The Alexanderplatz is full: tens of thousands of Germans protest against racism

Alone in the city of Hamburg participated in the protests, according to police, about 14,000 people, and around 6000 on the city hall market. Approved infection

The Alexanderplatz is full: tens of thousands of Germans protest against racism

Alone in the city of Hamburg participated in the protests, according to police, about 14,000 people, and around 6000 on the city hall market. Approved infections were for protection against Corona only 525 participants. Several U - Bahn and S-Bahn stations were temporarily closed in order to limit further congestion. The Assembly was completed in consultation with the police, finally by the organizers. dpa participants of a Demonstration against racism and police violence protest in front of the US Consulate at the Alster banks.

Alexanderplatz in Berlin, crowded

"The airport is full," wrote the Berlin police in the Internet service Twitter. Urge has not been called in the afternoon to get there. In order to allow more alternate courses of distances between the participants, blocked the police, several surrounding streets completely.

In estimates had also been in Berlin well over ten thousand participants in the speech - 1500 were expected. "It is good that so many people, to a sufficient distance, and the Wearing of mouth protection will be respected", the Berlin police agreed to the protesters on the whole a disciplined behavior. The German police Union criticized on Twitter that clearance rules in the scrum, de facto, had not been complied with.

demonstrators tried partly to keep a distance

The Frankfurt police also pointed out that the participants in the protests might well have been tried, risk of Infection, by a Distance, and to reduce the Wearing of protective masks. Nevertheless, the crowd here was also partially large. A number of participants, there were also rallies in Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart. Reuters Several thousand people participate on the Römerberg in Frankfurt to a "Silent Demo" to the memory of the violent death of George Floyd, on 25. May in the U.S. city of Minneapolis by a white police officer.

Further, part of spontaneous protests were held also in smaller cities. Many of the protesters criticized in addition to police violence against Black people in the United States, the behavior of the US President Donald Trump, who has threatened with the use of the army against anti-racist protests. But also racism in Germany was denounced.

a Silent Protest with loud shouts

a silent Protest was Planned by the organizers, actually. Actually, for a loud protest were, in many places, but calls against racism, to listen to intolerance and discrimination. A core point of the rallies, a period of silence of about eight minutes, and 46 seconds, respectively - a reference to the time of George Floyd of a white police officer on 25. May in Minneapolis, the air trigger had been, until he died. dpa "Silent Demo" on the Römerberg in Frankfurt.

The officers had pushed the 46-Year-old at the time of his arrest minutes long, the knee on the back of the neck, although Floyd has said repeatedly that he is getting no more air. Floyd's death triggered in the US country-wide protests against racism and police violence. On Saturday, protests were held, except in Germany also in many other cities around the world.

The Green inner politician Irene Mihalic also demanded by the German police more sensitive to racial discrimination, for example through anti-racist training. Specifically, the former COP turned to the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany against the so-called Racial Profiling, in the case of the reinforced or exclusively to foreigners or people with migration background from the police, controlled.

Worldwide rallies - at least 20,000 protesters alone in Sydney, Australia

in Spite of Corona pandemic have demonstrated on Saturday in the world many people against racism and police violence. In Australia, the country went far tens of thousands on the streets, although the government had not advised because of a possible Coronavirus infection danger of that. Alone in Sydney for at least 20,000 people gathered. Also in the UK, thousands of protesters came together, although the authorities were not called to go to the rally in London.

"It is time, the institutional racism to burn down," said a protester with a megaphone in front of the thousands of people who had gathered in front of the London Parliament building. "We care," she added, after they had all asked for a Mouth guard set up. "So we stay alive."

Also in many other countries, solid people solidarity with the movement, in Germany tens of thousands of people took part in demonstrations in many cities.

protests, despite a ban in France

In France, the authorities banned several for Saturday announced demonstrations against police violence in Paris, referring to the infection protection act. Because of the Corona pandemic, all the demonstrations with more than ten persons were prohibited, according to police. However, about a thousand people in front of the U.S. Embassy, gathered in Paris, in other French cities, there were demonstrations.

In Iraq, was the phrase "I can't breathe" many times in the various social networks. "We want justice! We want to breathe", chanted hundreds of people in the Tunisian capital Tunis. AP Two young people look in Paris on the Artwork of the French artist Dugudus, the US President Donald Trump as a police officer shows. the kneels over George Floyd.

With the action, the participants want to show the world their solidarity with the protests in the USA after the death of the African-American Floyd. The 46-Year-old was on 25. May, in Minneapolis, during a police operation have been killed. A white COP squeezed Floyd at the time of his arrest minutes long, the knee on the back of the neck, even though he said repeatedly that he is getting no more air.

"Black Lives Matter Plaza" in front of the White house

In Washington on Saturday, tens of thousands of people were expected to protest. Mayor Muriel Bowse named the area in front of the White house in the "Black Lives Matter Plaza". AP demonstrators protested on Saturday in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial.

At the same time, the protests relate to the world in part on similar cases of racism or police violence in the respective countries. In Paris had already demonstrated on Tuesday, thousands of people against the death of Black Adama Traoré, in a Paris suburb in 2016. He, too, had been fixed as Floyd in police custody on the ground.

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