State trick, cashed the Empire? Authorities consider fraud at the Corona-short-time working money

The Corona-crisis has affected almost all companies in Germany is difficult, and many of them brought in Existenznot. Large and small companies, there is a lack

State trick, cashed the Empire? Authorities consider fraud at the Corona-short-time working money

The Corona-crisis has affected almost all companies in Germany is difficult, and many of them brought in Existenznot. Large and small companies, there is a lack of orders, deliveries or customers. The drastic consequence: Employees have less to do and would have to be temporarily dismissed.

terms and conditions for short-time work since March

to prevent this, the Federal government has the conditions for the procurement of short-time working money 1. loosened March 2020 extremely relaxed and a true rush to the billion-pots from the unemployment insurance is triggered.

nationwide, have yet 751.000 farms, "Corona-short-time work" registered – for a total of more than 10 million people. This is a multiple in comparison to the financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009, as around 1.4 million people in short-time work were slipped. The current Show come from almost all sectors of the economy – from the catering and the metal and electrical industries, Car workshops, media companies, and trade.

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the state pays up to 67 percent of salary and

The Federal employment Agency (BA) in Nuremberg, affected employees will pay up to 67 percent of their net salary and fully reimburse the employers ' social security contributions. So the BA helps financially struggling company, to bridge the crisis.

the majority of The applicant is mandatory to rely on the Instrument of short-time work and would not survive without the state support hardly. However, there are also firms with the view of short-time work, although it would not be necessary. Take advantage of the lucrative opportunity to save on personnel costs.

Already in financial crisis, hundreds of cases of abuse

revealed in the financial and economic crisis were nationwide, revealed several Hundred cases of abuse. And this time, it seems, as some companies would not be able to resist the temptation, the state is tricky to collect.

Although the billing has started in phase for the ease of "Corona-short-time work" only now (is the payment monthly in arrears), is that there will be a number of rip-off crimes.

Bundesanstalt für Arbeit: First clues to fraud

"The Federal Institute for employment, individual information of customers of the fraud in the short-time working money, which we investigate," said a BA spokesman on request by FOCUS Online. The information generated from employees on perceived or actual breaches in your company to the attention of, or from anonymous tip donors.

The BA speaker to potential abuse scenarios: "Will be displayed for about short-time working, and later settled, although Workers provide full-time, is black work." Abuse is also, if go out of business just before applying for family members with "above-average compensation and then for this short work settle". The simple Reflection of the cheater: the higher the earnings of an employee, the higher the short-time work money from the state.

Minister of Hubertus Heil (SPD): is abuse punished

"Generally, an abuse can never be excluded completely," said the BA spokesman more. This applies, in particular, "if the use of financial support services is simplified".

That would loosely call the short – time working money-similar to the Corona – emergency aid-also scammers on the Plan, many experts realized. However, potential tricksters should not rely on the naivety of the state. The Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) warns that "any Form of abuse" will be punished.

8500 BA staff to check Accounts, short-time work

Although the application for short-time working money relatively non-bureaucratic, the subsequent statements, however, are controlled meticulously. In the case of the Federal labour office more than 8500 employees in-depth, short-time working are currently examining ads and expect the money. The are four to ten Times as many as in normal times.

The abuse of short-time work is not a minor offense. Apart from the fact that companies have to pay back unlawfully obtained money, threatening all parties Involved – employers and workers – legal adversity.

High risk: black work, subsidy fraud, extortion

The sorts of offences, work on subsidy ranging from Black-and amounted to coercion or blackmail. The latter would be the case if a boss instructs his employees to make false statements to the working time. People can also make themselves liable to prosecution, for example when filling in forms which is contrary to reality, or in spite of short-time working full-ploughing through.

Already in the application of short-time work companies should be aware of the criminal risks of misstatement. So it is in the forms: "the findings of the Agency, that have criminally led to relevant aspects of performance overpayment, is a criminal complaint at the Prosecutor's office."

investigators In the next few months, "several criminal cases"

the number of abuse cases will increase in the next few weeks and months, is for professionals is out of the question. The chief-investigator of an economic crime, the specialized Prosecutor's office in southern Germany to FOCUS Online: "the Latest in the second year, we will be half again a number of criminal proceedings for fraud in the short-time work, get money." And he adds: "With safety."

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 02:26

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