The PSOE will meet once a month with its partners to agree on support in the Congress

“The Parliament will become the central axis of the policy and will depend on how it goes there, that activity for the future of the legislature”, assures THE C

The PSOE will meet once a month with its partners to agree on support in the Congress

“The Parliament will become the central axis of the policy and will depend on how it goes there, that activity for the future of the legislature”, assures THE COUNTRY Adriana Lastra, negotiator of the socialist party and spokesman in the Congress. The socialists will maintain permanent dialogue and almost daily with United we Can and monthly appointments with the other members of endowment. The ability to approve Budgets will define the duration of the mandate.

once finally constituted the first coalition Government of the democracy it is now up to the new and spacious Executive between the PSOE and United we Can move your projects and reforms at the Parliament more diverse, dispersed and heterogeneous. Does not seem an easy task, also because the opposition has already warned that it will not be granted on this occasion, the traditional 100-day trial, but the challenge does not arredra Adriana Lastra, one of the leading figures in the rise of the PSOE and negotiator of the eight agreements endowment made by that party with other formations, large and small, of the Congress.

“What's important now is to work and to work, manage and generate mutual trust, because it is what leads to loyalty, and forget the noise that causes the right, who want us to fall in their twister,” says Lastra. The spokesman has also not entered as minister because he has concluded with Pedro Sánchez that its work is more necessary in the struggle in parliament. His seat in Congress may be more relevant than that of many ministries.

Sources of the address of the PSOE admit that the XIV Legislature is caught with pins by the agreements with parties such as ERC, in permanent contrast with the rest of the pro-independence, or that pose territorial demands very different, such as the PNV, BNG, coalición Canaria and formations regionalists. The same sources allude to the need to reconcile the personalities of the leaders of the partners of Government, Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias. In the dome of the PSOE, however, pointed out that that connection is working well, better than it says, and promises that the collaboration will move without problems to the Parliament because both formations take months working together on many projects that were almost completed since the motion of censure.

United we Can already endorsed then almost all the decree-laws that were drawn up that socialist Government is in a precarious (about thirty), except the one that you wanted more regular aid and controls for the rental market of the housing, one of the priorities of the new government, and that the formation of Churches rejected it. The socialist party (PSOE) has proposed to take care of their cooperation in the Congress, with United we Can, with constant dialogue, and also with work on the table of follow-up that will be formed equally between the five components of each formation to agree on the schedule, the procedure and the communication of its initiatives and reforms.

The PSOE included in some of the pacts signed with other parties, that would set another model of work in the Parliament, and in that sense, the intention is to maintain specific meetings, each month, with the ERC and PNV, the two other major partners that are intended by the legislature. There will be meetings also with the other parties which have voted for the investiture, though with a periodicity different.

law Reform

The new Government still has not met even for the first time, but PSOE and United we Can took months of negotiating reforms that will now be recorded as laws and that they will have a certain symbolic nature. Are the cases of the laws of euthanasia, equal employment, historical memory, or repeal of the gag law.

But as has been emphasized, in these days, the speaker in parliament for the PNV, Aitor Esteban, “the key” of this mandate “to last at least two years” shall be the law of budgets. The project is “critical of Government”, as supported by Lastra. The previous decayed by the negative of CKD, the February 13, 2019, and caused elections to add amendments to the entire 191 supports. The current Executive carries surviving accounts extended and adopted in 2018 by the last cabinet of Mariano Rajoy.

In the PSOE, point to that project as the key to know how to work their alliances, and the calendar of the legislature. But he also points out that in many other votes, the law is not organic, you will not lack for add 176 votes (absolute majority) even the 165 that reached the opposition in the vote of investiture. They argue that in that block contrary to Sanchez entered Junts per Catalunya and other parties that now could support some reforms. Some might even come out ahead with only 155 seats, that's in addition to the two partners of government.

Updated Date: 13 January 2020, 02:00



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