The Balkans is becoming the new Hotspot: What leads to the drastic Corona-Explosion

The Corona is a serious matter in South East Europe: The Austrian government under Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has recently pronounced even a travel warning

The Balkans is becoming the new Hotspot: What leads to the drastic Corona-Explosion

The Corona is a serious matter in South East Europe: The Austrian government under Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has recently pronounced even a travel warning for six countries in the neighbouring Balkans, and of the highest level!

Balkan countries: Austrians will immediately want to get out,

: Austrian citizens are not only to avoid the affected countries are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North of Macedonia and Serbia. Who is there to leave these countries immediately, and in two weeks of quarantine issued. Greece reacts and closes from Monday morning its borders for travelers from Serbia.

it looked for a long time, as the Balkan States come in terms of Corona pandemic, halfway unscathed.

232 percent more people suffer from Covid-19

In Serbia, for instance, the number of daily new infections remained throughout may and June, relatively constant below 100. Now the Numbers have increased within a week to 125 per cent. A total of almost 16,000 people in Serbia are now affected by the Virus.

The most dramatic is the increase, however, in the case of Croatia compared to the previous week, 232 per cent more people affected by Covid-19.

In contrast to many other countries, it is not in the case of the Balkan countries, but really a second wave. On the contrary, The Virus is really there. But all the more violent.

soldiers patrolling with assault rifles

Why is this so? First of all, as well as all the Balkan countries had adopted a very strict Lockdown . The reason: The right everywhere in weak health systems.

In Serbia, for instance, have been immediately closed the borders, as well as schools, Restaurants, shopping malls. People over 65 were not allowed to leave for a week their apartments, at night the output was barrier, soldiers patrolled with assault rifles. In a similar way, the Numbers could be kept in many places in the Balkans for months low.

But then came everywhere comprehensive locker. On the one hand, the governments bow to the will of the population and the economy were buffeted by the actions arg. Another reason is that elections in different countries.

the election campaign influenced Corona-restrictions

In Serbia, found the on 21. June. Some political observers had speculated that the initially low Numbers had been fudged, to the anger of the voters to suspend. Also in the North of Macedonia, elections of October 15, consequences. July. More Corona-restrictions would have cost the government a lot of votes.

Now, however, the pendulum of all the places to swing in the other direction. The Numbers are increasing dramatically. No wonder, if you look at the public life. In the North of Macedonia: full, roads and Restaurants. The beaches in Croatia are filling up slowly but surely, after they stayed for a week orphaned. Also, German tourists like to come.

In Serbia, the famous Belgrade football took place recently the Derby between red star and Partizan in front of 20,000 spectators. Distance? There Is No Trace. Full ranks, and dense crowds even in the case of the Adriatic Tour in Tennis, as Serbian Superstar Novak Djokovic infected.

Montenegro, the expert warnings seriously

doctors and virologists in the Balkan countries took now warn against a collapse of the health system, calling for stricter measures. The Problem is that The economies of the Balkans would withstand heavy.

Montenegro, however, the experts ' warnings and took seriously: The country introduced on Friday that stricter measures against the Coronavirus. And, after the government on 2. June had declared the pandemic in Montenegro is already at an end.

And what about the Croatia-holidays of the Germans? The Federal government has not given an official travel warning to the highest level as the Austrian neighbours. Yet the Foreign office gives warnings for the entire Balkan region due to the increasing number of on-the-spot. (km)

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Date Of Update: 06 July 2020, 01:26

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