See the list: One of these can be the AaB's new team he will play

the Answer is blowing in the wind. "Since we came out, to the person responsible for our athletic department will get the title of the team he will play for,

See the list: One of these can be the AaB's new team he will play

the Answer is blowing in the wind.

"Since we came out, to the person responsible for our athletic department will get the title of the team he will play for, have we received 15-20 enquiries from home and abroad," says AaB's executive director, Thomas Bælum, who does not want to tell who these people are.

"the Media has begun to guess, and I must say that all the names that have so far come to light are interesting. But I would not like to start commenting on individual persons. We keep recruitment in-house," says Thomas Bælum.

He says that AaB are not going to search through a traditional advertisement.

"if you like us have a heavy exposure in the media, there is not much to, to people even caters. But we know what we want, and we have made a kompetenceliste of what this position should contain," says Thomas Bælum.

Until a few weeks ago it was Allan Farms, who had the job. But then, the board decided to layoff him with immediate effect. Supposedly because they wanted to reassess his superligatrups sporting setup.

Allan Gaardes title, however, was the sports director, but since the job is now downgraded to the team he will play, Thomas Bælum forward to be the only member of the AaB's executive board.

You have in the AaB did not put the deadline on its upcoming sportschefs ansættelsestidspunkt.

"We are approaching the fast approaching winter transfervindue. But no matter how quickly we find them, he gets no say on what should happen," says Thomas Bælum.

On the question on who will be responsible for handlernes implementation, he leveringsdygtig in this reply:

"It will be trænerteamet and me, who is going to run it."

Who will be the new team he will play in Betgaranti the Open? B. T. have made a list of the seven most obvious candidates:

The current manager of Danish superliga club AC Horsens put on rygtebasis in connection with the AaB. In the period, where he has worked in the middle of denmark, he has sold players for € 40 million. crowns.

with the end of January decided to stop the sports director in the Danish superliga club OB. He still has not announced what he will do hereafter. But since he has been the team he will play for AC Horsens, is the background in the order.

The former førsteholdsspiller in the AaB is currently employed as a technical manager in 1. denmark Vejle, to which he for a couple of years ago arrived from a job as a team he will play in Vendsyssel FF. He lives in Aalborg and will be hardly impossible to download 'home'.

After previous positions as team he will play for in south Jutland, Viborg and Randers FC, he is now the sports director in 1. denmark Vendsyssel. He lives in Aalborg and wooed already for the job, as sports-legend Lynge Jakobsen in 2013 went on pension. Instead, the AaB's then management to hire Allan Farms.

Ekslandsholdsspilleren, who lives in Aalborg, is employed as a football agent in the company Elite Consulting. Even though he does not possess the team he will play for experience, he will undoubtedly be able to take great advantage of the network, he has in the country and abroad.

DBU's current kvindelandsholdstræner is resident in Aalborg. Previously, he has been player and coach of Danish superliga club AaB and will hardly be disinterested, if he gets offered the job.

The former førsteholdsmålmand in Aalborg and Vejle is just stopped as a head coach in the USL club of Hartford Athletic. He possesses, consequently, a vast knowledge of the u.s. market. Even though he eventually, in many years, has been udlandsdansker, is he still a popular figure in Aalborg.

The 35-year-old nordsjællænder is the clear outsider. He put the boots on the shelf in 2017 and has since driven the companies Artland and Tonsser. In his active career he played, among others, Feyenoord, Excelsior, AaB and FC Midtjylland. In addition, he has ledermæssig experience from the job as president of Spillerforeningen.

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 21:57

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