The Last of Us 2: Totgeglaubter returns in the Gameplay-Video | Games

Sony has shown in the "State of Play"-Stream over 20 minutes of Gameplay from "The Last of Us 2". Especially a "Zombie" has surprised viewers. The Releas

The Last of Us 2: Totgeglaubter returns in the Gameplay-Video | Games

Sony has shown in the "State of Play"-Stream over 20 minutes of Gameplay from "The Last of Us 2". Especially a "Zombie" has surprised viewers.

The Release of "The Last of Us 2" was scheduled for the end of may, but due to the spread of the Coronavirus, he had to be moved. A new Release date is now, soon it will be time. In the current State of Play, Sony has shown a long Gameplay Video from the game, a Detail particularly catches the eye is stung.

Update from 28. May 2020: Sony shows 20 minutes of "The Last of Us"-Gameplay

With "Uncharted" series, the developers from Naughty Dog is one of the most popular game for the Playstation produced. " The Last of Us 2 " is the next big project, which should be much more extensive. Recently, the network appeared the nasty Story Spoiler for the game* that betrayed even to the end. But Sony's not letting it get to you and has now granted the last State-of-Play-Stream in-depth look into the Gameplay of "The Last of Us 2" . In it we see the main character Ellie, who must fight through the Zombies in the game as a "Clicker" means - infested game world.

The Video especially impressed by his attention to detail and the oppressive atmosphere. But the audience is razor-an interesting Detail especially in the eye: Sony has brought in the Video, a " Zombie " to life. In one scene, Ellie stalks from behind, unnoticed, to another Person. This is playing on a Playstation Vita apparently, the game "Hotline Miami". The production of the portable Playstation console, however, was set a few years ago already. A fun little Easter Egg from Sony.

The complete Gameplay presentation in "State of Play" from Sony see here

Update from the 18. May 2020: "The Last of Us 2" the largest project of Naughty Dog

" The Last of Us 2 " is the largest and most ambitious project of the developers of Naughty Dog. The size of the file* it will accept, therefore, the dimensions of the "Red Dead Redemption 2". Unfortunately, Leaks in the network have made the rounds and some Playstation*players the anticipation of something rotten. Despite this, Naughty is convinced the Dog that all the Fans of "The Last of Us 2" will be delighted. The developers have previously released a Trailer, the players in the right mood for the bleak post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Here you can see the Trailer below:

information box "The Last of Us 2"

publication :

19. June 2020

platforms :

Playstation 4

Genre :

Action, Horror, Open World

game mode :


developer :

Naughty Dog

Publisher :


Update from 27. April 2020: "" announced

Good news for all who wait eagerly for "The Last of Us 2" : Sony has today announced on the official PlayStation Blog, new Release date for the game. On 19. June 2020 appears so, with just a month of delay, the second part of the atmospheric Zombie game. Originally, the 29 was. May as a release date scheduled. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the date had to be moved to the rear. Fortunately, the are only a few weeks.

"I would like to congratulate the two Teams in Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch Productions personally to your Successes and thank you. We know that under these circumstances, it is not easy to reach the finish line," says PlayStation boss Hermen Hulst in the Blog post.

Update from the 6. April 2020: ""Release date postponed

Both the players and the developers themselves were disappointed by the news that the sequel to the atmospheric Action-Adventures will not appear at the scheduled Release time. In an interview at the PlayStation Blog, the head of the responsible developer Studio Naughty Dog, reveals that all of the employees work hard every day to bring the game as quickly as possible among the people .

The game had a few Bugs ready. The top priority was, "to The Last of Us 2"* all players at the same time to provide. Due to the current Situation it will take a time until the game can be both digital and physically shipped. What time is this could be about, says pressure man, however.

"The Last of Us 2" would not appear to be in may

in The early evening of the 2. April 2020 was Publisher Sony quite surprising is the bombshell: "The Last of Us 2"* this does not appear as scheduled on may 29. In may 2020. When Fans can play the new story of Ellie, announced the Publisher. On Twitter, it was postponed only "until Further notice".

specifically, the official Playstation Twitter Account, the following shared : "Update: [Sony Interactive Entertainment; ed. d. Red.] has taken the difficult decision, the Start of 'The Last of Us Part II' and 'Marvel's Iron Man to move VR' until Further notice. Logistically, it prevents the global crisis for us to allow the Launch experience for the players that you have earned."

So Sony is likely to mean most likely that it is currently the physical Version of "The Last of Us 2" produce in China. An Online Release is out of the question for the group, apparently, because not every Playstation player, a fast Internet connection.

Also interesting: "The Last of Us Part 2" - developers give a deep insight into the role of Joel.

"The Last of Us Part II": Naughty Dog fixed Bugs

developer Naughty Dog has reported on Twitter also, and his Regret expressed. "As you have probably just seen, delayed the release of 'The Last of Us Part II' . We are sure that this news is disappointing for you as it is for us. We wanted to reach out to all of you in our Community, to give you a little more information." Accordingly, the development of "The Last of Us Part II" as good as done. Also, the developer cites logistical problems as the reason for the shift.

" More "The Last of Us Part II to read:" the speaker of Joel claimed: "you're not ready!"

what time is "The Last of Us Part II" will appear, seem to know neither Sony nor Naughty Dog . Fans have to practice in patience and hope that the global situation calms down again soon. It was planned that "The Last of US Part II*" am 29. May 2020 for the Playstation 4 appears. Under the circumstances, the shift could even provide for a Release on the Playstation 5*. The Next-Gen console from Sony will appear in the November/December 2020.

Also interesting: PS5: In a point even better than High-End PCs .

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