Suddenly, Yellow is a Black-and-in range – but there are five big questions

In the case of the CDU/CSU, they can hardly believe their luck. In the polls the party has to Pay again like in the good old days – up to 40 percent. In the SPD

Suddenly, Yellow is a Black-and-in range – but there are five big questions

In the case of the CDU/CSU, they can hardly believe their luck. In the polls the party has to Pay again like in the good old days – up to 40 percent. In the SPD, you would have to actually take antidepressants. Instead of leading Duo esque/Walter-Borjans, 30 per cent, promised the party languishes still at 15 percent – as in the times of Nahles. And the Green manoeuvring with respectable values, well ahead of the social Democrats, but not even half as strong as the Union. The Coronavirus has infected the political atmosphere.

anyone Who believes, therefore, the election to the Bundestag in September 2021 would be gone already, in the sense of Black-and-Green, could be deceiving. Of note, the opinion polls represent only a snapshot, never was more current than in these times. They reflect in the first place, that the Germans are mainly with the crisis management of the Federal Chancellor and the Bavarian Minister-President to be satisfied-and therefore their parties. About the author: Hugo Müller-Vogg

Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg publicist and former publisher of the FAZ is.

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voters does not reward past deeds

The mag against the social democratic government Ministers and Scholz (Finance), salvation (social) and Giffey (family) be unfair. But government experience will be credited with successes, according to the Boss, or the boss and not the Zuarbeitern.

The Lockdown has, as the relatively low Numbers of the Infected and the dead, the advantageous effect. In addition, the economic consequences for many employees, entrepreneurs and self-employed be alleviated. But what does this say about the next year to be expected in the political mood? Nothing! Should namely the absence of a second wave of Infection, and the economy pick up speed again, would be quickly forgotten, who did in the spring of 2020 what. Voters reward as well as never past deeds.

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When you look at the Federal election five big question marks

but What is even more important to remain: no one today can predict how the situation will be in mid-2021 in Germany. When looking at the Federal election at least five big question marks are, therefore, appropriate.

the First question mark: Comes a second wave of Infection? If so, if it would have to be about giving in autumn a second, Lockdown would be the economic consequences more dramatic than the previous. But above all, the accusation would then, according to that Ruling would have started the easing too early.

Second question mark: what will be the economic damage? Without a second shaft, the Brake marks of 2020 will be in the next year-still visible – of the many unemployed as in the case of insolvencies. Not least, the Public will be stronger than it is today aware of the mountains of debt to Finance the various rescue packages have been accumulated.

the Third question mark: Which social damages are to complain, we have? The fight against Covid-19 many things have changed drastically. This applies in particular to the students, the students and the Old. The financial statements of the year 2020, the penalty of a "Corona could ever be attached-certificate"; this could affect the chances of the young people on the labour market. It is not excluded that also 2020/2021 in schools, colleges and external training the full program is not sites can be offered.

The residents of care homes may, under certain circumstances, for a long time no direct contact with their families. The psychological and health effects can so far only imagine. You could just give in an election year conspiracy theorists and populists a boost, the promise of each voice for you would be a lesson "for up there."

Fourth question mark: Who should pay? The people have welcomed the many measures taken by the state to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic and the economy is trying to boost most of the time. Not a few would have liked even more assistance programs. However, in 2021, we will have to necessarily talk about who's going to pay and when the debt is repaid to be. The election campaign threatens to be a hard fight to the contribution of the "Rich" and as to the question of what the parents intend for their children to eradicate loads of lumber. A double – distribution debate in the house-between the top and bottom, as well as between the generations is so.

the Fifth question mark: Who will be Chancellor? The outcome of the next Federal election, it is also influenced by the K-question. Running in the Union Laschet, or Söder? May in the case of the SPD, Olaf Scholz, ran, or the insistence of the Left on Rolf Mützenich as number one? Will drive the Green your promote women to the top, and with Anna Lena Baerbock, instead of with Robert Habeck in the battle? And what about the AfD? Disconnect the Meuthen-AfD from the Höcke-wing, or a national conservative and right-wing Alternative to vote to fight? Each answer to each question can change the output location for the 2021 clear.

The voters are more mobile and unpredictable than ever

conclusion: The voters have been moving and more unpredictable than ever. However, the pandemic and their still unpredictable consequences of making Election predictions 15 months before the election, even more difficult. Even if the polls show that even Black-and-Yellow is again Possible, more than ever, a sentence of the former Bavarian Prime Minister Günter Beckstein: "In politics, everything is possible – and even the opposite of that."

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Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 14:27