Short pattern boy presents himself as the Corona: on The topic of Ischgl, he shows ignorance

He don't believe in a "Blame Game", says Sebastian Kurz, if he is asked after the topic of Ischgl. "If you make the attempt, it was Ischgl to blame for a gl

Short pattern boy presents himself as the Corona: on The topic of Ischgl, he shows ignorance

He don't believe in a "Blame Game", says Sebastian Kurz, if he is asked after the topic of Ischgl. "If you make the attempt, it was Ischgl to blame for a global pandemic, then they do Interview the quiet," said Austria's Chancellor recently in a "mirror". Criminal consequences for his government? Not afraid to Short.

That a "Blame Game" is not displayed, because everyone in the Short is however environment. Bernhard Benka, a top crisis Manager at the green health Minister Rudolf Anschober, says, The consequences would need to drag the district administration in Landeck. Blame the Tyrolean authorities, it represents Benka,.

This Abmoderieren of the Ischgl-topic of the top representatives of the government seems bizarre. Because the facts seemed to be at an early stage right clear: Already on 5. March there had been warnings that had infected an Icelandic tour group in the ski resort. These warnings have even been in the state crisis team will be addressed. But the skiing continued for days. imago stock&people, thousands of skiers from all over Europe meet every year in Ischgl, Austria

Sebastian Kurz staged as a maker, but the criticism grows

Short-staged in the Wake of the Corona-crisis as a maker. He reacted faster, and more restrictive than other countries Earlier than in Germany, output restrictions, and the mask duty came. Also, when the Corona Loosen the rules to give a Short presentation once again as a pioneer.

But the criticism of his management of the crisis is growing: A new book of research platform Abbendum traces the course of the crisis. Short is accused of is to have the end of the lock downs aware of out hesitated. He had about warned even before the "calm before the storm", as the number of new infections decreased significantly. Short intensified his pace once again.

in Short, in this context, linguistic drama accused-conditioning, which he made at a time when they were due to the Corona data is already objectively wrong. His gloomy forecast in March: "Soon each of us will know someone who died of Corona." It is clear in the book but also, as before the pandemic Happened a long time little was taken seriously – what was the topic of Ischgl, apparently.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Ischgl as the epitome of a catastrophic crisis management

How is the crisis management is perceived to be Short of the Austrians? And will add, in particular, dealing with the topic of Ischgl long-term damage?

"For the majority of the Austrians, and even in the media the word Ischgl is considered to be the epitome of a catastrophic crisis management in the spread of the Coronavirus," says Peter Filzmaier, a political scientist at the Danube University Krems. Their opinions differed only on the question of whether or not there was error due to actually lack of knowledge or failure from low motives – that is, the late Act, to hurt the winter tourism.

"critics as a 'traitor' dismissed"

you Look to the Tyrol, however, reveals a different picture of the mood, so policy expert Filzmaier. Here the well-known phenomenon of "rally around the flag, show yourself". In crisis situations of gathering "full of regional pride around a flag-bearer". Criticism would be perceived as an impermissible attack from the outside. "Critics in the Land of the Tyrol will quickly as a 'traitor' dismissed," says Dr. filzmaier. Political scientist Peter Filzmaier

Almost a symbol of this process, numerous Interviews of the Tyrolean representatives of the authorities are. Landeshauptmann Günther Platter (ÖVP), spoke at the beginning of June in the ORF, with a view to the almost total absence of new infections in the Tyrol, of a "success story", he could not bad talk. The Isolation of the Tyrol, had been "the hardest decision", said Platter. "Since one and a half billion gone just like that." And he went even further: "We went to the Tyrol, always advance." Personnel Consequences? Fail display.

The Tyrolean health Councilor Bernhard Tilg stressed in a "ZIB2"-Interview in the middle of the Corona-high stage in March, almost like a mantra, you have done everything correctly. "I believe that in the temporal sequence, everything is really happening," he said there.

political scientist sees "the total Austrian Framing"

"Outside of Tyrol has been perceived as a very bizarre appearance, in the Tyrol, there was consent", analyzes the political scientist Filzmaier. Similar applies to the evaluation of the Tyrolean provincial medical Directorate, according to which Transmission of the Virus to guests in an Après-Ski is Bar "rather unlikely". "Such a statement is in Austria, incomprehensible, in the Tyrol, this is not a reason for Resignation," says Dr. filzmaier.

Although the majority of Austrians do not establish a connection between the bad Ischgl-crisis management and Federal Chancellor Shortly. This could, however, also depend on the "total Austrian Framing" together, we presumed the expert. Means: in Short, it is possible to not convey to the citizens of its interpretation, the Corona location is credible-even if it is necessarily true. He also pointed out to you that you have faster and better response than other States. Filzmaier: "This comparison depends on the comparison of land and is a half-truth."

"ÖVP-voters to see attacked Short wrong"

polls showed a slight decrease in the values of both the ÖVP, as well as in the Chancellor's question for Short – but at a high level. Ultimately, the opinion was a reflection of the political polarization, is a political scientist Filzmaier. Attacked "ÖVP-trailer see the Short wrong, voters of other parties to criticize his lack of self-criticism." This is generally the case in the communication of Short striking, even beyond the topic of Ischgl.

unlike in Germany, the Chancellor has not, according to the Austrian Constitution, however, the Directive competence. In short, the coordinator and Communicator of government measures is rather. The Ministry of health of the Green-politician, Rudolf Anschober, after which the ÖVP points again and again. Reuters/Ronald Zak/AP/dpa knew What to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz?.

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of long-term damage for Short?

A long-term damage for Short policy expert Filzmaier not feared, according to the current state. "This would have to be proved that Sebastian had personally, and to Know at an early stage the drama of the Situation in Ischgl and the failures, as well as in the Tyrolean decision-making processes of the Phase of the delayed reaction was involved," says the scientist.

however, there is a Commission of inquiry to take the crisis management in the focus. It is unclear yet whether this aspect should be investigated. Until October, a result is expected. In the longer term, a "Corona investigation Committee" of the national Council was conceivable. These developments, it is important to be seen, so Filzmaier. According to a Tweet from Merz Neubauer, responded: "I'm afraid he has somewhat misunderstood the" FOCUS Online/Wochit After Tweet of Merz counters Neubauer: "I'm afraid he's a little misunderstood"

Updated Date: 03 July 2020, 09:27

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