, which often develop on social media their very own momentum by reaching a large audience and at the end when you, or others exert their effect.

What channels are particularly used, white Alice real man of Germany's first non-profit research center, "Correctiv". The data analysis have submitted shown to be false messages, "WhatsApp and Youtube as a distribution channels play a Central role". In the case of the private short message service WhatsApp to stand in front of the Problem, the people with direct facts checks reach. Else can see it from the video platform Youtube, where the content of conspiracy theorists are partially clicked a hundred thousand times.

But What are the means against the fake news pandemic?

A question that was also discussed at the "Changemakers United Global Online Summit" of the Non-Profit organization "Ashoka" hard-working.

Corona: App aims to make complex topics easier to understand

on The subject of Corona-fake news one of the biggest problems is the complexity of the crisis. "A lot of people are enticed to rainbow press or unreliable sources on Social Media, because you understand the subject matter difficult", says the managing Director of "Atempo", Claus Candussi. The inclusive social enterprise from Austria uses for a equal life, Learning and Work of people.

A focus of the company is to translate complex texts and information in simple language. Also Corona-messages to be sent to users daily via the App "capito" easy to understand. The messages will be scanned Translations according to a strict catalogue of requirements, which was even approved by the TÜV.

The often clumsy conspiracy theories against the company, so "high-quality information in a simple language", as Carlo describes it. The goal: At the end of every man should be able to understand the developments of the corona crisis, with its many facets. How big is the demand for such an offer is, to recognize Figures in the development of the User. From the initial 3000 users are Candussi now over 130,000.

On fake news-hunting in Turkey

another Problem Mehmet Atakan reported. He is the founder of the Turkish fact-Check organization Teyit. Atakan thus moves in two ways in an explosive environment, is the Turkey, but for repressive action against journalists. At the same time, the Turkish President revealed himself to Erdogan as a sympathizer kruder Corona-conspiracy theories.

The homophobic statements of the President of the Turkish religious authority Diyanet, Ali Erbas, homosexuality and celibacy were not for the outbreak of the Coronavirus responsible, referred to Erdogan at the end of April as a "front to back correctly". In this situation Atakan and his Team to fight against the disinformation of the Turkish society.

"In the Wake of the Coronkrise we have set ourselves the goal to filter the information noise, and running to the people with reliable information," says Atakan. A Corona was designed Newsletter, but much more important is the support from the Community, the organization, committed to just as vehemently in the fight against fake news, the Teyit, the founder of reported.

"Wrong information, unfortunately, is not a figurehead"

Due to the complexity of the corona crisis, conspiracy theorists and fake news offers a lot of attack surface. Very few people are virologists and even for experts of the scientific institutions of the future developments of novel disease are difficult to estimate. And still, vigilance and caution remain the most effective means.

"Wrong information, unfortunately, is not a figurehead, and especially in a scientific or health-related topics you are detect the layman to. It's only one: Always the sources view. If sources are to be called, you should also click on the Links and see what lies behind it,“ recommends Correctiv employee real man. As a guideline to help in addition to be simple and often emotionally-manipulative answers for complex issues noisy.

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Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 20:27

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