The PP saw the launch of the opposition with the veto of the renewal of the Judiciary

Paul Married he dedicated so much time to justify the vote against the PP to the appointment of Sanchez as to offer to the leader of the socialist party for aid

The PP saw the launch of the opposition with the veto of the renewal of the Judiciary

Paul Married he dedicated so much time to justify the vote against the PP to the appointment of Sanchez as to offer to the leader of the socialist party for aid to “governance” if you exceeded the vote of the debate. The popular leader insisted that there were other options without having to count neither with independence nor with them to save the endowment —all of them passed-by-Cs—, but is offered to support the Budgets if Sanchez accepted some of the conditions and to sign with it agreements of State on various subjects. The agreements of the PSOE with we Can and CKD and the abstention of Bildu have been made to jump through the air, many of those offerings. The new strategy of the PP is summarized in leading an implacable opposition with the new Government, which he accuses of having left the country “in the hands of terrorists and coup-mongers”.


Questions in the RFP by the similarities with Vox and the strategy of shaking the street The PP, to Sanchez: “ETA has already achieved its purpose” Married to a threat to Sanchez with the courts and recover their speech more hard, with insults and allusions to ETA

The Power of the Court. The PP is not willing now to negotiate with the PSOE for the renewal of the General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ), in office since December of 2018. The members present were appointed in 2013, when the PP governed with an absolute majority. This lock allows the governing body of the judges continue to be most conservative. The Government of Sánchez and the PP, reached an agreement to renew the Council in November 2018, with the magistrate Manuel Marchena as a substitute for Carlos Lesmes. In exchange for ceding the presidency to a conservative, the PSOE and its partners were doing with 11 vowels by nine of the popular. But the covenant was frustrated after filtraran whatsapps in which the then-spokesperson of the PP in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, boasted that his party would control “behind” the second chamber of the Supreme. Marchena resigned from the post, and broke down the negotiations.

To renew the CGPJ is accurate a majority of 210 deputies in the voting. With the results of the 10-N, the PSOE (120 seats) and PP (89) would have enough votes next to the elected representatives of Navarre Sum. But the PP has no intention of doing so. Plays as well the blocking of the body that occurred between November 2006 and September 2008, during the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Then, the PP has blocked the renewal of the body, in the hands of a conservative majority.

The popular want to change the method: reforming the organic law of the Judiciary so that the judges choose to directly to 12 of the 20 vowels in the Council. The rest would be a proposal party. The Rajoy Government has already introduced in 2012, this project, which was supposed to return to the system prior to 1985, but finally resigned to it.

Budgets. Sanchez decided to bring forward the polls after the veto of the PP, Cs, and the independents were unable to approve the Budgets. After the elections, a Married man offered to give stability to the PSOE lending the votes of your group if you didn't rise the taxes and controlling the spending, that is to say, if the socialists had few public accounts that are more similar to the program of the PP. Sources in the party point out that the covenant of the PSOE “with the communists” away that option when you consider that this is not a “responsible policy on deficit, debt and spending.” Popular is opposed to raising taxes on high incomes and large companies and banks: they believe that frighten investors.

Catalonia. In the first appointment in The Moncloa, and in subsequent meetings, Married and Sanchez agreed to open a permanent channel for dialogue over Catalonia and the leader of the PP offered the support of his group to intervene in the community if it was necessary. In the debate of investiture, however, threatened to Sanchez to take him to court if not called Quim Torra to leave the government and he sent the request prior to the application of 155 for failing to meet its constitutional obligations. The PP now considered the PSOE outside of the Constitution and kneeling in front of the secessionist.

Education. The PP has become one of their flags what he calls “educational freedom”, the choice of center without taking into account the proximity to the house or to the place of work of parents —the Government estimates that it favors those who have the means to move to another place— and wants to extend the concert in the high school, while the Executive seeks to focus investment in students who are most disadvantaged. The covenant with we Can includes that the subject of religion stop counting for the middle note and remains voluntary. Married accused Sanchez and his partners of “anti-clericalism guerracivilista” during the endowment. The PP itself is agree to encourage the study of the philosophy and the free education from 0 to 3 years.

“To squeals always we will win them”

“The differences with Vox or Citizens are now the least important. The important thing is to lead a firm opposition in the Parliament, with the sectors, and in the street, near the spaniards, and the associations”, he pointed out, this Wednesday, Paul Married in The Cope . At the time, the president of the popular said that it aims to "bring together all moderation, and the centrality" and embrace, even, "to the socialists embarrassed by the drift of Sanchez". The PP will submit a motion in all the autonomic parliaments, provincial councils and local Councils to apply to the deputies "that will send a strong signal to the president of the Government on the agreements reached with pro-independence and populist" and the reject. His offensive opposition to the petition (by Citizens) of appearance of Sanchez to explain to the Congress the position of the Executive to the situation in Venezuela and the injunction to the Court of Accounts to fiscalice the use of micro-credit of your partner of Government, we Can.

The opposition strategy, as it advanced this newspaper, divides the PP and has reopened the debate on the moderation and the similarities with the Vox. The president of andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno, had warned of protests if the Government “mistreats”. The leader of the PP basque, Alfonso Alonso, calls to move away from Vox: “The screech a lot and we always are going to win squeals. We have to win to wisdom”. The PP, as it advanced this newspaper, is divided over its strategy. Married has quoted the next Monday, to its board of directors to discuss and close ranks.

Date Of Update: 09 January 2020, 00:00

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