Sharp criticism of the Opposition is expected to: Bundestag debated economic stimulus package

the economic stimulus package to consumption and the economy in the Corona-crisis boost the Bundestag advises in special session votes in the Bundest

Sharp criticism of the Opposition is expected to: Bundestag debated economic stimulus package
  • economic stimulus package to consumption and the economy in the Corona-crisis boost
  • the Bundestag advises in special session
  • votes in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat

11.55 am: Nadine Schön, Vice-Chairman of Union group, is speaking now. More and more we feel that many people perceive the crisis as an opportunity. This, it is important to use, finds Pretty. "We have a lot done to get out of the crisis. Us is particularly important that we stabilize the country in the long term, and fit for the next decade."

11.45: For the Greens, who now speaks Danyal Bayaz. "There is a lack of support of small and medium-sized enterprises. You will not promote equality of all", criticized the Green politician. "Families would have been able to support the government better. Progress is always also social progress. And here is a snail." Just Single parents, would find little consideration in the economic stimulus package.

't wagenknecht: "This is not Christian. This is shabby."

11.33 PM: "The most expensive part is the lowering of the VAT. Is little evidence that this money actually reaches the people," criticized the Left party politician Sahra wagenknecht, the stimulus package of the Grand coalition. "Do you believe in earnest that someone who fears for his job, has no other Worry than to buy a new car or a new kitchen", criticized Wagenknecht, the distribution of the funds. "Every household would have a consumption check of 1000 Euro as a gift. Thus, you have made many people now in the crisis was a real joy. Your inability to direct money where it is really needed, is striking," says Wagenknecht.

All those who work in hospitals or nursing homes, are, in the meantime been forgotten. Even the postman calls Wagenknecht by way of example. Also, the debate on the postponement of the increase in the minimum wage, writes the Left-politician. It is addressed specifically to the Union: "This is not Christian, it is shabby. They take their responsibilities seriously. You can finally make policy for the majority."

"cannot be beat stupidity": Dobrindt has AfD-man sharp rebuke

11.27 PM: "you have not been able to submit this draft law with concrete suggestions for Change. You don't do anything. You are a superfluous group", shoots now FDP politician Christian Dürr against the AfD group. Then he talks to the bill. The FDP in question, whether the money is arriving from the economic stimulus package at all the people. "The profiteers of this act will be those which have not suffered in the crisis," fears of drought. Real relief for the middle class, he does not see in the bill.

11.22 PM: Now there are loud cries from the AfD group. Dobrindt talks himself into a Rage: "Actually, it's really not worth it, especially since it received," says Dobrindt. The speech of the previous speaker of the AfD, Albrecht Glaser had just been coined, "that you stir up anti-European resentment. This is so missed. I can only tell you: Europe is a promise of Solidarity. To claim now that all of our neighbors, an alcoholic would be, hanging on the drip of Germany, which is the height of stupidity."

More Dobrindt rebukes the group: "When a neighbor is bad, it's to support our damn duty to help and not insult the people as alcoholics dam."

11.15 am: "Germany switched from crisis mode in the future mode," begins Alexander Dobrindt, the Chairman of the CSU land group. The most important thing was to make uncertainty, courage and Confidence. "We have the courage to such a gigantic financial package," says Dobrindt, whose core element of the VAT cut. "Economic growth and environmental Innovation," says the CSU politician more. "I do not quite understand that here the attempt is made to criticize this package, as it will not reach the people," says Dobrindt. The VAT will relieve. "You talk now, that will bring nothing suggests that you don't want relief to the poorer people. Put your blinders on," he says to the address on the Left.

11.07 PM: For the AfD group now speaks Albrecht Glaser. There is in Germany, not a demand problem. "A timely economic recovery is not out of the package," says Glaser. He doesn't go on the stimulus package of the Federal government, but rather the 750-billion-package for the European Union. Glaser rejects this. "What you do here, with the abolition of the self-responsibility of nation States, must lead to a European collapse. They will bring it about," scolds he to the address of the Grand coalition.

11.01 PM: Wolfgang Schäuble, opened the meeting. The first speaker was Lothar Binding, financial policy speaker of the SPD faction in the Parliament. He praises the plans of the Grand coalition. "If we want to attain one, then it is that the companies survive," said the SPD politician. In the view of both the social and the ecological Dimension. "It's wise now to take on debt," he says. "The next Generation would have a big Problem, if we do nothing now."

10.56 PM: at 11 a.m. it starts in the Bundestag.

9.45 am : the Bundestag and the Bundesrat want to on Monday in the special economic meetings to adopt the package, the consumer and the economy in the Corona-aims to boost crisis. It includes, in particular, the end of the year-limited reduction of VAT from 19 to 16 per cent, and the Bonus of 300 Euro for each child entitled to child benefit. The reduced VAT of 7 percent will be lowered to the end of the year to 5 per cent.

Other facilities or improvements relating to the relief amount for Lone parents, the tax Loss carry-back, the taxation of the private use of company cars and the fiscal research allowance.

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First will come the morning of the Bundestag to discuss the so-called second Corona tax help law to conclude and decide. This is done, will deal in the afternoon, the Federal Council is in order. 10 million infections worldwide and more than half a Million Corona Dead-PCP 10 million infections worldwide and more than half a Million Corona-Dead Cem Özdemir: "is one of Such people, the Uniform, stripped, and immediately" FOCUS Online/Wochit Cem Özdemir: "Such people is part of the Uniform, stripped, and instantly"


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