Screams and fear of violence: Suddenly, armed officers storm the court-room

In the process to the alleged abuse of a now 10-year-old girl at the district court Munich I is to come this Wednesday to a fierce verbal clashes, which could o

Screams and fear of violence: Suddenly, armed officers storm the court-room

In the process to the alleged abuse of a now 10-year-old girl at the district court Munich I is to come this Wednesday to a fierce verbal clashes, which could only be by a massive deployment of security forces finished.

late in The morning, about a dozen armed justice stormed the security guards at the conference room B 173. They had been alerted by the court, after the verbal conflict between a defender and the state was escalated to a lawyer.

Apparently, the person responsible is not excluded that the wild roaring lawyer could use physical violence. He had removed from his place and walked with threatening Gestures in the direction of the public Prosecutor. Shortly thereafter, steps awake people.

No photos in the case of abuse of process: FOCUS-Online-a Reporter must images

to delete at this time, the FOCUS Online reporters, as the only Journalist in the hall and made several photos of the unusual incident. The images he had to delete, however, at the behest of the judicial officers immediately.

the hearing on the eighth Day of the trial could run out of control, had emerged already in the first minutes of the session. Again and again the presiding judge and the defender of Christian Rolf bitter cry-fought duels.

"you keep your mouth shut and lounging around with me all the time, while I get my defenders lecture consider," growled the lawyer, the judge. Which, in turn, screamed back: "I'm not going to let you not prohibit the mouth!"

request denied: judge makes no Psycho-Test

criticized The judge, Rolf would constantly try to "seize the leadership of the process itself". The defender, in turn, the Chairman as in previous negotiations to handle personally. He called the Constitution an enemy, a Criminal, a liar and mentally Ill. Its the last Day of the trial of the request made to the judge by a physician on their service's ability to investigate, refused the chamber.

After the loud disputes had, out of hand, the judge interrupted the process several times. After one of the breaks, a lawyer, had led the process from the beginning, alone, appeared to be in addition to the state, all of a sudden, a second state attorney. As he entered the room, I could sense the discomfort of the defender Rolf.

defender and state's attorney zoffen: "shut up!"

Shortly thereafter, it came to a head. As the defender, which has been termed by the judge, and again as a "lawyer well-known liar", the "visible untruthful" statements to meet, wanted him to the state's attorney to interrupt. Then a lawyer, Christian Rolf yelled at him: "stop mouth! Immediately!“

But unlike the young state lawyer or experienced judge, who storms to such a Word in the rule, no sustainable resistance, the Prosecutor vehemently opposed. Repeatedly, he called back: "don't you shut up, you have the floor!" In addition, he objected, however, to be used by Rolf as a colleague referred to. "The last thing I am is your colleague", he fired him on the head and made his deep contempt for the lawyer significantly.

the atmosphere in The room is always threatening

The verbal battle escalated quickly to a screaming duel, the in German courtrooms, has no equal. It went back and forth, forth and back, always louder and louder. "Shut up! Keep your mouth shut! Keep your mouth shut! Immediately! Immediately! Immediately!“ The double roar was to endure for all those involved in the process all the more difficult. The atmosphere was always threatening. You felt that here is a conflict that could escalate in the next Moment, simmering.

This Moment seemed to come when the defender gave his words with aggressive Gestures of emphasis. Roaring, he leaned over the table, stretched out his right Arm and "stabbed" with the index finger in the direction of state's attorney, was sitting about six meters away from him. Finally, he ran away from his place, squeezed at his lawyer colleague Alexander Betz over and seemed to be on course to his "opponent", he had in view and yelled at.

door flies open, and several guards race into the room

at Least, for the Prosecutor and, to date, the single guard in the room, it looked apparently so, as the defender could try to put the Prosecutor on the Pelle. The guard jumped up, alarmed. Only a few seconds later, the door flew open and several Judicial officers in dark blue uniforms ran into the room.

While the defender Christian Rolf the officials shouted: "We are not in a dictatorship", there were rumours that the state's attorney a security guard: "is The completely misleading" and asked for further negotiation, and enhanced protection. Henceforth, four uniformed men secured parties involved in the process.

"Intolerable Situation": the Second defender to leave the court

The trial was conducted in the afternoon without the second counsel for the defendant, Alexander Betz, Fort. Betz refused to work under these chaotic conditions, and spoke of an "intolerable Situation". He was no longer "willing and able" to defend to this day, he said when Leaving the room to FOCUS Online. In his view, "was the provocation from the Prosecutor".

The indictment-the representative looked at the nature differently. He said FOCUS Online, the scream at the end of the defenders had been around "to the Bank and ran in our direction. There was no telling what would happen“. He had already experienced many conflict situations in court, "but not yet".

lawyer: "I was threatened by the state physical violence"

Christian Rolf, in turn, feels absolutely right. Compared to FOCUS Online, he said, the state's attorney had been sent "as a provocateur in the process purely to torpedo the process". Something he could not offer. "On the other hand, I strenuously my voice."

During the "noisy duel" he had been suddenly surrounded by several armed justice wax master, he portrays the incident from his perspective. "I was explicitly threatened that against me violence will be carried forward to be exercised when I hold on, my counter-idea as in free speech, as I want to."

The lawyer requested that the proceedings be discontinued, "because to me today is been as a criminal defense attorney in the courtroom from the state physical violence is threatened". It could not be that defenders would have to have in German courtrooms of fear, "to be of a small armed army, or bludgeoned, beaten".

the dramatic incident, the court came to the real thing - a 35-year-old man is to have his daughter miss this Wednesday and no further. The process is continued.

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Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 23:26