Söder ventures into K-question dangerous - the CDU immediately sends a warning shot

It must not disturb Markus Söder usually large, when officially confirm a line, to which the Federal government has previously already set. What's the point? W

Söder ventures into K-question dangerous - the CDU immediately sends a warning shot

It must not disturb Markus Söder usually large, when officially confirm a line, to which the Federal government has previously already set. What's the point? Who cares? Usually such votes are of interest to anyone – except the party committees themselves. In this case, but it is a different matter. The CDU leadership has confirmed on Monday unanimously approved the national strategy for Corona-testing of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, is more than a superfluous Signal.

It is, quite simply, a health policy delineation of Söders Bavarian way, to enable all who wish to have a Test. There is also a small power, however, is a political warning shot of the CDU leadership at the CSU-front-man: this far and no further. Don't overdo it gestures with your Power. You to keep us small, try to we are in doubt.

This Söder, who would have thought ...?

Markus Söder has increased in the last few months, an unprecedented climb down. One that almost no one has thought possible. Two years ago, many would have the question of whether the ambitious Franke Chancellor-has Format, with a mild Smile answered. Too volatile, too aggressive in the political announcement, to high Halodri-factor.

Today, however, he achieved Top values in the citizens and is considered as a possible candidate for the Chancellery: crisis Manager in the pandemic, the state of man in the free state – the new Söder is a very strong Söder. Quick-witted, top-informed, as the aggressive AfD-critic, and friendly citizens-experts, he can score. The middle course also, the CDU makes it compatible.

The main innovation is therefore: Söder only Depth but also breadth of effect is not achieved. Within a short time, he has large parts of the CDU-based for taken: This Söder, who would have thought ...?

Hiking with "comrade Günther"

Even the ratio of Schleswig-Holstein's Minister-President Daniel Günther (CDU), the CSU-strategists two years ago, had missed the name "comrade Günther", meanwhile, is mutual respect. 14. August, want to go together on the move. It's supposed to be a "pure tourist Meeting", but also a political Meeting, it says. You want to visit the GreenTEC Campus in Enge-Sande (North Friesland). The site is specialized in the establishment of companies for renewable energy. dpa/Frank Molter/dpa Of schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister, Daniel Günther (CDU) speaks during a press conference.

anger over attacks against all of the CDU-candidate

In all of this is obvious: of Course, it has long been a serious Option that Söder will be at the end of the Chancellor candidate of the Union. His chances are increased over weeks. Only: It is not the only Option. And Now there was a setback.

Söders Interview-Statement on the future Chancellor candidate of the Union, has angered some in the sister party of the powerful. "Only those who are good in a crisis, who may be the duty that can also Shine in the freestyle," had been taunting Söder. Those who fail because, have no "moral leadership". The arrived at my sister's party as an attack – as an attack against all three candidates for the CDU leadership. Neither Norbert nor Friedrich Merz, a guide velvet have Röttgen. In the category of "crisis management" would you have considered anything. And NRW Minister Armin Laschet has not in the Corona-crisis about to See, but declined. And so Söder has lowered just about all three candidates for the CDU-the tip of the thumb.

but he played the game too high.

As a bullying attempt

interpreted Even among the CDU leadership, people, there are now many, the Söder pretty good find. Only The announcement of the crisis management was not as sporty muscle game, but as a bullying attempt. The CSU Chairman has gone too far. The unanimous vote in the CDU leadership is the answer to that. Message: low are you Doing to us samples, we used the shoulder-to-shoulder.

And even an influential CSU man, the minutes of Söders strength can rave, shows understanding for the reaction of the sister party: "The CDU can not participate in their own declassification." You can't, because they would signal for a possible Chancellor of the time Söders: We are the larger party, subordinate to us, but good, if Bayern wants the. Since the CDU could be joyful as a party soon beer. This should have been the main reason, why Still party boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has initiated the supposedly strange vote.

All the information about the Corona-debate read in the Ticker from FOCUS Online.

", Only" makers, or candidate for Chancellor?

In all of this, Söder has decided that he wants to give in the next few months in the Union, the political movers and shakers. If he wants to take at the end of the Option the Chancellor candidacy, in fact, is more open. "CSU-strategists advise him," says a top politician in the party. Söder has found evident pleasure in the idea of whether he prefers but then also blank, is not. And so, the 53 Year-old, everything is in the balance. Early definitions did not help, but can do much damage.

He knows how quickly moods can change. In the management of his party, he warned on Monday of his people, the current surveys on the acceptance of the Corona-strategy and to the political leadership staff too great importance to be attached to.

exegetes supply

With his Mix of "I-show-you" and "I-stay-but-already-in-Bavaria" provides Söder always new material for exegetes (he doesn't Want to, he wants to ...?). He also appears currently to be more interesting than a Friedrich Merz, for the the Corona-crisis means a chronic slowdown. Without a government and without a Chance on his famous speaker appearances, not much is going on at Merz holding just. In addition, an important CSU reported these days-man with a slight astonishment: "For us, Spahn before Merz is the sympathy now."

In the current situation is of Söder, but especially a danger for the man who went as the favorite in the race to the CDU Chairman Armin Laschet. The market value of, within and outside the Union has fallen in the last few weeks. This can be heard in the ranks of the CDU and CSU are two theories. The first: Through his unsafe behavior Laschet rooms has opened. The second: Laschet has weighed in to the crisis, has been trying, freedom, rights, and pressure measures to bring in a Balance. However, this can be to convey serious than a simple "clear edge".

laschet's self-marketing problem

In any case, the head of government of the largest country in a self-promotion problem. Because the Figures a pretty solid Corona-crisis management to confirm the much-Maligned, actually, while Bayern also complain in Relation to the population, the majority of deaths.

at one point, the reflective are more strategists all agree: The taunts, jerks these days are not in a state of delicate foreplay. All water-level messages to the mood are only temporary. The final of the Power of the Union has not even begun. Probably the field is only before the CDU party Congress of 4. December sort of clear. Markus Söder, whose temper was over the years, at the same time be a big Plus and a large risk, has thrown in with its unbridled force signal in these July days, a piece of back.

Federico Gambarini/dpa, Jens Spahn, and Armin Laschet (both CDU)

Not in the mood for a political battle festival

the battle developed as well As always more: be the first in the CSU chief in fact, the Chancellor(candidate), then he needs at the end of a true Söder movement in the CDU, and doesn't work against most of the CDU-land Association of North Rhine-Westphalia. That Söder could share with the Westphalia Spahn at the end of the Power – Söder candidate for Chancellor, Spahn party chief – is the game so far, just a theoretical thought. Reality, it could Laschet from today's point of view only, if Spahn wegdrängt the man, which he promised by the end of February publicly its solidarity to: Armin.

For the vast majority of Union politicians, but the following applies: battle of festivals you don't like. Except, perhaps, in meat processing plants. Recently, but not even there. Söder on speed limits: "climate change is not the ultimate solution" FOCUS Online Söder on speed limits: "climate change is not the ultimate solution" super cells-a danger! Ex-tropical storm Edouard is heading for Germany to PCP super cells-a danger! Ex-tropical storm Edouard controls

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