The EU makes re-sealing? In the Chaos of border closures also Merkel is demanded

In Europe, the barriers go down again, due to Corona. A helpless EU Commission can only watch and appeal to the member States to not leave it again so far as in

The EU makes re-sealing? In the Chaos of border closures also Merkel is demanded

In Europe, the barriers go down again, due to Corona. A helpless EU Commission can only watch and appeal to the member States to not leave it again so far as in March, as a completely uncoordinated foreclosure measures are one of the highest goods of the European Union in the wind shattered – the freedom to travel.

Who is not a citizen of the Union, has already bad cards, if he wants to get a love relationship without a marriage certificate in the EU-area. Now new rules apply. Under Binational couples due to throw a degrading love-Check of its own motion.

"There ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you babe",

sang Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell once. But who knew Corona. No mountain too high, no valley too deep, no river too wide, to get to you? Forget it. Today, you need in Germany, a national German TUV, if you your don't want to view trusted loved one or your favourite, if you have the misfortune to come from a country belonging to the EU and as a Corona-risk area is one. As the United States, for example.

Commuting between Chicago and Berlin as a game of luck

Carl, the American business man, and Regina (name changed by the editors), the German teacher, do not have a marriage certificate. Prior to Corona, this was not a Problem for you. Now it is one. He needs to take care of business regularly to Chicago, where his small company. Since the Corona is no more Commuting, but a happiness. Time, he remains because of the viral restrictions in Chicago and can not have to to Berlin, time stranded in the German capital, though he landed actually in his home, according to the Right.

Carl is 70, Regina 60 years old. After the experience of the past few months, he says bitterly: "So much time we have to spend them together. And the is taken away from us now.“ Add to that the degrading circumstances under which both must strive to convince the authorities that you are a loving couple.

Begging for entry

a long time, Carl started thinking about how he could prove that he wants to see his Regina now change regularly and must. His correspondence in this matter of the heart was just as heartbreaking as unsuccessful.

Carl felt called to document his relationship status: "more than four years Ago, we met in Berlin... Since the spring of 2017 we are living in a permanent life partnership... About once a month I have to travel to the USA to tend to my company... Two-thirds of my time I spend in the Berlin area... I am living in my partner's seat logged in..." by the Way, Carl pays in health and nursing care insurance, and not too tight: around 1,000 euros per month. Sebastian Matthew Downey United/dpa-Zentralbil

Neither the Consulate nor the Embassy knew Council

Right advice no one, neither the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chicago, nor the US Embassy in Berlin knew. Since this week is clear: Carl is in need of Regina, a state-approved, audited and approved the invitation. By the Federal Ministry of the interior form provided for it bears the title: "explanation of relationship" (Yes, those who don't would have the had been once fond of, a statement on the relationship; Corona, Corona!).

The official document relates to "short-term visits from unmarried partners living in Germany, Germans, Union citizens or third-country nationals with an existing right of residence in Germany". To explain a "long-term relationship/partnership", sign both of you need to.

proof of first Date is needed

in Addition, either expound: "We have met at least once before in Germany. Appropriate evidence about this Meeting and the Declaration are annexed to.“ Or: "We had a previous joint residence abroad." Also for this purpose, supporting documents are required. Now the latter right may be easy to produce. For the former case, however, this could be difficult. (I don't own any more in any case, the statement about the two bottles of Prosecco on the first Date with my future wife in Italian.)

"That calls for of people, their relationship to prove, I think okay," says the FDP-MEP Moritz grains. He adds: "However, detailed evidence. I don't know how you came up with this solution. She is adventurous and bureaucratic without end.“ In addition, grains are to bear in mind: "someone Is somehow harmless because he was in Germany? This has to do with Corona nothing.“

Binational couples "on the ground

Under "#LoveIsNotTourism" destroyed" has grains of mixes on Twitter to the discussion, and resulting in a Ellen long Thread originated with complaints of Affected. The FDP politician estimates the number of due to Corona stranded Love between EU citizens and their partners from "third countries" to more than 10,000. An example of the case of a man from the German-French border area, the picked up his Favorite always, after the entry of a Paris airport with the car and then using it to Germany and drove for him. Tank evidence he has not. Such people are destroyed because of the current German regulation "on the ground".

The EU can do for such cases, even if the Commissioner Ylva Johansson has declared her support for a campaign #Love isessential to in July. Health policy measures such as travel restrictions and quarantine regulations are a matter for the national States.

Brussels screams, but nobody cares

And one of which begins now, as the second wave of Infection of the seam and partly already is, to switch to time each exercise and how it cries out to him popular, no matter how loudly Brussels. Germany looked at the end of last week, the Luxembourg, the Belgian province of Antwerp and a number of Spanish regions as high-risk areas.

Austria since the beginning of this week, of all who were on the Spanish mainland, returning a negative Covid-19-test result. Finland controlled most Recently at the border for Passengers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Andorra (Yes, Andorra!). Denmark has issued a travel warning for Romania, Bulgaria and Luxembourg.

with regard to the treatment of transnational lovebirds: she is so swallowed up, as are the paths of love commonly. In Denmark and the Netherlands, for example, the FDP reported-man seeds, a sworn statement of the relationship status. His bitter conclusion: "but It's funny that all the EU countries have different rules."

German EU presidency called for

Last week, the EU Commission turned up with a brand letter to all member States. A "second wave of uncoordinated actions at the EU internal borders," be avoided. In addition, unmarried couples are classified into a lasting relationship generous the definition of "family member". Taken care of there is no. The German EU is to make the presidency - and thus also German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her weight to bear. She has won to what extent, in Germany, concerning credibility, is more than that.

in June, the EU asserted countries, to not to panic and uncoordinated Insulation, such as in the spring it will come. The Chancellor had, with a view to the border closures repeatedly stressed that it was "unreasonable" that the national reflexes priority would have had. AP

"The promises of June are worth nothing", is the CSU MEP Markus Ferber. "The EU Commission can only appeal. Otherwise, everyone does what it wants. The Commission has not managed to develop uniform criteria. They hung very far out and done nothing.“ ZDF-"morning magazine": the topic of The poll debacle comes esque in distress, FOCUS Online/Wochit ZDF-"morning magazine": the topic of The poll debacle comes esque in distress

a Last resort marriage certificate

Carl, the US business man with the amorous in binding to Berlin, knows what he's doing now. Anyway, what he's trying to do. The beloved to fill out the invitation and Express, if necessary, it is also ready, a negative test result to teach. Whether it is helping a what, of course, stands there. He wants to try at the end of August, according to Germany due to strike. How the Situation looks by then, no one knows. Carl's partner Regina sighs: "We are not 17 anymore, and now we have to turn the wheel to see us at all."

Meanwhile, a delicate Plan between the two lovers to germinate: perhaps, Yes, but a marriage certificate? "Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours" it said in the case of Stevie Wonder time. But could not imagine how to accept a loving relationship in Corona-the times of today, officially and stamped has to leave.

All the information about the Coronavirus please read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online. "Germany would not be possible": the infectiology Lodge criticized Putin's vaccine FOCUS Online "Would not be in Germany, so conceivable": the infectiology Lodge criticized Putin's vaccine mass brawl on the beach: the vacationers go with umbrellas on each other los FOCUS Online/Wochit mass brawl on the beach: the vacationers go with umbrellas on each other

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