The FDP is unpopular how long: What's going on in the Lindner-party wrong?

Sometimes a single Tweet is enough to have his own credibility to undermine. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner, 41, wrote on Twitter, that you could take the "exit fr

The FDP is unpopular how long: What's going on in the Lindner-party wrong?

Sometimes a single Tweet is enough to have his own credibility to undermine. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner, 41, wrote on Twitter, that you could take the "exit from the Lockdown". The restrictions were, on the whole "not appropriate". The Prime Minister of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow of the left party, wants to repeal many of the Corona-measures sun correctly. FDP and Left – an unexpected Alliance.

followed What was the expected Shitstorm. Lindner knows the. He uses Twitter, therefore, not for a long time as a platform for discussion, but merely as a channel for his messages. And yet, the FDP leader put out after a few hours, the controversial Tweet. Why? The criticism from within its own ranks was too hard? Or had he changed his mind all of a sudden? No, let Lindner know, he wanted to leave the discussion of our "professional politicians".

Lindner led the FDP back into the Bundestag

Since 2013, Lindner is at the forefront of the FDP. He saved the party from destruction. To the point of exhaustion, he had to redouble his efforts for a Comeback and led the liberal Democrats from their deepest crisis in the Bundestag. Lindner, the FDP and the FDP's Lindner. He sets the tone, he sets the topics. And just now, in the middle of the Corona pandemic, he leaves the field", our professional politicians"?

It is a new Christian Lindner, the country is experiencing. A guy who seems so sure of himself, sometimes at a loss, and thin-skinned. The does not apply in the party for more than untouchable. And the quarrels with the withdrawal of love from the voters. In polls, the FDP is only between five and seven percent. Somewhere between the Bundestag Comeback, Jamaica-From-climate-debate, Thüringen-choice and the Corona pandemic, the trust needs to be lost. The confidence of the voters in Lindner and his party. But also, Lindner's trust in their own power, the Power of his arguments and in the own party.

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problems with the top-level staff

Lindner has a Problem with his top staff. For example, there is Linda Teuteberg is. A year ago, Lindner made the 39-year-old brand, she to its Secretary-General. Teuteberg should promote debate on new layers of voters for the liberals to win, the often-criticized One-To-finish Show. However, Teuteberg not fulfilled this task yet. dpa/Jörg Carstensen/dpabild FDP General Secretary Linda Teuteberg.

Or, Thomas Kemmerich, and the Thuringian FDP-Chairman, and short-time Prime Minister. He first settled in February, with the votes of the AfD into the office to choose, and stepped back reluctantly, because he is an open power struggle with Lindner spared. Recently, he demonstrated against the Corona-measures, also on the side of the extreme Right. Kemmerich blurs the boundaries between the FDP and AfD not only to the Annoyance of Lindner.

more and more often now, the question is whether the Free Democrats, in times of Corona, the time of the state's needs at all. The Ruling mobilise billion, to participate in companies and to support the economy. They curtail the rights of the citizens without much resistance. A party that relies on less state and for civil rights, not of works?

"liberalism is not the end"

no, says Andreas Freytag: "liberalism is not the end." The Professor of political economy at the University of Jena, believes that the German security often give preference to freedom. "That doesn't make the FDP, but unnecessary," says Freytag. Finally, freedom, responsibility, and people were close. The FDP fail often to explain these relationships.

pollster Hermann Binkert from the Institute Insa determined each week, what topics resonate with voters particularly well. While most of the Federal citizens, describe current health and old-age security as the most important topics for FDP-voters of Economics and labour on top.

but This does not mean that no one is more interested in the social market economy and open markets, says Binkert. In the Bank crisis of 2008 and 2009, capitalism is massively discredited. Nevertheless, the liberals have made in the Bundestag elections in 2009, its best result to date. "The FDP is always strong," says Binkert, "if you pointed, and credible, the social market economy represents."

As the FDP in 2017, returned to the Bundestag, had Lindner made it to the party of the digitisation and education. After that, the FDP was especially so to the solos to get rid of. But the party is today and tomorrow? Even before the Corona-pandemic a conclusive answer lacked the liberals on it.

"Many are a little nervous,"

One who would like to see, is Karl-Heinz Paqué. Professor of Economics, directs the party-affiliated Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for freedom and is a thought leader of the liberals. "The FDP is the party of responsibility and work," says Paqué. It is making a positive vision of the future instead of fear. In order to delimit the FDP, especially of the Greens and the AfD.

During the traditional three kings Lindner had, in fact, meet with these thoughts. After that, the FDP stood at nine percent in the polls. A short time later, after Kemmerich-choice, everything was there. "That was a Disaster for the FDP," says Paqué. "It will take, this loss of confidence to compensate." dpa

Paqué now wants to define a new comprehensive idea of freedom, because the rights of citizens and the freedom of the economy were equally threatened. The FDP must be the party that is credible "for advanced positions in business, education, and Digital, as well as for civil rights struggles".

Zoff in the virtual group meeting

But all need to stick together. In the extra-parliamentary Opposition that worked. However, given the weak surveys, "many a little nervous," as one member admits.

This nervousness erupted in mid-may, in a virtual group session. Lindner and his Deputy Michael Theurer accused each other of disloyalty, reports of the participants. Lindner was angry that Theurer had offered the controversial green, tübingen Lord mayor Boris Palmer, the FDP membership. Theurer complained in return, Lindner called after the push, first Palmer, and then a critical Tweet against Theurer discontinued.

The 53-year-old Theurer cannot be Lindner dangerous. For this, he has too few supporters. But he brings turmoil in the party, which does not fit the chief. Just not now, where many voters already lacking in confidence.

John bird and Konstantin Kuhle go the other way. The FDP General Secretary of North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony do not try to make their mark against, but in addition to Lindner. In common the contributions to this Debate you have called recently, among other things, more naturalization firm. They would. the "decision by the people, for the citizenship of the Federal Republic of Germany gladly perceptible to celebrate", at the best, with flag, anthem and basic law Later, they sent some specimens of Naturalized citizens, who found the idea great. It's cautious steps, the FDP warm-hearted to appear, and to draw attention to themselves.

Lindner's not much time

pollsters Binkert warns of many experiments: "The FDP must not try to be of as many liked. You must focus consistently on your clientele – artisans, freelancers, SMEs, performance carrier.“

not Much time remains Lindner and his Team. In September, the important local elections in NRW, Germany. Thereafter, the super-election year with five state elections and the Federal election. The FDP leader, until then, the turning point? "The problems are thorny opportunities", is a Motto of Lindner's from younger days. The sounds, at least not to Give up. Merkel condemns Floyd-murder on the TV: When asked about Trump, it deviates from FOCUS Online/Wochit Merkel Floyd-murder sentenced in the TV: As you will be asked to Trump, it deviates from the

Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 18:26

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