Shock Figures from Berlin: police recorded daily for two rapes

The hunt for him lasted a month. Sinisa K., 29, is to be attacked since June, at eight crime scenes in the southwest of Berlin, in the Potsdam region on women.

Shock Figures from Berlin: police recorded daily for two rapes

The hunt for him lasted a month. Sinisa K., 29, is to be attacked since June, at eight crime scenes in the southwest of Berlin, in the Potsdam region on women. Always with the same mesh, he should have his victims in broad daylight caught off guard. Initially friendly, as investigators later reported, won the suspect her Confidence, then he grabbed the women and dragged her into a Bush and passed on to them. At the eighth Time of the alleged serial rapist the police fell in the middle of July in a forest in the hands. The week-long manhunt for Sinisa K. made nationwide headlines. The horror was great.

Berlin: 210 cases of "community or particularly degrading rape"

by Contrast, many comparable to severe cases of sexual Assault in the Federal capital only as a case note in the lists of law enforcement officers. Alone between March and the beginning of July 2020, the Berlin police registered 210 cases of "community or particularly degrading rape". That is to say: In Berlin, every day, on average, almost two women are victims of severe sexual violence. Among the Affected 50 minors up to 16 years, including 16 children.

In just under half of the cases, the police determined against foreign suspects. This is evident from a report of the Berlin Senate administration of the non-attached FDP-members Marcel Luthe. The percentage is much higher than the population share of foreigners on the river Spree, the Statista for the last year to 19.2 percent estimated.

Worried, the Berlin Liberal Luthe warns against FOCUS Online: "The far-above-average proportion of foreign suspects shows that it is vital to the causes clarified and transparent and must be discussed. And then effective crime must be operated prevention.“ Whoever finds his personal, ideological Agenda is more important than the fight against these acts "sets the wrong policy priority," says Luthe. But not less violent sexual offences the total recorded significantly fewer crimes". That should give to think."

Senate report: 144 procedure due to severe sexual abuse

In the Senate response are sexual listed offences in the last four years, respectively, in the months between March and the beginning of July. Almost 800 cases over the past four years, records are, therefore, qualified. This also includes 13 mass rape. At the same time, the Senate report reports 144 procedure due to severe sexual abuse "of people incapable of resistance".

the process against an Iraqi, a Portuguese and a German began at the end of March before the Berlin district court. The three men should have mixed an 18-year-old girl a year and a half previously, in an apartment in Berlin-schöneberg is an anesthetic drug in the Cola. Then they came in turn on the defenseless. As the defendants were ready to spit in her victims, denounced it as a "bitch".

another case from Berlin: Three Iraqis and a Syrian young people were sentenced in August of 2019 to high adhesion. They had lured a 16-year-old Syrian Immigrant into a trap. Threatened by a knife the student had to leave for four hours a martyrdom endure. As it turns out, the peers of the accused was put behind the Plan. It was an act of revenge. Because the victim had her announcing the friendship up, it should be through the misuse of a "slut".

Every fifth Accused was not yet 21 years old

Nearly 1,000 people were raped in the said four-month period from 2017 to 2020. However, women and girls are almost always affected.

For years, the sexual increase in offences in the Federal capital - 2019 15 percent (4809 cases) compared to the previous year. To were "the sexual offences, a total of 2857 suspects identified," said the Berlin police at the time of the announcement of the year-on-year statistics in March. Thus, 36.6 percent of the alleged perpetrators had no German passport. This rate is based on all sexual matters did with met – from assault to heavy abuse with weapons, or tools. Every fifth Accused was not yet 21 years old.

The clearance rate for rapes, 65 percent, far above the average on the Spree. Especially since the police found in a total of 513.000 recorded crimes only in every second case, a perpetrator.

"This is underground"

Berlin's interior Senator Andreas hostage was "concerned about the increase in crimes against sexual self-determination". Otherwise, the SPD politician was that the Berlin police is doing a good job.

the capital's police in a nationwide Ranking is still the last in terms of crime investigation, before he left outside. "This is underground and will not help to improve the sense of security of Berlin", have been omitted, however, the Berlin CDU to the release of new crime figures.

Daniel Kretschmer, head of the Federal of German detective (BDK) in Berlin, has for the poor performance of his colleagues have a simple explanation. For years, the policy has saved the staff. "In many of the directorates of the criminal police rides on narrow gauge, as a result, many procedures have to go through the cloth," explains Kretschmer. Meanwhile, you woke up, however. "There should be more new powers for the police, but to the really in the Commissariats arrive, it will take years."

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