The SUV Boom, despite climate collapse: For a German car is the second living room

In the Wake of the corona crisis, many European cities have banned cars from their inner cities. In London, for example, is 15,000 square metres of road surface

The SUV Boom, despite climate collapse: For a German car is the second living room

In the Wake of the corona crisis, many European cities have banned cars from their inner cities. In London, for example, is 15,000 square metres of road surface, the car should be free, in order to give the citizens more freedom and space. This is the largest car-free Zone would be in a capital city in the world.

And in Germany? In this country, muvs and SUVs clog the streets of the inner cities. After all, In Munich-free Parking spaces may be used, at least temporarily, as outdoor terraces for Restaurants, and in Berlin, Pop-up cycle lanes are created. If these changes are to be sustained, is, however, uncertain. In Hamburg, while Corona short hand-decorated, "a Protest-cycle paths were" just a couple of hours.

so Why is Germany doing so difficult to ban cars from its cities? It's up to our convenience, with the car to reach everything quickly, or, we have always had a special relationship with the automobile? The Frankfurt traffic psychologist Peter Fiesel know how the Germans tick in terms of car.

"For a German car is like a second skin"

FOCUS Online Mr. Fiesel, a car provides us with freedom, whenever we just want to be able to go. It is this freedom that makes us German to our cars hang out?

Fiesel: I think the car as a Symbol has changed in the past few years. Earlier that might have been, there stood a car for freedom and independence. But today, in congested, narrow streets, because it meets this purpose only rarely.

Much more important is: The car is for us today, as a favorite piece of clothing, a kind of second living room, or - if you like - like a second skin. We feel comfortable that we feel at home - so much so that we drill when driving a car in the nose, without stopping to think, that we can be seen from the outside, of course.

FOCUS Online , In principle, a car is just a metal cage, much smaller than a living room and not always convenient. Why people will feel comfortable in it?

Fiesel: The car is not like a cage. We are not imprisoned Yes, it is, rather, a place of comfort, a cocoon. There are even people without reason in the car, if it goes bad for you. Then you turn on the Radio loud, light a cigarette and the Rest of the world, they hide easily. This is like coming home and the door behind themselves.

"cars are just in crises safe and secure places of retreat"

FOCUS Online Why do we need such a protective cocoon?

Fiesel: The world is changing, there are large uncertainties. The Situation around us makes us afraid. Whether it is a Virus or the threat posed by climate change. Because you go home and shut the door. Just in crises places of retreat are incredibly important. And for many people, this retreat is the private car.

FOCUS Online It's nice when people in their cars can relax. But the Problem is that cars clog roads, space in cities to take away and pollute the air. It must be because of the 600-HP SUV as a relaxation island?

Fiesel: I, the SUV Trend is not the main reason that the traffic turn fails to think. The lack of Alternative is the main reason. The people stay so long in your normal, safe car, until you have something different, before that, nothing will change. And yet there is no Alternative that offers the same level of security.

FOCUS Online : You can't? but also in an electric car or Hybrid, the doors will close and be left alone, or

Fiesel: The individual options, ideas there are so many. But what people are lacking concrete plans on how the future may look like. Who's scared, the longs often to safety, according to clear guidance. Decisions should be clear and fact-based to be taken and then to understand down to be passed through, so that everyone can understand and follow. In the case of road transport, it is a matter of facts.

FOCUS Online of the facts there are many in the discussion of the shift in Traffic: pollutant balance sheets and statistics on accident deaths, for example.

Fiesel: It is important that people receive clear messages. Motorists need to feel that they can rely on what they are told. As long as this is not given, you will find it hard to accept any kind of change. And as long as you are driving a SUV or Diesel simply because they feel secure in.

FOCUS Online : What car do you drive? You feel secure?

Fiesel: I drive an old convertible with six cylinders. Safe I feel in it very. As slow as I drive in the old box through the city, I worry sometimes that me, the driver honked at from behind me.

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Updated Date: 11 July 2020, 21:26

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