So you protect yourself from the Asian Tiger and Bush mosquito

Bzzzzzzzz. Ouch! Gossip! I tease You! Aha, a normal mosquito. No eye-catching black-and-white patterning, so luckily, no Asian tiger mosquito and also no Asian

So you protect yourself from the Asian Tiger and Bush mosquito

Bzzzzzzzz. Ouch! Gossip! I tease You! Aha, a normal mosquito. No eye-catching black-and-white patterning, so luckily, no Asian tiger mosquito and also no Asian Bush mosquito, have been detected in many Parts of Europe and also in Germany.

What makes the Asian Tiger - and the Bush mosquitoes so dangerous?

Worldwide, there are over 3,500 mosquito species, of which about 50 are domiciled in Germany. All of them are annoying, but not all of them are as dangerous as these three alien species: the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), the Asian Bush mosquito (Aedes japonicus, also Japanese Bush mosquito) and the Korean Bush mosquito (Aedes koreicus).

Because of these invasive mosquito species can transfer more than 20 virus species. The dengue fever, chikungunya fever, yellow fever, West Nile fever and encephalitis-and the Zikavirus heard.

The symptoms are similar to often initially a flu-like infection with a high fever, head and body aches, exhaustion.

The three mosquito species are easy to confuse: In the black, the Asian tiger mosquito, the white fall, especially striped hind legs and the white line on the body, and between the eyes. The other two are rather dark to black-brown colored and have eye-catching bright transverse stripes on the body and on the legs.

with the worldwide transport of goods and passenger traffic they were originally from Southeast Asia species of mosquitoes in the last few decades as a Neozoon in North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and in Europe introduced.

How do I treat a Tiger - or Bush-mosquito bites?

The Asian tiger mosquito to stings, especially during the day, preferably in the Morning and evening hours Outdoor. As with other mosquitoes also suck in mosquitoes, only the tiger-female blood, because to be able to reproduce, you need proteins to get you through the blood, regardless of the above, it is now animal (mammals or birds) or human blood. Otherwise, they cover their energy needs as the male mosquitoes with nectar and plant juices.

Basically, the stitches of the Tiger and Bush mosquito is more painful or worse than the native mosquitoes. It comes to a redness, the skin is itchy and at the site of injection a swelling is formed.

These skin reactions are triggered by the salivary secretion that is injected by the mosquito. It is designed to stop blood clotting. The proteins in the saliva of the body reacts allergic to it, and releases the hormone histamine.

do Not scratch!

you can Also make if a mosquito bites crazy, you should not scratch the injection site around. This allows you to distribute the anticoagulant from the saliva, only more and it itches even more. In addition, pathogens can penetrate the skin. If the place is already pumped up, over, stick a band-aid. Then bacteria get in and you don't scratch more.

injection site cool!

As a first supply of cold water or your own saliva can help to relieve the itching and the swelling. Then you cool the injection site with ice or cooling pads, ointments or creams, or with one of the many tried-and-tested home remedies such as a halved onion or potato, a slice of Lemon, vinegar or curd. What is available to cool the injection site and reassure.

injection site heat!

Yes, what is it now? In fact, this recommendation sounds like a contradiction - but it is not. Who heated the injection site for a few seconds at about 51 degrees Celsius, it can decompose, thus, may be components of the saliva of the mosquito and also the body's own histamine. The brakes can stop the swelling and accelerate the healing process. There are in pharmacies or drugstores battery-operated devices that produce for three to six seconds to the required temperature in a small ceramic surface. The sooner the device is used, the greater the chances of success.

engraving, watch!

Not to scratch and helps cool stitches in all mosquitoes. After two to three days, you should be swollen. The mosquitoes should be made on a random but very large and hot to the touch, this may indicate a more serious allergic reaction or an infection. You may have come by the Scratching of pathogens into the puncture wound. Or the mosquito has a transfer of any bacteria or viruses. This can be in the case of the Asian tigers and the Bush is very dangerous mosquito. If the complaints continue, and possibly other symptoms such as fever occur, you should go to the doctor.

