Stuttgart shocked by Violence, but the escalation announced for a long time already

The pieces of many fragmented shop window in the königstrasse in Stuttgart are put away on Monday morning, the sun promises a warm and beautiful summer day. Onl

Stuttgart shocked by Violence, but the escalation announced for a long time already

The pieces of many fragmented shop window in the königstrasse in Stuttgart are put away on Monday morning, the sun promises a warm and beautiful summer day. Only the clamping plates in front of the broken display cases are still reminiscent of the Mob that had caused the night to Sunday, between castle Park and Marian street a million damage and about 20 police officers in assaults injured. And a team of police, which acts with its broken panes on a street corner on the king's road as a memorial car.

"corona frustration, drugs, and images of police violence,"

Three high school students stroll along the king's road and a shrug of the shoulders, as you will be asked for the reasons, such as it was, in their opinion, the outbursts of Violence. While the two Larger show taciturn, dare the Smaller of them, wearing only a protective mask, an attempt at an explanation.

"are frustrated for sure crazy looking for a valve according to the Corona-Lockdown. Probably a lot of Booze was in the game, you have to let the thrown in, what you throw always and the images of the police violence from the U.S. influence.“

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"Good weather, lots of idiots, lots of alcohol,"

Even more Alexander Petrajtis: "Good weather and a lot of idiots, is frustration, short-time work and the images from the USA, driven by the Corona. And the more alcohol you drink, the worse it is.“ Petrajtis, 38, a trained physicist and an experienced martial artist, is a city well-known bouncer and at the moment, "property Manager" of the security service in the "Gerber", a large Department store complex at the Marie street.

Here, the Mob also wanted to clean, tried to break the input slices. "Luckily, they stopped," says the giant of a man with the tooth gap. "As I and other colleagues were in civil for help, the police were already on site. That behind the riot, but a planned course of action is,“ says Petrajtis, believe it. "The thing just escalated."

social workers: "Because of the skewed view"

The Surprise after the incidents from the weekend, how dangerous is the "Party and event culture" has now become, may be large. Among social workers, the Problem is, however, already been known for some time. "At the latest since the 2006 world Cup, the street parties have become a solid institution," says Hans-jürgen Mauch, in the case of the Evangelical society of Stuttgart Mobile youth work.

in the past, have ranged from "often a false view, in order to give occasion for hand-strength clashes," said Mauch. And how the high school students, and the doorman also Mauch corona frustration, alcohol, and the police power of images from the USA is partly responsible for the escalation of violence – with the social media as an "accelerant", the 54-Year-old. And also the "enemy image police", in Stuttgart in the 80s and 90s is very pronounced, had been, have been aggravated, apparently, once again. "What surprised us the most, however, is the increased readiness to use violence and vandalism of the Mobs." dpa young people look at a destroyed shop window of a Sports shop on the king's road in the center of Stuttgart.

"city-funded prevention project for downtown, not"

Mauch also laments the fact that there, of all places, in the city center as the only of 18 the city's share of preventive social work to the social focal points."There has been in the city in 2012, a large project. The response blew us all because we thought by myself: 'young people, who come from Stuttgart and the surrounding area here, to celebrate, to have everything, just not in the mood to talk with social workers about their problems'. But we were wrong thoroughly,“ said Mauch. For many, the doped-up with drugs and alcohol, and not be "well aware of the fact that what they are doing is good for you," adds the social worker.

But although he would ask the city for years to provide sufficient funding for the permanent continuation of the project and from the negative consequences warned, was exactly not what happened. "We know that the success of prevention work is difficult to measure and long-term projects, to have success. But this is precisely where the project has failed: a sufficient funding by the city of Stuttgart for a permanent standard service.“ Ulf Lüdeke / FOCUS Online Has sympathy with the police, finds their actions against young people, but also "little calmingly": guest host Stanis Christos.

"For my taste, the sound of the police is humiliating"

the mood among the young people, as the police claimed in the past few weeks, much more aggressive is to become can confirm Stanis Christos. "This is something that takes a from my point of view already much longer. There is less and less respect among the people, the sound is always harsh, and always faster, it also comes to fisticuffs," says the 54-Year-old, who runs in the 16 years of the "Long bar" in a side street of king street.

That police officers suffered from the stronger, miss the event to him. "I can imagine that the work is getting harder," says Christos. However, before his well-frequented pub, which will mostly frequented by 18 - to 35-Year-old with get it again and again, that the police are abusing "the sound", if you check the people.

"Because around the corner is a drug dealer-meeting point is in front of come controls here, of course, more often. For my taste, the sound of the police officers, with the check the guys is humbling. All of the get the with. This does not contribute in my view to de-escalation.“

more and more often, Christos does not desire to return "to Germany 25 years ago, when there was this lack of respect yet." The street worker project that had failed in the city, however, purely on the financing – "I think it's a real shame".

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Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 16:27

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