Söder, Spahn, or Scholz embody Corona-expertise - other only spread fear

Terribly simple-minded phrases are sometimes formulated by terribly clever people, especially in terrible times, in which sets, in order to be journalistically

Söder, Spahn, or Scholz embody Corona-expertise - other only spread fear

Terribly simple-minded phrases are sometimes formulated by terribly clever people, especially in terrible times, in which sets, in order to be journalistically successful, you need to excite fear. This applies, of course, particularly for the currently ruling Corona times, and it is especially true for Yuval Noah Harari, author of the worldwide bestseller "A brief history of mankind", when he says: "most of us will survive – but we live in a different world". About the author

Frank André Meyer (Born 1944) is a Swiss Journalist and columnist. In 1985, he became a member of the Executive management of the media house Ringier. Meyer has written for the "Zürcher week", the" Basler Zeitung" and the magazine "Cicero". He was rewarded with the Zurich journalism prize and the German Federal cross of merit. Meyer lives in Berlin.

Frank & free/Frank A. Meyer is The author Frank A. Meyer.

What is so terribly simple-minded to this Harari-set? Well, first of all not most of us, but almost all of them will survive. Secondly, the world will be the same world as before, only danger now and until Further notice, the world is so dangerous otherwise appear to be exempt from the Corona.

What, however, would be a truly different world? Germany as a digital dictatorship? Europe blown up in pieces? The United States on a permanent Trumps a critical handle? China is a democracy – so the change of the World par excellence?

Who wants to be heard, you must fear,

make To the simplicity of the intellectual Glamour-Boys Harari, the ruling listen for the wisdom of oligarchs huge amounts of numbers, is also part of the prophecy: "The Decisions we make in the next few weeks, (...) not only change our health care system, but also the economy, politics and culture." There only help is to Pray or Meditate, as it has Harari in an Indian Ashram practiced. Reuters/Fabian summer Yuval Noah Harari referred to neither as optimists, nor as pessimists, but as realists.

Yes, now who wants to be heard, the need to make more fear than the Coronavirus itself, which has obviously infected the intellectual Milieu: Virology, so far, a discipline of natural science, is mutated to a discipline of the Humanities. Philosophers and political scientists to discover the Virus as a determinant for the future to Be. The spirits that cavort in the new fashion industry, in times of doubt, the question of all questions: How's it goes no further’, if it goes further?

In Germany, the feels for this issue of the mirror-thinker Nils Minkmar responsible: "The conventional political camps out (...). But we face this new situation with the old rhetoric, the usual appeals and weary measures.“ Tired of action – where but the worst is, like, academic life analyst Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht gloomy, it should be noted not help but, when he asks: "Could be so violently welcomed the state of emergency-state to the state of our future?"

Not only afraid of the world and society and everything else, even fear for a democratic Germany sells well. In any case, the Situation is not diagnosed, such as mirror-Minkmar, hopeless, but salvation also in the just recent past, this "madness, we stopped for normality". Behind us nothing but madness, in front of us is nothing more than madness! We don't know yet, what is the Face of the future is madness under the mask!

politicians as a safe values

Meanwhile, the thinkers of their dramas – miss-free according to Dürrenmatt – the worst possible turn, need to work on the politicians. You could also say: dedicate yourself to Brecht – the troubles of the level. For example, Markus Söder, the Mughals, the Berlin-based opinion scene for many years with fondness as a provincial profile, neurotics are drawn: The Prime Minister of the actually existing Pattern of Bavaria makes an excellent Job, decision taker, proactive, resourceful, day and night presence – what is obvious to him also.

Söder had to face in Anne Wills talk show the question of whether he had not forged ahead with his determined Action, which he answered with the counter question, whether the talk master will consider your question as appropriate to the Situation. Söder and Wants – the German example of political competence versus journalistic incompetence.

The competence embody in Germany, currently a politician. To meet in addition to Söder, Minister of health, Jens Spahn, the decisions in Principle and in Detail, and without a greater in reality, as the Corona of a crisis for him, Business as usual – the caretaking in times of emergency was.

Or Olaf Scholz, who is responsible for the accumulated billions that can turn in billions of debt to the economy to feed its primary fuel. The Federal Treasurer is working with Hanseatic Composure, answered questions with the equanimity of experienced Leaders – a safe investment in uncertain world.

All the news about the Coronavirus pandemic, you read in the News-Ticker at FOCUS Online.

What is the company doing?

Söder, Spahn, Scholz: politicians who do just what they are learning – learning by doing. You do everything right? They will definitely make mistakes. How should it be otherwise? In an unpredictable crisis, you embody the German democracy, the German constitutional state, and thereby function as the vast majority of citizens: normality in a state of emergency. Is the expression of a society that comes from the madness of a botched of all the recent past? Is the expression of a society that marches in the gloomiest future?

Who makes up this society? It is politicians and citizens, the hardworking ordinary, a life, a difficult, often even happy everyday life; there are people in three-room apartments, with two children, two Jobs, minimum wage or short-time working – a small citizen of the not so wayward Federal Republic of Germany.

Not the Hipster of the Berlin club scene are the Germany account, not the Snobs of intellectual discourse, not the criticism of the hot stages of the extras of the Culture, not the Bulgarian-Vulgari from the Ku'damm, the Rabble of the money elite. Normality has become in the midst of all of the Anomaly to virtue: for the practically-useful standard – and Germany is a normal country, the discovered qualities that were already there is raged, as the minkmar shear madness.

error-find – what else?

If the Malaise is first, once mastered, will serve the citizens in front of the cafes, the just-Past talk – and about what needs to be improved before the predicament goes between forget time.

And representatives of the media will find fault with their obligations under the further round to the representatives of the people, the duty is guilty of your errors make, necessary as unnecessary. But above all, you are denouncing error, of the spring fuchsern, of course, never run that, because you now have to do nothing. Except errors. And so it should be.

This article was first published in "Cicero". Trumps luxury hotels are almost empty - its Holding is asking banks to delay FOCUS Online/Wochit Trumps luxury hotels are almost empty - its Holding is asking banks to postponement

Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 17:27

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