How do I stop the Tiger and Bush mosquito bites?

diet, and mating habits of the tiger mosquito, depend particularly heavily on the sense of smell. Especially in the Free-body odor, breath, sweat, and perfume, mosquito lure. A cool skin by cold showers and the absence of strong scented shower gels, perfumes, and cosmetics can prevent stitches.

The sense of smell of mosquitoes in most of the insect sprays substance contained diethyl toluamide blocked. For the mosquito, the Person is by the insect spray bad imperceptible, and accordingly, you will be stung even more rare.

Long clothing also helps, especially when it is bright. Because the avoid mosquitoes avoid bright fabrics, because you can hide on colored or dark fabrics better.

Why are some people more frequently than any other razor?

mosquitoes are generally very picky - some people are very spared often punched out, others remain. This is in part due to the individual's scent profile that differs from person to person.

it is set of different-smelling metabolic products such as lactic acid, fatty acid, ammonia, or carbon dioxide, which are released through the breath and sweat. On the mosquitoes, they act differently attractive.

in 2015, a team of researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine came to the conclusion that Pregnant women and obese people with a higher body temperature are more likely to get stung.

it remains Unclear whether the blood group is crucial: In the case of Tests, Japanese researchers found in 2004 that people were stabbed with blood group 0 twice as often as people with blood group A. But to be truly meaningful, the study was not, because only 64 people had taken part.

What mosquitoes under the science takes against tiger?

Male Asian tiger mosquitoes live only about 10 days, females about 6 weeks. At this time the female produced an average of more than 300 eggs.

in 2016, took up the Commission of experts "to mosquitoes as Vectors of pathogens"your work. You should develop pathogens recommendations for the Surveillance and control of mosquitoes as vectors of infection.

Researchers are also testing in Germany, among other things, the use of sterilized males. With a fine sieve, the smaller dolls and the males are sieved, and then with gamma radiation sterilized.

If the female with a male mate, you are indeed pregnant, you don't get any viable offspring. In the summer of 2016, the first sterilized males in Germany were exposed to, the hatching rate was decreased to 15 percent.

How can I prevent the spread of the Tiger and Bush mosquitoes?

Not only felt in this summer - also in Germany - more mosquitoes than in years past. After two dry summers in a row, with significantly less mosquitoes in the exchange of humidity and heat this year was very mosquito-friendly, says Doreen Werner of the Leibniz-centre for agricultural landscape research (ZALF) in Müncheberg, near Berlin. "The harassment is regional but very different," says the biologist.

Where is strong rainfall caused the water levels of waters rise, about to the Or, on the Starnberger see and the Ammersee in Bavaria, there is a real mosquito plague. The warm temperatures shortened their development time, so Werner.

mosquitoes love warm and moist, therefore, the natural waters and water bodies in the home gardens are ideal conditions for the mosquito offspring.

As with all mosquitoes, also the mosquitoes, the tiger female lays more than 300 eggs, preferably just above the water level in the small water holes. This can be ponds, small ponds, or garden, or knot holes, clogged rain gutters, gullies, rain barrels, Plant saucers, and old car tires.

There can be mosquitoes, the tiger eggs for months also Drought and periods of cold weather to survive. The water level is rising at some point, for example, by rain, this triggers the Hatching of mosquito larvae.

If you are so silent, shallow pools of water in your own garden to prevent rain gutters or rain barrels, bird baths or plant coasters regularly empty, then offer the tiger mosquito and other mosquitoes, no egg-laying habitat.

in addition, some plants defend themselves not from mosquitoes naturally, because mosquitoes stand the smell. This includes, for example tomatoes, shrubs and walnut trees are among the insecticides has a pleasing, environmentally friendly Alternative.

author: Alexander friend

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